560+ Best Tauren Names

Looking for your fantasy Tauren name? No worries, we have got you covered! Before that, we could delve into a bit of history about them- to find the apt name for your Tauren character.

So, who are Taurens? Taurens are the mythical creatures, that pioneer video games like the World Of Warcraft, Mili Militia, etc. The taurens are a race of towering, ruminant beings who practice a primitive and folkloric existence.

They belong to the race of gigantic humanoids. Some people claim that they are the descendants of a race called “Yaungol”. They usually resided on a plain land named “Central Kalimdor”. Despite having a giant figure, they are known to be worshippers of mother earth. Along with that, Taurens have great respect for the land and nature.

Despite their hulk-like avatar, you would be shocked to know that their lifestyle is generally quite peaceful. But if the Horde summons them to war, they will undoubtedly respond in a violent avatar.

Taurens regard hunting to be a great honor for them. Even if they hunt for mere food, they considered it to be an honor. This is because they have huge respect for mother earth and so, they consider it to be an honor when mother earth offers food to them. Therefore, along with being fighters, Taurens also have a section of hunters within their clan.

It can be said that Taurens do not boast about their talents or they are not egoistic in nature. They consider that whatever talents they have been gifted to them from mother earth.

Readers, it is quite easy to name a Tauren character- as long as you are original and innovative about it and follow certain guidelines. This article is here to help you choose Tauren names wisely and meaningful ones. Plus, we have generated some tips for you too! Following are the Tauren names you could enjoy for your next gaming adventure.

Male Tauren Names

  • Knumma Gloomshot
  • Knatleadi Freestalker
  • Kwekeschio Cloudbinder
  • Nohkil Fogfeather
  • Kwongil Sharpwound
  • Elloabagip Thunderwater
  • Shaste Mistgust
  • Innuwhil Ragewoods
  • Qivaciloo Kododrifter
  • Cechochmu Sharphide
  • Chichme Cloudscar
  • Qommio Miststalker
  • Togquos Thunderstalker
  • Kesegowaase Autumnweaver
  • Enkoodabaoo Mountainwoods
  • Oassenhwu Lightgust
  • Welsobavie Springmoon
  • Bilagaana Ragestalker
  • Hikku Mountainweaver
  • Cakukkunoo Longdreamer
  • Oapi Springbend
  • Hania Lightningbluff
  • Hahkassegoo Strongcut
  • Vihkamiiwho Pinewalker
  • Usleathuchew Hazetail
  • Honani Summershield
  • Poante Fogshout
  • Punyop Thunderbinder
  • Debo Gloomshot
  • Woarken Ironpelt
  • Kweknucassi Windsnout
  • Ivalle Mistfeathe
  • Kobiisu Steelblade
  • Mubu Singlecutter
  • Kobiisu Steelblade
  • Jecuteda Rockroar
  • Qabuech Wildtotem
  • Jimmeguagu Talltusks
  • Obeatlue Chestcaller
  • Uneh Farshadow
  • Ciwe Gloombreeze
  • Palodocon Hillsnout
  • Leajoaduwhia Eaglewinds
  • Uta Mountaindraft
  • Uchockia Rumblewoods
  • Vodadri Strongwalker
  • Ooakeheche Wiseshout
  • Knaru Stonehide
  • Mahuyumi Mountainbash
  • Showharkigia Kodowalker
  • Ecow Fourdream
  • Lalsok Flatsoar
  • Vangi Fullhorn
  • Hessusto Clawseeker

