488 Teeth Whitening Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But if somebody looks at you when you have yellow and dirty teeth, it will look bad. And that is why teeth whitening businesses are so much in the trends nowadays.

Teeth can be stained or discolored for several reasons. You might not brush your teeth on a daily basis or in the proper order. Or you may consume a lot of junk foods which results in the discoloration of your teeth.

Such as you might suffer from extrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration occurs when you consume a lot of beverages that might stain your teeth. For example- coffee, tea, or food with harmful dyes scan causes stains. Tobacco is the perfect example that causes extrinsic discoloration to your teeth.

Or it may be that there are some more complicated reasons regarding why your teeth are not white. For example, you might have intrinsic discoloration where a stain on the teeth happens due to some internal disease in the body—such as any childhood illness, infection in the teeth, etc.

Do you know that there are several types of teeth whitening methods? Your dentist will advise you to have a certain kind of teeth whitening based on the type of stain. The other factors are- the treatment method you are willing to have, your age, and your history of dental treatments (whether you did any filling or crowns in the past). Plus, other than that, the treatment for teeth whitening also depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

For busy persons, the best part is that nowadays, there are in-home teeth whitening treatments. Sounds great, right? But nothing good comes without a disadvantage. Teeth whitening comes with a lot of side effects. High chances are you might suffer from teeth sensitivity or irritated gums if you do teeth whitening.

Now that you are willing to start a business in the field of teeth whitening, you have taken a great idea. But we believe that no company can see the colors of success if you do not choose a good name for it. And that is why we are here to help you. Read the article to find out the best name for your business. Also, we have further tried to help you by providing some essential and handy tips with which you can come up with the best name for your business.

Teeth Whitening Business Names

  • Ultra-Bright Teeth
  • Wanna White?
  • Smile Madly
  • The Whitening Wizard
  • White Is The New Black
  • Who Run The World?
  • So White I Got Blind
  • Shine Like Diamond
  • The Teeth Heroes
  • Crystal Smile
  • More Pure
  • Pearl White
  • The White Pearls
  • The White Princess
  • Cooking White
  • Angel Grins
  • Give Money Get White
  • The White Scenario
  • Make It White
  • The White Club
  • White On The Rocks
  • White Money
  • Finally White!
  • The White Angels
  • Shine And Smile
  • The Smile Company
  • Hashtag Smile
  • The White Beach
  • Teeth Matters
  • Bright N Smile
  • White N Smile
  • The Beautiful Smile
  • You Are Pretty!
  • Oh My Teeth!
  • Sparkles
  • We Give White
  • The White Drug
  • Have White?
  • The Magic White
  • The White Parlour
  • The White Zone

Best Teeth Whitening Business Name Ideas

  • White Macho
  • Pearly White
  • Smile Like Diamonds
  • Showering Pearls
  • Smile Like Pearls
  • The White Guys
  • Shine Bright
  • Aiming For A Smiling World
  • Want White?
  • Drunk In White
  • Pure And Pure
  • The Teeth Cosmetology
  • White Cosmos
  • White Cosmetics
  • The Dazzling Smile
  • The White Laser
  • The White Weapon
  • Removing Teeth Defects
  • The White Toothpaste
  • The White Teeth
  • The White Island
  • Level Up White
  • The Teeth Brightener
  • Teeth Cosmetics
  • The Snowy Teeth
  • The Snowy White
  • Snow White And Her 7 Dentists
  • Snow White’s Dentist
  • Polar Bear’s Teeth Hub
  • Lighten Teeth
  • The White Jewels
  • On The Go Teeth Whiteners
  • Do You White?
  • The Canine Teeth
  • Wash It White
  • Everyone’s Looking At You
  • Everyone Went Wow
  • Dazzle Everyone
  • 1st Choice Teeth Whiteners
  • The Dental Brothers
  • Whiteners In Usa
  • Best Whiteners
  • The White Llama
  • White Your Teeth
  • You Are Amazing

Catchy Teeth Whitening Business Names

  • White Is Power
  • White Pioneer
  • Super Bright Teeth
  • Whity Teethy
  • Teeth Power
  • The White Factory
  • Smile Like Princess
  • Smile-a-Holic
  • Target-Whitening
  • Aim To Smile
  • Tooth O Pearl
  • The White Legends
  • White’s The Matter?
  • Bare White
  • Crystal Clear
  • Sparling White
  • Your Favorite Dentist
  • Flaunt Your Teeth
  • The Teeth Store
  • The Whitarians
  • Witches For Teeth
  • Lustrous White
  • Shine Em Up!
  • The White Emporium
  • 24/7 Teeth Whitening
  • Bright White
  • What A Teeth!
  • What A White!
  • The Full Stop
  • Eat With No Worries
  • Eat What You Love
  • The White World
  • The White Summer
  • My White Mario
  • The White Workshop
  • Universal Teeth Whiteners
  • You Are Gorgeous
  • The White Mermaid
  • Harry Potter And The White Stone
  • 3 White Friends
  • Best Dental Care
  • Dental Solution
  • Your Friend Dentist

