Succubus Names: 480 Unique Names For Succubus

Are you looking for a Succubus name for your fictional character? Are you trying to get a list of some succubus names? Are you trying to get guidance on how to choose one best name? Okay. So here is an article for you. This article will help you choose one such Succubus name for your fictional character and help you get to that name easily, that helps you to choose that name and make your job easier.

Do you know what they are Succubus? So before we start, let me give you a quick information about what are Succubus. Succubus is supernatural characters known to appear in folklore as female demon. They were condemned to have sex with males while they are in asleep. They used to seduce the men in sleep through their dreams. In their dreams, they usually conducted sexual activities to attract men. According to religious and traditional belief, if a man is found to have such demonic dreams of having sexual activity with Succubus, it will affect their physical as well as mental health and may even lead to their death.

In modern days, succubus is interpreted or referred to as charming females who are great enchanters or seductresses. It has nothing to relate with the demonic appearance or demon-made dream or something to be scared about. The male version of Succubus is termed as Incubus. A strumpet or a prostitute are also sometimes referred to as Succubus sometimes.

According to the Urban dictionary, Succubus is a demon from hell having a body or an outer appearance of a beautiful woman. They prey mainly on emotionally weak males and trap their souls through sexual activity or some kind of seduction. They usually conduct this soul capture of gaining power . They try to trap as many men as possible in their web by collection of soul fragments. The four pillars of Succubis are lust, selfishness, greed and gluttony. They try to enslave the men using psychological tricks. They enter their host through a strong connection between a man and a woman’s soul. But there is a way for the male prey to save a portion of their soul by agreeing to serve the Succubus for a long time. But this is very risky as it puts the soul of that man in demonic possession, and they can use that soul as and when they want in evil ways.

Some also say that Succubis try and have sex with the male prey to feed out their sexual urge. They also collect the man’s sperms sometimes, which they can give to the Incubus for them to use on their female victims and form Cambion, supernatural and deformed human babies.

This was all about what is actual Succubus and the history and culture of the same. Now below is a list for you to choose a Succubus name for your fictional character. Here we have given you options of cool Succubus names, catchy Succubus names, creative Succubus names, awesome Succubus names, amazing Succubus names, latest Succubus names, best succubus names, and many more. So here you go:

Succubus Names

  • Irinixia
  • Wyslia
  • Isirless
  • Mhyrrahne
  • Fyrelesha
  • Elinesh
  • Mhyrynore
  • Yreltyse
  • Azaernixi
  • Oresha
  • Bwynvia
  • Vylyla
  • Dhysysh
  • Fyrith
  • Carilvyra
  • Irinith
  • Agrat Minarak
  • Bat Mahlat
  • Akuma
  • Al Basti
  • Allu Bukumbak
  • Professor Tallpencil
  • Herder Softmask
  • Pioneer Arcticsaddle
  • Explorer Lintblock
  • Seeker Broadfot
  • Pilgrim Goodhat
  • Uncle Fourstar
  • Pioneer Littlegift
  • Herder Twintassle

Catchy Succubus Names

  • Dealer Oddscarf
  • Packer Mountainfot
  • Explorer Lintblock
  • Alpestine Monk
  • Backpacker Dimcoin
  • Guide Highcoins
  • Rancher Crazyleaf
  • Grandpa Wolfstricks
  • Cousin Ffond
  • Artisan Northbook
  • Climber Softbag
  • Speaker Loudbag
  • Pioneer Toughcart
  • Worker Toughmitten
  • Uncle Highcoin
  • Traveler Dimflower
  • Merchant Wishdraft
  • Herder Toughsticks
  • Traveler Mildbulb
  • Companion Brokenmug
  • Vendor Lintpocket
  • Adventurer Crispbags
  • Adventurer Clearbuttons
  • Companion Stoutriches
  • Dealer Bigkite
  • Explorer Proudriches
  • Professor Luckbulb
  • Retailer Brightmug
  • Explorer Sweetlight
  • Master Frontbell
  • Andromalius

Creative Succubus Names

  • Archdemon
  • Artisan Hawkstone
  • Adventurer Plumebook
  • Merchant Twincart
  • Pioneer Swifttassle
  • Furnisher Loudbooks
  • Seeker Rabbitsstone
  • Nephew Bluemusk
  • Voyager Jamparcel
  • Guide Littlecandle
  • Courier Brokentassle
  • Specialist Sharpdealer
  • Hiker Gootmirror
  • Herder Trimmug
  • Explorer Grandjewel
  • Speaker Copperfindings
  • Carpenter Broadriches
  • Master Teacatcher
  • Companion Chiefcart
  • Artisan Teafeather
  • Pilgrim Brashriches
  • Pioneer Chiefriches
  • Seeker Stoutdime
  • Adventurer Cleanchart
  • Specialist Snowmirror
  • Dealer Truepencil
  • Courier Blueroots
  • Mountaineer Teawhistle
  • Dealer Greatgatherer
  • Trader Sevendimes

Awesome Succubus Names

  • Professor Softblock
  • Specialist Kindriddle
  • Big Plushcane
  • Climber Hozenshoes
  • Big Loudtraveller
  • Worker Slimknot
  • Pilgrim Kindlight
  • Grandpa Gootheart
  • Pilgrim Greenbrew
  • Explorer Hopsong
  • Big Kindroots
  • Rancher Hawkbag
  • Friend Wiseshoes
  • Carpenter Twindish
  • Mystic Proudsweater
  • Speaker Lintpage
  • Aunt Brownchart
  • Guide Halftricks
  • Auntie Frostbit
  • Friend Longbit
  • Watcher Briefcatcher
  • Professor Muskmitten
  • Worker Southfinding
  • Pathfinder Lightcloth
  • Pilgrim Trailglove
  • Alpinist Windshoe
  • Hiker Gentledime
  • Lucky Greatdime
  • Big Lintpocket
  • Alpinist Curlylight

