422 Thai Restaurant Names Ideas and Suggestions

If somebody doesn’t like food, the high chances are that he or she is not in their correct state of mind. Jokes apart, foods are an absolute source of pleasure. And when it comes to Thai food, no objections can ever arise.

There are reasons regarding why Thai foods are hugely favourite among people all over the earth. Thai foods are considered to be one of the most flavourful foods all over the world. Rumour has it that unless trying for the third or fourth time, even the top chefs cannot identify what ingredients are added to the food. There are so many types of dishes that the taste of Thai foods can be diverse. But generally, Thai foods have a mixture of sweet and spicy tastes.

Usually, some of the important components that go into Thai foods are coconut milk, basil, lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. In many cases, peanuts and cashews are also added. As per texture, Thai food can be creamy yet chewy.

Now let us come to the important part-opening a Thai food business. Because of its incredible and memorable taste, Thai foods are growing more and more popular all around the world. In the United Kingdom itself, there are as much as 2000 Thai restaurants.

Thai food restaurants can indeed be profitable ones if the business is handled in a smart and efficient way. In the initial times, statistics show that the cost of opening these restaurants are pretty expensive. But as time passes by and if the restaurants are run efficiently, profits can be generated within two to five years.

Nowadays, customers are fans of online ordering of food or takeaways. Therefore, you can generate some extra revenue if you initiate an online ordering facility.

Now let us come to the main point of this article-names for your Thai food business. Many people will advise you to focus on generating more profit and running the business in an intelligent manner. But customers prima facie will give a visit to your restaurant by looking at the name of it. And that is why we have created this article for you.

Read this article to find out some of the unique, classy, and attractive names for your Thai restaurant. If you want to create some names on your own, you can also take the help of the handy tips that we have provided at the end of this article.

Thai Restaurant Names

  • Have Khao Soi
  • The Thai Kitchen
  • Thaitastic!
  • May I Have Thai?
  • The Thai Cuisine
  • Mainland Thailand
  • Nom Nom Thai
  • Craving Som Tam
  • Laab Laboratory
  • Must Thai Hard
  • By Thai’s Grace
  • Target’s Thai
  • Thai-Licious!
  • The Massaman Curry
  • Drooling In Bangkok
  • Archie’s Thai Bistro
  • Wanna Cry? Eat Thai
  • The Sawadee
  • Thai Crying Tiger
  • Fresh Herbs Of Thai
  • Thai Mini Shrimp
  • The Phat Mama
  • Craving Chim Chum
  • The Thai Chicken
  • Wow Thai!
  • The Thai Bistro
  • Tons Of Thai
  • King Kaeng Ho
  • Nam Thai Restaurant
  • Nam Thai Café
  • Heavenly Prawn
  • The Thai Devils
  • What To Thai?
  • Gorge On Thai
  • What’s Cooking?
  • Drinks N Thai
  • Thai On The Floor
  • Thai Don’t Lie
  • The Good Thai Lady
  • Thai Crunchy Roll

Best Names For Thai Restaurant

  • Thai 2 Nite
  • Too Yum
  • Hello Thai
  • Thai Oh Thai
  • Lord Of Spices
  • Baan Thai
  • The Thainese
  • Thai Namite
  • The Luscious Laab
  • Pleasant Pad Thai
  • The Thai Pod
  • Something’s Fishy!
  • The Thai Date
  • Tango With Thai
  • Thaippetizing
  • Time To Thai
  • The Thai Fork
  • Thai In Phuket

Unique Thai Restaurant Names

  • Thai In Krabi
  • Flavors Of Thai
  • Rice’s Rise
  • Dieing For Thai
  • Ravishing Ruam Mit
  • Taste Of Hua Hin
  • This Is The Thai Way
  • Thai In Ko Bulon Lee
  • Food In Phuket
  • Belly In Bangrak
  • Craving For Crepe
  • Deep Fried Prawn Patty
  • The Thai-Fi
  • The Tickiling Thai
  • Thai On The House
  • Thai-o-Land
  • The Thai Lord
  • The Thai Nama
  • The Thai Town
  • Oh So Thai!
  • Trouble For Thai!
  • The Thai Fun

Cool Thai Restaurant Names

  • Yes Thai!
  • Thai Please!
  • The Thai Lord
  • Me And Thai
  • Kraving Khao Soi
  • Belly In Bangkok
  • Tasty Thailand
  • The Thaitanic
  • Pork On A Fork
  • Cooking Monsters
  • The Thainarosaurus
  • Today With Thai

Funny Thai Restaurant Names

  • The Thai Boat
  • The Thai Island
  • Tune With Thai
  • Food In Phuket
  • Crab In Krabi
  • Foody Thailand
  • The Thaifoon Café
  • The Thai Bistro
  • Tales Of A Thai Lady
  • Foody Flavor
  • Tommorow’s Khao Tom
  • Nom Nom Kuai Chap
  • The Playful Pork
  • What To Eat?
  • The Food Monster
  • Prawntastic
  • Dine With Thai
  • The Red Thai Curry
  • Oh! Thailand
  • Love For Thai
  • The Thai Queen
  • The Thaiger
  • The Thaifun
  • Spooning Thai
  • Must Thai Harder
  • Thai Was My Dream
  • The Thai Society
  • I Love Thai

