450+ Smoothie Shop Name Ideas and Suggestions

Is it hard to get nutrition for yourself on these busy days, right? So, when you think of the easiest and the fastest way to consume nutrition, one of them is smoothies. And are you planning to start a business in this field? If YES, you are at the right place because we have some amazing name ideas for your new smoothie company.

The name of any brand, be it anything food, clothing, shoes, and such, should reflect what you are selling to the customer. As making a smoothie may seem an easy process, it’s just blending some fruits with flavors and packaging it for the customers, but that’s not how it works.

If you are looking for a name for your smoothie shop business, you need to find a name that will rightly suit the type of your business, and then you need to make sure that the brand name truly depicts the type of business you are running. While choosing the name for your company, make sure that you make it unique and distinct from others so that it stands.

Before choosing a particular name, you should look for various suggestions of names to choose the perfect one for your shop, and to make that easy for you, here are some of the names that we would like to suggest that will make your job easy.

Cool Smoothie Shop Names

  • Tutti Frutti Smoothie
  • The Twisted Berry Smoothie
  • Smoothie Time
  • Crazy Carrot Health Shake
  • Islander Smoothie
  • Fresh & Fast Smoothie
  • Smoothie On Way
  • The Smoothie Life
  • Sweet Sisters Smoothie Shop
  • Smoothie Since 1996
  • Crazy Straw Smoothie Shop
  • Tri-City Smoothie Shop
  • Smitten Smoothie
  • Smootheory
  • Happy Helpers Smoothie
  • Next Stop For Smoothies
  • Paradise Smoothie Shop
  • Green Tea Smoothie Café
  • Smashed Bananas Smoothie
  • Greenfield Smoothie
  • Smoothie 365
  • The Duke Juices & Smoothies
  • Rainbow Smoothies
  • Smooth Dreams
  • Pineapple Smoothie
  • Main Street Smoothie
  • Uncle Jake’s
  • Secret Garden Smoothie
  • Winter Pop Slush Smoothie

Catchy Smoothie Shop Names

  • Sweet Tooth
  • Love & Lemon’s
  • Boozberry Smoothie
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Live Peachy Shop
  • Swizzle Smoothie
  • Green Goddess Smoothies
  • Taste Of Earth
  • Flavours Blast Smoothie
  • Sunshine Smoothie
  • The Smoothie Fairy
  • The Smoothie Land
  • Peachtree Smoothie
  • Watson Fruit Company
  • Johnathan And Son’s
  • Banana Beaters
  • Fruit Factory And Smoothie
  • Health Nuts And Smoothie
  • Monkey Fruit Smoothie
  • Showtime Smoothie
  • Jolted Smoothie
  • Zenergy Smoothie
  • Summer Time Smoothie
  • Deliriously Delicious Smoothie
  • The Juice Box
  • Funki Fruti Juice Fountain
  • My Main Stream Smoothie
  • Berry Breatz Smoothie
  • Sara’s Smoothie And Juice Shop
  • Lava Luau Smoothie Shop
  • San Diego Juice
  • Swirly Smoothie & Juice
  • Greenwood Smoothie
  • Clementine Smoothie
  • Happy Honeydew
  • Juice Makers
  • Frozen Kiwi Sweet Café
  • Café & Smoothie Bar
  • Smoothie Society
  • Cup Cup Away

Latest Smoothie Shop Names

  • Pomegranate Juice Parlor
  • Fairytale Smoothie Store
  • Story Brook Café
  • Smooth Moves
  • Saturday Brunch
  • Supercharged Smoothies
  • Hey Smoothie
  • Smoothie King
  • Jump Start Store
  • Magic Portion Smoothie
  • Smitten Smoothie
  • Pulp Dose
  • Lucky Corner
  • Refreshermen
  • Fruity Fuel Co.
  • The Gentle Juice
  • Urban Nature
  • Pulp Fusion
  • The Fruit Scoop
  • Mister Lemon
  • Zen Juice Station
  • The Nature Dream
  • Viva Juice Co.
  • The Mega Store For Smoothie
  • Mega Blend
  • Fresh Jungle
  • Wellness Addict
  • The Zen Blend
  • Kiwi Squeeze
  • Green Mama
  • Green Squeeze
  • Kiwi Mama
  • Forever Smoothies
  • Barley Babe Café
  • Frosty And Blend
  • Berry Street Café
  • Organic Berries And Brights
  • The Sweet Courage
  • Icy Empire
  • Creamy Valley
  • Smoothie Dreamland