Female Tauren Names

  • Lepo Fourbreath
  • Bumo Swiftwoods
  • Olathe Skystream
  • Totsi Truthcaller
  • Duri Farhoof
  • Nevoso Loneblade
  • Noolgo Wisetusk
  • Wugeh Glowwound
  • Oda Firerunner
  • Hehewuti Twoshield
  • Tayanita Springtusks
  • Deshen Sunshadow
  • Shiselle Winterwatcher
  • Nata Runedraft
  • Nolli Softrider
  • Kwekpa Greatbluff
  • Yoki Mountainbash
  • Chumani Flamebrace
  • Awendela Flatstride
  • Zuyi Dawnrage
  • Miospah Stonedraft
  • Bline Farsoar
  • Coblua Sharpblade
  • Piniokpa Roughstride
  • Wicapiwakan Stormbinder
  • Nadie Dawnweaver
  • Hattee Crestbinder
  • Onnoope Truthdream
  • Bauzah Singlepelt
  • Kwilu Hardforest
  • Kwepe Eaglejumper
  • Huta Fourwinds
  • Karretsa Wiseseeker
  • Ope Oatwind
  • Lutso Threebinder
  • Miospah Stonedraft
  • Kesee Talltalon
  • Cuhe Softstrider
  • Liluye Clawhide
  • Peta Mistdrifter
  • Honmura Hardwhisk
  • Kashunna Sharptusks
  • Opa Hillwind
  • Pakwa Longrunner
  • Angeni Roughwinds
  • Adi Embertotem
  • Flokpa Pyrecutter
  • Wunna Darkman
  • Windseer Grayhorn
  • Awa Fogtail
  • Kaubi Twoshou
  • Rotse Bloodwound
  • Leanine Starborn
  • Braug Dimspirit
  • Sodiw Tallwindd
  • Nahari Cloudchaser
  • Tugi Longsnout
  • Sucusho Ragebender
  • Rushen Autumnweaver
  • Tumasi Threesoar
  • Nita Treeseeker
  • Gekyee Lightningwound
  • Chianna Stillsnout
  • Tugi Longsnout
  • Tanli Rageshot
  • Shari Firegrain
  • Sodiw Tallwinds
  • Turida Coldwind
  • Cattu Sharpwinds
  • Duyo Hazebinder
  • Kwage Stonewhisk
  • Tacincala Misttusks
  • Pikusha Heavystrider
  • Birraspo Fogmoon
  • Liluye Hardbend
  • Shari Firegrain
  • Songee Greatcaller
  • Sahi Cloudsinger
  • Tittiashem Lightbrace
  • Kasta Wildrider
  • Tanli Rageshot

Catchy Tauren Names

  • Soyala Mistsong
  • Muko Rockwinds
  • Wanahton Eaglepel
  • Yuma Summerwind
  • Minninnewah Threedreamer
  • Tihkoosue Freegrain
  • Togsqe Wildgust
  • Hipum Skyweaver
  • Eluwilussit Lightningwatcher
  • Olathe Autumnhoof
  • Chankoowashtay Bloodwhisk
  • Pamuy Eagleshield
  • Pules Rainwood
  • Adoette Roughhorn
  • Zabana Eagletotem
  • Chianna Crestrunner
  • Kokyangwuti Pyrepelt
  • Jiggyzank Grimfight
  • Ekke Eaglemane
  • Rek Roughhook
  • Exald Goldbrass
  • Tweky Plainbasher
  • Sulga Moneybutton
  • Cusezzatte Smugdirt
  • Uigils Dulldirt
  • Gakignax Foamclamp
  • Hevovitastamiutsto Rockbender
  • Wahchinksapa Wheathoof
  • Chenoa Kodoseeker
  • Waneta Steelsinger
  • Kwukkeenno Fogwoods
  • Babasithip Longjumper
  • Tenoochisaa Truthforest
  • Qihtoh Stonewatcher
  • Sonnuk Wheatwater
  • Chuzumuch Kodotusk
  • Jeahwakowheh Truthscar
  • Toogsqo Summermoon
  • Nattuchas Tallstream
  • Paullelgen Steelrage
  • Flameshadow
  • Qetlibol Freewoods
  • Vuakkoiget Chestrunner
  • Koskuwhade Glowtusks
  • Hachno Riversoar

