480+ Skaven Names

Looking for a perfect name for your character Skaven? It is a difficult task to find one, sensing the amount of competition in the market. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as you have come looking at the right place. We are here to provide you with some amazing Skavens and all other tips related to them. We request you to read the introduction section carefully as you need to know your character properly before being able to name it.

Skaven is a fictional character that appears mainly in video games and is a very popular character in the gaming industry. They are popular and are known to be the race of humanoid rat-men. Their most important job is to inhabit the caves, mines, tunnels, and sewers of the Warhammer world. The Under Empire built by the Skaven was huge and reached from the Southland to Kislev and from the Estalia to the Far East.

The God of the Skavens is the High Priest from the Council Of The Thirteen, known as the Horned Rat. Grey Sheer is the name of the direct agent of the council. Mostly all of the Skaven society is organized into innumerable clans, which are all ruled by the council. The Weaker warlord Clans are mercilessly dominated by the top four, most powerful great clans.

Not much information is there about the origin of the Skaven race. There’s a rumor that can probably be true that the Skavens are created by mysterious strangers in the ancient city of Kavzar. The mysterious strangers are the ones who hung a horn from the top of all the unfinished temples of the Gods that they defeated.

Skaven is four to five feet tall and has a round physique. Few can reach up to six feet when they stand up straight and are known as the tallest among all other Skavens. Their body is fully covered with fur except for their ears, hands, muzzles and fleshy rat tails. Their fur color indicates each of their specific role in society. Most of the Skavens have brown or piebald color fur. The Skaven’s with grey or white color fur indicates leadership, intelligence and shows sorcerous ability. The ones with the black or dark brown colored fur are considered to be the most intimidating ones and are marked as born killers. The dark-furred Skavens mostly become assassins or elite warriors.

This is all that we know about Skavens. Now let’s jump to the names-

Skaven Names

  • Krinq Amberreaper
  • Toch Tuskblood
  • Qhegzich Forebrow
  • Strokch Barbspire
  • Qan Darkbreaker
  • Stexoch Grimcrest
  • Skrul Cragflayer
  • Zrun Ashenstriker
  • Qhrotch Deepsnout
  • Stril Blazinglasher
  • Ziecxich Steelchest
  • Qonq Cravenfang
  • Zrolk Firemaul
  • Uktreel Clawdigger
  • Cronq Keenstriker
  • Ziskech Bonesbark
  • Cheen Pridebreath
  • Khueel Vermincrest
  • Quan Bitterjaw
  • Ikrolk Shadowback
  • Khrit Headspine
  • Xukral Crestwalker
  • Chrusqritch Bristleback
  • Thuach Crowfury
  • Znul Ashenchewer
  • Ezqakch Deathfingers
  • Krinq Amberreaper
  • Stocqonq Emberbrow
  • Chuokun Bitterfingers
  • Xok Cinderreaver
  • Srek Bonewalker

Unique Skaven Names

  • Chunq Forebough
  • Khek Grimjaw
  • Truogchat Ambersnout
  • Cruel Keenspire
  • Zel Cinderborn
  • Eqitch Mournsbark
  • Tril Dustspire
  • Xok Cinderreaver
  • Khrel Feathercrusher
  • Crikch Ironspire
  • Stal Stoneshrieker
  • Qiach Kragcrest
  • Khutzueelk Bristlecutter
  • Stokzik Nightgrip
  • Khuon Crestwalker
  • Qrexrilk Shadowchin
  • Zrok Greatmaw
  • Iqtrinq Skytaker
  • Ozkunq Wildspire
  • Khok Duskflayer
  • Skran Headbasher
  • Krian Clawfang
  • Igreel Sternlash
  • Xekch Kragstriker
  • Ishqhanq Wildfingers
  • Khiek Covenclaw
  • Viesqalk Foreborn
  • Znil Deadbender
  • Ziach Caskgaze
  • Qogqet Fireback
  • Stran Deepgazer

Cool Skaven Names

  • Xunkuk Slatefangs
  • Snezqelk Blackgaze
  • Qruqroch Hearthunter
  • Qhuet Blazingfingers
  • Truesqak Foretaker
  • Iqtrek Deeplash
  • Qishral Sternreaver
  • Anqan Duskstalker
  • Qianq Bristlebasher
  • Zeeqrolk Lowbreaker
  • Qritch Tuskbone
  • Viskis
  • Tiech Tuskseeker
  • Thulk Farrowseeker
  • Qonq Fierytaker
  • Thranq Crestreaper
  • Khenq Barbedcleaver
  • Othritch Blackbreath
  • Snuaxkral Barbedjaw
  • Truxreek Flintgazer
  • Quk Crestscar
  • Trugchuch Firechest
  • Khuktruok Rapidlasher
  • Qren Slatejaw
  • Trach Heartbreath
  • Znietch Crowbinder
  • Shiwan Stalkscent
  • Snikch
  • Nartik
  • Drib Bentblade
  • Gritlok