Unique Thai Restaurant Names

  • Wanna Thai?
  • Craving Guay Teow
  • The Thai Parlor
  • Thai My Style
  • Love For Thai
  • Stuck In Thai
  • Thai Riffic
  • The Thai Sea
  • Hola Thai
  • Finding Thai
  • The Taste Of Thai
  • Are You Thai?
  • The 5 Thais
  • To Thai For
  • Thai-Pedia
  • Dating A Thai
  • The Thai Blinders
  • Thai Me Up
  • Deep Fry Thai
  • Kraving Kuai Chap
  • Phatty Phat Si-Io
  • The Pork Mama
  • Eatery In Thai

Thai Food Truck Names

  • Heart On The Griil
  • The Thailastic
  • Peekaboo Thai
  • Thainificent
  • Have A Thai
  • Bite In Bangkok
  • The Thai Tales
  • The Thailand Princess
  • Thai Of Thailand
  • Pungent Pad Thai
  • Dancing Thai
  • The Thai Senpai
  • The Thaiangle
  • Dine On Thai
  • Dating A Thai
  • My Thai Partner
  • The Thainamite
  • Thai Family Place

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How To Name A Thai Restaurant

To increase the profits, allotting a good and attractive name to your Thai restaurant is an absolute must. But, for an entrepreneur like you, finding some time from your busy schedule to think and create some unique names can be a tough job to do. But worry not, we are here to help you.

Take Reference From Thai Movies Or Books

If you are a lover of movies or books created in Thailand, then creating names from this tip would be an easy task to do. Research on the movies or books that are popular in Thailand and modify them to create the perfect name for your Thai restaurant. If possible, try finding a movie or a book name based on Thai foods. Firstly, that will lead to the creation of a more attractive name and secondly, it will lead to the creation of a much stronger connection between your Thai food restaurant and the name.

Caution- be it any language, you must know the correct spelling or pronunciation of any word in the perfect manner. Until you are confident enough that you are fluent in the language of Thailand, we suggest you not to create names based on this tip. Make sure you know the language correctly. Do not misspell or pronounce the name in a wrong manner- as it will only lead to the loss of customers.

Make Rhyming Names

Creating names which rhyme can be much unique in nature. But of course, make sure that the rhyming does not become illogical or nonsensical in nature. For example, some names best for a Thai restaurant can be- “Thai- fi”, “Buy A Thai, “Wanna Cry? Have A Thai!”, “Rice’s Rise” and so on.

Make sure to go through the name list above to find out some unique and raining names for your Thai food restaurant.

Give Names Based On Thai Foods

Nothing can create a stronger connection between the name of the restaurant and the restaurant itself, except generating a name based on the top notch Thai foods. Customers will love if you name the restaurant on their favourite dish. Some of the delicious Thai foods are- Khao Soi, Kuai Chap, Phat si-io, Guay Teow, Som Tam and Laab. It’s ideal to choose a dish which is favoured by at least 90% of your customers.

You can jot down the other names of tasty Thai foods and can modify them. For example, with the above given Thai foods, you can recreate a restaurant name. Such as “Have Khao Soi”, “Kraving”, “Phatty”, “Craving Guay Teow”, “Craving Som Tam”, “Laab Laboratory”.

Give Funny Yet Attractive Names

Yes! You can definitely give funny and humorous names to your Thai food restaurant. We understand that you have the target of carrying on a strict and professional food business. But then again, it is no harm to add a refreshing and humorous name to a professional business.

But make sure that alongside being funny, the names are attractive to. For example, names such as- “Thaitastic” (generated from the word fantastic), “Thaifoon” (generated from the word typhoon), “Thaitanic” (generated from the word Titanic), “Thaipedia” (generated from the word Wikipedia) will be a good choice for your Thai restaurant.

Gives Names Based On Your Locality

We give a thumbs up to names based on locality. Although many restaurant have already opted for this style, yet you can create a name based on this tip. If you are planning to open your restaurant in Bangkok, then the name “Belly Bangkok”, can be a good name for your Thai restaurant.

If you are planning to open your restaurant by the side of the river, then the name can be “The Riverside Thai”. Similarly, you can create name based on any streets of Thailand.

The advantages of creating a name based on this tip, is that your restaurant will grow more popular in your locality.

Avoid Names Which Are Hard To Spell Or Remember

You should always avoid giving names to your Thai restaurant which are not easy to spell or memorize. If you give a name based on a Thai food, make sure that the particular name is easy to pronounce. If an easily pronounceable name is not given to a restaurant, high chances are that customers from international countries may not get interest to pay a visit to your restaurant. Thus, you shall lose profits.

Give Names Based On Seafoods

Many Thai dishes are also made based on seafoods. Seafoods such as prawn, lobster, trout, salmon are an absolute love in Thailand. If you want to, you can create a name for your Thai food restaurant based on popular and demanding seafoods as well. But not all seafoods are popular in Thailand, therefore make sure to create a name based on the seafood which the customers crave.

Go through the name list above to find some unique names based on seafoods, which matches perfectly for your Thai food restaurant.


The article ends here. Thai foods are considered to be a paradise for foodies. Therefore, you have taken a great decision to establish a Thai food restaurant. But along with efficient marketing skills and handling your business in a smart way, allotting a good and unique name to your restaurant is an important thing to do as well. We hope that you have gone through the article in a careful manner.

If you loved this article, please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues so that this article gets more reach. This little help of yours matters a lot to us. Plus, keep visiting our site to read more similar articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day!

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