Amazing Smoothie Shop Names

  • Lick And Drink
  • Flavor Glavor Café
  • Vanilla Beans And Greens
  • Artic And Organic
  • The Cool Twist
  • Smoothie Twist
  • Exotic Elixir
  • Slushy Magic
  • Super Smoothies
  • Smoothie Squad
  • Berry Good Smoothie
  • The Jam Sessions
  • Berry Patch Smoothie
  • Leafy Green Smoothie Shop
  • Purple Smoothie Shop
  • Green Meadows
  • Mango Tango Smoothie Shop
  • Fruit Fizz
  • Fruit Bites Smoothie
  • Healthy Hotties
  • Berry Fizz
  • The Green Dragon
  • The Green Gibblers Smoothie
  • Honey Drop Smoothie
  • Purple Pitcher
  • Bumpin Smoothie
  • Honey Drizzlier
  • Honey Tale Smoothie
  • Maui Waui Smoothie
  • Daily Harvest
  • Tropical Smoothie Café
  • Naked Juice
  • Lollicup Juice
  • Ripe Juice Bar
  • Ivie Juice Bar
  • Heavenly Huckleberry
  • Fusion 36 Degree

Tasty Smoothie Shop Names

  • Booster Juice
  • Beach City Smoothie
  • Cancun Juice
  • Eastside Juice
  • Juice Me
  • Ola Juice Bar
  • Pumped Nutrition  Juice
  • Jumba Smoothie
  • Planet Juice Factory
  • Smoothie Factory
  • Oompa Smoothie
  • Tropical  Smoothie
  • Juiceteria
  • Juice Jungle
  • Happy Hulk Smoothies
  • Berry And Shakes
  • Power Punch
  • Orange Nation
  • Milkshake And Smoothie Bar
  • Big Blend Juice Bar
  • Osais Juice Corner
  • Hello Smoothie Sir
  • Juice Cart
  • Smoothie On Rocks
  • Smoothie House
  • Crushed Fruit Shop
  • Creamie
  • Crushed Co.
  • Eco Smoothie

There are some the suggestions of names from us, and you should choose a name for your shop very wisely and carefully. But there are specific rules on the basis of which one should choose its name for their brand because the name of the brand will be something that will show the first impression on the customers.

How To Choose a Name For Your Smoothie Shop?

Choose The Name Of Your Business Wisely

The first thing to keep in your mind before you choose the name is that the name of your business is going to be the first thing a person would notice, which is why it is necessary to make sure that the name stands out for it to seek the right kind of attention instantly. There are many more smoothie shops out there in the market that are already well known, so you do have competition out there already. So before you choose to be in this field, you should be aware of the competition.

Go For Names That Are Short And Sweet

Before naming your shop, remember the name has to be short and not too long that it would be difficult for your customers to remember, so you should choose a name that’s 2-3 words long at max. As the company’s name should be on the rolling tongue of the customer, it should be catchy and unique. And the name should actually represent exactly what you are trying to sell them. To form a name, you can even make use of anyone ingredient from the menu that is special to make your business name memorable and easy to pronounce by everyone.

Make Separate Time Windows For Tasks

When you choose a name, make sure that the name you use is not too formal or extremely casual. Keeping names for your shop/restaurant can be a difficult and mind-wrecking job, but it is the foundation of a successful business, so its importance is unmatched. But the company, in general, has many other factors that need to be looked into as well, and everything has to be done by you, so spending a lot of time just choosing the name would be a foolish choice, which is why it is advisable to make separate time windows for separate tasks, so you complete them all in time.

Transparency Is The Key

Always choose a name that would convey a message to the customers. A message that would show what are you actually providing to the customers through your products so that there would be clarity between you and your consumers, and this would play a great role in the interaction in an indirect way and would help in building a trust among the consumers because they would be aware of what they are actually spending their money on. Because today everyone is cautious of what they are consuming and how it is going to benefit them.


As a smoothie shop is a passionate idea for those actually interested in creating and providing something healthy and new to the consumers, it is also a business that will provide its customers with proper nutrition and that too easily and deliciously. Smoothies are mixtures of various fruits and flavors that can be used as mood changes and refreshments.

The flavors can be changed and mixed with different other elements according to an individual’s taste and seasons. As for now, we hope that we have cleared all your confusion and provided you with information that is required in the process of choosing a name for your smoothie company.

If you liked this article and thought this helped in any way, please share this article with your friends and peers. We will be back with yet another exciting article that will help you choose names for your business and have suggestions that will make this process easier. Till then, goodbye.