Amazing Succubus Names

  • Mystic Oilfree
  • Artisan Halfdraft
  • Carpenter Tamemusk
  • Professor Twingatherer
  • Messenger Cleanrubble
  • The Blazed Brute
  • Dreampaw
  • Plaguebite
  • Blade Traitor
  • The Nasty Vermin
  • The Aromatic Monstrosity
  • The Ash Bully
  • The Jade Hunter
  • The Vengeful Shrieker
  • The Volatile Shaker
  • The Taloned Ghost
  • Caveseeker
  • The Elusive Bomber
  • The Dreadful Tree
  • The Grim Howler
  • The Ebon Sun
  • The Dark Dirt
  • The Dire Phoenix
  • The Cremated Boning
  • Lopsies
  • Mid Heicks
  • Monster Magic
  • Losed Light
  • Red Eye Rod
  • The Blind Wolf

Cool Succubus Names

  • Vilecrackle
  • Terrorhood
  • Cavetaur
  • The Heart Freezer
  • The Infamous Body
  • The White-Eyed Scorpion
  • The Toxinling
  • The Chaosseeker
  • The Sorrowman
  • The Painted Tomber
  • The Bone Owl
  • The Brutal Nightmare
  • Webbling
  • The Barren Babbler
  • The Lone Ash Groveler
  • The Hollowling
  • The Hollowgirl
  • Stonescreamer
  • The Metal Muppy
  • Cold Blooded Horror
  • Murk Reak
  • Smog Striker
  • Mispie
  • The Lone Abnormality
  • The Disgusting Keeper
  • Plaguebite
  • Messenger Northfot
  • Little Stoutbell
  • Riding Rusty Head
  • Pink Pumpkin
  • Dark Smallfoot

Latest Succubus Names

  • The Meager Doll
  • The Empty Dire
  • The Dark Dire
  • The Silver Ash
  • The Nasty Witch
  • The Swine
  • Water Creature
  • Wisp Beast
  • The Dark Deviles
  • Black Frost
  • The Dark Horror
  • The Grisly Dawn
  • No Eyes Monster
  • The Lake Loch
  • The Furry Sun Fiend
  • Fire Foster
  • Burning Vileteeth
  • Red Terror
  • Hoopy Loopy
  • Flame Thing
  • Breathless Blaze Soul
  • Burning Being
  • Evil Fire Flame
  • The Burnt Monster
  • Abyssscream
  • The Chill Face
  • The Iced Skelton
  • The Chaotic Bigboon
  • The Creepy Brute
  • The Hungry Mouth
  • Green Eyes Hybrid

Best Succubus Names

  • Fire Feline
  • Mocking Murk
  • Mispie
  • Flame Thing
  • Breathless Blaze Soul
  • The Lanky Mongrel
  • The Bloody Bat
  • Dark Interstice
  • Mad Eyes
  • Atischaab
  • Monster Harpoon
  • The Evil Smog
  • The Under Waterer
  • Breathless Blue
  • The Wild Mutt
  • Stonescreamer
  • The Metal Muppy
  • The Boneshaker
  • Bifocal Monster
  • Nsymeepanc
  • The Optic
  • Blood Manic
  • Cold Blooded Horror
  • Murk Reak
  • Smog Striker
  • Mispie
  • Crafter Shallowcloth
  • Carpenter Snowcatcher
  • Furnisher Slimbutton
  • The Fire Seducer

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How To Choose a Succubus Name

You must have seen the names list. Now you must be thinking about which one to choose and which one to eliminate from your choice list. Don’t Worry, your job will become a lot easier if you follow some steps. These steps will help you to make a good choice of name for your fictional character.

Listen To Your Heart

Let your heart help you make the choices because the heart will give you the best decisions always. I am not telling you to compromise with the logic and other information, but you should always keep hearts choice and opening. Listening to your heart will give you another level of satisfaction.

Try To Know Your Character

It would help if you got a brief descriptions note of your characters’ likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. You should also jot down some information about its past and parents and also the future of the character in the story. If all these factors have a good amount of effect on the names, it will turn out great for your fictional character.

Try To Sound Stylish

You should choose a name that is informative yet stylish enough to catch viewers’ interest so that your character becomes popular among the crowd. You should make some efforts in this step because it will also be a part of how you publicize your character’s name.

Try To Choose a Short Name

Always try to choose a short yet informative and stylish name. Nowadays, people don’t tend to remember long names. So you should choose a short, compact, and simple name to have their attention, hold their interest, and stay in their mind.

Try To Know Your Reader’s Choice

You should know who is your target group of viewers. It would help if you did a good survey on their need and preferences to make a good choice. Viewers’ choice matters because this is your first step to ensure how welcoming your character will be and how popular it will be. Also, try to choose according to your viewer’s comfortable language.

Final Words

This article was for all those people who have a special love for their fictional characters and try to explore and innovate something new on their fictional characters every day. We hope that this article helps you in your work.

If it was helpful, please share it with everyone you think will gain from reading this article. Thank you.

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