Male Skaven Names

  • Rikkt Snapfang
  • Vecteek
  • Staabnash
  • Rikzik Seepage
  • Szik Vilepot
  • Bokha
  • Skraekual
  • Kritislik
  • Skabritt
  • Lurkwoal
  • Scrench
  • Tisquik
  • Thanqual
  • Skrittar
  • Squiktat
  • Thratquee
  • Sleekit
  • Thratsnik
  • Zingetail
  • Quilisk
  • Vermisch
  • Kaskit Steelgrin
  • Ikit Claw
  • Queek Headtaker
  • Paskrit
  • Nikkitt
  • Poxtix
  • Natty Buboe
  • Manxrott
  • Kratch
  • Malkrit
  • Lynsh Blacktail
  • Grotchrot
  • Kong Krakback
  • Goji

Catchy Skaven Names

  • Frothrend
  • Ghoritch
  • Grootose
  • Boneripper
  • Weezil Gutgnaw
  • Viskit Ironscratch
  • Tretch Craventail
  • Tsang Kweek
  • Skreech Verminking
  • Shen Tsinge
  • Sneek
  • Sracqul Barbblood
  • Tatch Dustborn
  • Qhilk Roughsplitter
  • Zhilk Bittermaw
  • Chexrelk Crestwalker
  • Qolk Skullcrusher
  • Qhucnulk Fieryspire
  • Krakch Blacklash
  • Vilk Bristlebreath
  • Qrat Keenthorn
  • Vocret Keenjaw
  • Thrietch Roughbreaker
  • Qruogquel Slatemaster
  • Trak Ashwalker
  • Zhil Darkflayer
  • Khrikch Kragbleeded
  • Snueekch Lowfinger
  • Skoknokch Broadmaster
  • Xueet Crestcleaver
  • Qach Ashenbinder

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Specials Tips To Follow Before Naming Your Character

If you are still confused about what name to give to your character Skaven, then let us reassure you that it’s totally normal. Considering the amount of competition in the gaming industry, we can well understand your worries. However, all your worries will soon be over as after reading all the tips that we provide you, you will be finding a perfect name for your character Skaven.

Following are a few of the tips that will help you with the name selection and make the process even easy for you.

Find A Short yet Cool Name For Your Character Skaven

This is a very important point. We request you to find a short name for your character Skaven which will be easy to relate to and the type which the gamers can easily recall and pronounce. Names which are difficult to pronounce will clearly be ignored by the gamers since they would have no interest in the character anymore and move forward with another one. However, the name should be a classy one. Although it will be an easy to remember name, it should be a cool one and not just anything.

Choose A Name Symbolic To Their Physique

We have mentioned before in this article that the Skavens are round in shape and are mostly four to five feet tall when they stand straight. The tallest ones are six feet. Their whole body is covered with furs except for their ears, hands, muzzles, and fatty rat tails. Thus, you can choose a name related to their physique. This way gamers will find similarities with their characters and find them interesting and fun.

Choose A Name Keeping Mind Their History And Place of Origin

Not much is known of their place of origin except that they were created in the ancient city named Kavzar by the mysterious strangers. The skaven history is divided into various wars. The most important ones are-

  • The Goblin Wars
  • The War of The Karak Eight Peaks
  • The War Of The Cripple Peak
  • The First Skaven Civil Wars
  • The Black Plague and The Skaven Wars
  • The Second Skaven Civil Wars
  • The Battle At The Gate Of Calith

This information can help you find the most perfect name for your character Skaven. However, we are sure that many other gamers have used this information to name their character. Therefore, go through all the other names given by the gamer and then use them wisely. It will help you to think of a unique name and thus increase the fandom. All the best.

Think Of A Name Related To Their Powers

We have mentioned earlier in this article that the skavens’ bodies are covered in fur. The furs of different colours indicate different  superpowers.

  • The white and grey coloured Skavens are known to be powerful, intelligent and the most experience.
  • The black and the dark coloured skavens are known to be born killers
  • The most dark furred skevens are the elite warriors and the ruler. They are also known as the famous assassins.
  • Most of the skavens have brown or piebald coloured fur.

You can well understand how important the fur color is for them. Similarly, they are important for gamers as well. It is through their fur colors that they are categorized into different groups according to their superpowers. Thinking of a name according to the fur color is a superb idea and helps you gain a huge fandom.

Choose A Name That Is Symbolic Of Their Characteristics

The Skaven are known to be twitchy and agitated creatures. They have a great metabolism that helps them to burn energy at great rates and help them to boost their agility and speed to unnatural levels. Because of this, they have enormous hunger, and sometimes because of exertion, they even die. This is a very interesting fact for naming your character Skaven. Hence, calm down and read all the mentioned abilities, characters, and strengths of the Skavens and then think of a cool, amazing, and attractive name.

Choose A One Word Name

Gamers nowadays mostly like the one-word names that are easy to pronounce, remember and relate to. Think of such names. Also, a one-word name can be advantageous in so many ways. Since they sound fun and cool, the gamers will easily remember it and mention the name to his/her fellow gamer, making the task so much easy, resulting in a huge fandom.


After reading the full article, we hope that you no longer have any more problems in naming the character. Be comforted and think calmly. You can do this. If you liked our article then share it with your friends and family. Thank you.

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