Humorous Tauren Names

  • Gnomechomsky
  • Hasslehoo
  • Manbearcrow
  • Ultimeat
  • Bullcosby
  • Moostafa
  • Robinhoof
  • Cowmooflage
  • Gensusnme
  • Taur
  • Tache
  • Ilithyia
  • Prplpepleter
  • Fleck
  • Glassclaw
  • Starspirit
  • Elpis
  • Shotsathotu
  • Powderpuffah
  • Hynryac
  • Uchockia Rumblewoods
  • Esiet
  • Idyac
  • Blinkin
  • Brumeran
  • Garyx
  • Teicuiah
  • Prlplpeter
  • Slicer
  • Yazata
  • Quickfang
  • Tarfin
  • Lapic
  • Sefer
  • Patronus
  • Aleera
  • Skitz
  • Acheroron
  • Rishul
  • Magaera
  • Yarkio Stormsong
  • Hessusto Clawseeker
  • Musummal Bloodspear
  • Eannuso Youngbreeze
  • Bakoknaate Stonetusks
  • Tescho Hardforest
  • Shihkiw Wheatwinds
  • Kwahka Clawgust
  • Chiyudiok Winterhorn
  • Gijoveek Ironstrider
  • Knutissetiew Blackwood
  • Kwotchuh Steelhorn
  • Eannuso Youngbreeze
  • Jahtuh Heavyrage
  • Aisho Autumnshot
  • Knumunhwoochuch Wintersoar
  • Sooapo Thunderstride
  • Vodadri Strongwalker

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How To Pick A Cool And Catchy Tauren Name

Unsatisfied still? Guess what? We have got your back for that too. It indeed is ought to get overwhelming having to choose ONE name out of a plethora of such eye-catching names. Hence, here are few tips to make sure nothing stands between you and your Tauren names.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and quickly dive into the tips to pick your Tauren name-

The Name Should Be Tailed With A Meaning

One usually thinks that since Taurens have hooves and horns, their names have to be related to cows or some four-legged farm creature. We are here to tell you, that DEFINITELY is not the case. Curating your Tauren name with touches of meaningfulness to it will automatically make it bloom into something more elevating and alluring. A meaningful Tauren name might be useful in paving way for the individuality and identity of the Tauren character.

The Name Would Be A Win-Win If It Were Based On The Character Of The Tauren

The Tauren name would be a bummer it if was not at all related to the character, right? Hence, once you are enlightened about the characteristics of Taurens, it would be a tad bit easier for you to assign a name to your character. Taurens appreciate insightful conversation and deliberate rumination before commencing on any significant project. The Taurens are not naturally malevolent, yet a desire for justice might drive them to rebel and fight in rage. Hope now we have made the task easier as now you would comprehend the nature of the Taurens!

Go All Creative

When given the chance why not make hay while the sun shines? Go all creative for your gamer tag. Make sure it has a hint of personal touch- that would make your Tauren name stand out. A creative name would not only catch the attention of other players but also bring your uniqueness into the lamplight.  A creative name is a sign of courtesy and a way of recognizing these mythical beings.

Pay Close Heed To The Surnames

Surnames evolved so that people can be categorized into groups. This was usually done by occupation, place of origin, clans, and even physical characteristics (such as brunette hair). But, the last name of a Tauren generally comes from a family name- handed down through the generations. If a Tauren has done an activity that impressed the seniors of his clan, yet still, Tauren may choose to take on his own last name(to commemorate the act). Taurens have numerous names.

Note- A Tauren may also acquire a “third name”. He generally uses it when he deals with outsiders.

Go With The Most Unique One

Do not opt for a Tauren name that is waving along with the tides of trend. Have patience, take your time, and analyze what would be an appropriate fit. Also, one should remember that the first name you pick for your Tauren must also comply with their last name. By acknowledging these points, it is almost impossible that you will not end up with a cool Tauren name.

Bear The Rules In Mind

With great names come great rules! Here comes the important part so make sure you don’t skip this.

The name of the character has to be somewhere around 2 to 12 characters long. Even if accented characters are permitted, it is important to note that numbers and symbols are not. The same is true for mixed caps and spaces that are not supported.


So, that’s it for this article! Hope you liked it, and now can find a good name for your Tauren.

Maintain your calm. Do your research. Think and analyze. Try out a few names before you settle down to one, and you will be good to go!

Last but not the least, it is no secret that the exquisitely sculpted and intricately painted creatures are taking over the gaming world. And yes, they do deserve an imaginative name owing to their variegated personalities. Therefore, we hope that this article provided the utmost help one could require.

Do share this piece of article with your friends so that they can get help too. Cheers!