Mobile Teeth Whitening Business Names

  • The White Musketeers
  • Get White
  • Always Smile
  • Ready? Cheers!
  • The Good Dentists
  • The White Factory
  • Whity Mighty
  • The Gorgeous Smile
  • The Lustrous White
  • Smile Diamonds
  • The Milky White Store
  • The Milky Smile
  • The Unbleached Smile
  • Smile Spotless
  • Smile Now
  • The Luminescent Smiles
  • The Whitening Store
  • Your Favorite Dentist
  • The Masterstroke
  • The Healthy Tooth
  • Wisdom White
  • White Teeth Matter
  • Welcome White
  • Bye Bye Teeth Spots
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • The White Angel
  • Pure Smiles
  • Ready, Steady Smile!
  • The Smiling Stars
  • Whatta Smile!
  • The Super Whiters
  • The White Soldiers
  • Money For White
  • The White Army
  • Project White Teeth
  • White Delight
  • The Tooth Doctors
  • I Love White
  • Shine Bright
  • Spotless Teeth
  • Wow So White
  • Mamma White
  • Bright Em Up!

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How To Name Your Teeth Whitening Business

Finding a good name for your teeth whitening business can be a difficult job to do. But you do not need to worry when we are here to help you. This article has been specifically created to offer you some of the best names for your business and some helpful tips with which you can create the unique name for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Give Relatable Words

Try brainstorming more and more relatable words which have a solid connection with your teeth whitening business. For example, you can use words such as sparkly, bright shiny, ultra-white, super white, teeth, tooth, lustrous, gorgeous, smile, and so on. You can use these words to generate the best suitable name for your business.

For example- some good names for your teeth whitening business based on the above-mentioned words are- “Sparkly White”, “Bright And Shiny Teeth”, “Make It Ultra White”, “Your Gorgeous Smile”, “The White Tooth” etc.

Checkout our name list to find more such amazing names for your business.

Don’t Focus On Describing Your Business

This is actually what many entrepreneurs do. Through the name of their business, many business people want to describe the business-such as portraying how the teeth whitening process is done- with the help of scrubbers, peelers, and other equipment. That is absolutely not necessary.

Yes, all customers definitely have the will to know what type of machines, equipment or process you have with relation to your teeth whitening business. But you do not have to describe those in your name. If you give the name “Scrub Your Teeth” to your teeth whitening business, that is actually sounding a little bit weird.

The Name Should Be A Memorable One

You don’t want your customers to forget the name of your business the moment they left it right? And that is why it is highly essential for you to create a name for your business that will be easy to memorize.

Now, how to do it? Well, you can start by choosing a name for your business that shall have a rhythm in it. For example, a name such as “Whity Teethy” is a great name for your business. This is because it is a cute and attractive name, and secondly, it has an awesome rhythm, making your customer find it easy to memorize.

Another thing that you must keep in mind while making an easily memorable name is that the name should be easily pronounceable and should not have complicated spellings. Psychologically, people find it easier to remember name which is not tough to pronounce.

Give a read on the given name list where all the names are easy to memorize and are absolutely not tough to pronounce.

Start Shortlisting

Unless you start shortlisting names when you are sure that you can no more create or choose unique names, we guarantee you that you will be 100% confused regarding what name to pick and what not. Therefore, the best method of shortlisting is to perform the hit and trial method.

How to do it? Start visualizing the names with respect to your business and from the point of view of your customer. Ask yourself questions- will the customers love the name? Is the name suitable for a teeth whitening business? Is the name a unique and attractive one?

While visualizing the name, if you are not confident that the name is not matching with your teeth whitening business, simply eliminate the name. This is the best way to shortlist names. After shortlisting, keep only the names that you prefer.

Get Feedback

In order to get a good and unique name for your business, getting honest feedback from a person is an absolutely essential step to perform. After shortlisting the unique and attractive names that you have chosen for your business, show them to an honest critic. The person can be anyone- 0your parents, your daughter, or your best friend. It does not matter. All that matters is that he or she will give you a genuine review. If the names are absolutely horrendous, the person will not hesitate to inform you. And if that happens, please do not get demotivated. It is always best to start afresh. You can do it!

Help your critique to understand the meaning of your name. Help him to understand the proper reason behind choosing that name. Do not forget to tell him about the reasons why you chose a certain name. Plus, do not forget to ask him questions. Is the name suitable for your teeth whitening business? Is it matching with the goals and strategies of the business? Is the name friendly?


We hope we were successful in helping you create the most unique and attractive name for your teeth whitening business. Have a calm and content mind while choosing the name for your business. Along with that, if you keep in mind the tips that we have provided to you and choose an attractive name, you are good to go.

Will you help us in getting more reach? If yes, please share this article with as many persons as you find. The more this article gets reached, the more we get motivated to create more such articles.

We are grateful to you for taking the time to read this article. Thanks!

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