640+ Tiki Bar Names Ideas and Suggestions

Looking for a suitable, small, easy spell and yet a super cool and catchy name for your newly opened Tiki Bar? Well, then all your worries are about to disappear in the thin air as we are here with some great suggestions for you. We can present you with numerous lists of amazing name ideas for your tiki bar company.

Had a hard time in the office? Need some alone time? Going through that breakup phase? Confused about life? Need inspiration? Tired of the household chores? There’s only one place that feels like heaven at such time, makes you relaxed, and gives you a moment to breathe. That place is the ‘Tiki Bar’.

Well, the demand for Tiki Bars is growing rapidly and it’s becoming one of the most popular places to come for some exotic drinks, food, and a fun time with friends and family. The market is likely to expand more in the upcoming years. In such a situation, it becomes extremely difficult when you need to think of a name for your Tiki Bar considering such a competitive environment. But you have come to the right place and as we are here to help you out in the best possible way out there.

Here we present to you some amazing lists of name ideas for your Tiki Bar names, Tiki Bar business name ideas, Tiki Bar names/ restaurant names, and a lot more. You can either easily choose any of these names or can come up with your unique name ideas.

Without any further delay let us quickly dive into the lists:

Tiki Bar Names 

  • Mai-Kai Bay
  • Swimming In Rum
  • Heaven’s Bar
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Bamboo Bar House
  • The Twilight Night
  • Friend’s Day Out
  • First Round
  • Drinks On Me!
  • Sip And Taste
  • Vineyard Bar and Restaurant
  • Magic Bar Corner
  • Paradise Bar
  • Thinking And Drinking
  • Another Round!
  • Moonlight Escape
  • The Lost Leaf
  • Noble Drinks
  • Beers With Peers
  • R.I.E.N.D.S Bar
  • We Don’t Share Drinks!
  • The Drunken Lane
  • Joe’s Bar
  • Relax On Beers
  • Dare To Drink!
  • First Round On
  • The Happy Place
  • Palmer Place
  • The Toast
  • Bar And Grill
  • The Coconut Bar
  • Tom’s Kitchen and Bar
  • Red Margarita
  • Beer’s Clock
  • The Sitting Room
  • Sunday Funday
  • Moonlight Lane

Tiki Bar Name Ideas

  • The Future Paradise
  • Escape From The World
  • White Rum And Snacks
  • Square Park Bar
  • Drinking n Reading
  • Alone Time
  • Where’s The Beer?
  • Shake It Up!
  • The Lost In Bar
  • With The Mint Leaves
  • The Bunker
  • Hustle N Bustle
  • Lords Of the Bars
  • Club Deluxe
  • The Wise Man
  • Laughing And Drinking
  • Memories Lane
  • Mind Square Lane
  • Its Beer Time
  • Some More Ice
  • Drinking Cubicles
  • The Old Monk Restaurant
  • Mississippi Lane
  • Knicks And Drinks
  • Night Time Awake
  • Need Some Beer
  • Keep Your Suits On
  • Buy Me A Drink!
  • Love For Drinks
  • Bourbon Bar
  • Monk N Martini
  • Take The Edge
  • Heavy And Drunkk

Catchy Name Ideas For Tiki Bar

  • In And Out Bar
  • The Barbeque Bar
  • Roast And Beer
  • Rum N Ice
  • The Bar Café
  • Whiskey On the Rocks
  • Hard To Leave!
  • Treat And Meat!
  • Park It Here!
  • @2am Bar
  • Make The Toast
  • The King’s Bar N Grille
  • Brother’s Bourbon
  • Jinx N Mix
  • After Work, Drinks
  • Dancing In the Bar
  • Relaxing Beer
  • In Love with Rum!
  • Where’s The Fun?
  • Shake The Mix Up!
  • Shining On the Moon
  • Brother’s At the Bar
  • One More Sip!
  • Tiki Fun N Grill
  • Walk-Talk-Drink
  • 6Pm And Beer
  • Five More Shots!
  • Time For Treat!
  • Absolute Drunk Bar
  • Drink And Shine

Cool Tiki Bar Names

  • Host The Drinks
  • Drinks Before Friends’
  • Teachers’ All Over
  • The Old Monk N Young Folks
  • The Flee Plea
  • The Youngster’s Bar
  • The Badass Restaurant
  • Quickly Drinks
  • Eat-Drink N Repeat
  • Enjoy The Food
  • Exotic Mix
  • Foodie’s Paradise
  • Heaven Of Drinks
  • 21 And Drink!
  • Drinks Together – Stays Together
  • Shake-Smell-Gulp
  • Shady Food and Bar
  • The Hunter’s Bar
  • Love For Drinks
  • Side Lounge Bar
  • Top Of the World Bar
  • The Asian Mix
  • Life With Meat
  • Fun Club
  • Club House of Drinks
  • Hoes-Friends-Family Bar
  • Couples Drinking Time
  • Breakup Pleasure Bar
  • Tiki Culture and Fun
  • Life In the Mix

Unique Tiki Bar Name Ideas

  • Hug The Beer
  • The Tiki Man
  • Grape And History’
  • Beer Saloon
  • The Fainting Soul
  • The Outbox Life
  • Top Floor Drinking Spot
  • Sea Beer
  • The Rum Kingdom
  • The Tiki Queen
  • Chilled Beer Please!
  • Thirsty Crow
  • Drinks Galore
  • The Rum Tribe
  • Four Bottle Vodka
  • Chill With Beer
  • Smile And Drink
  • Tropical Beer Lane
  • The Skate out
  • Dine In An Out
  • Street Side Tiki Bar
  • Next Round
  • Castle Of the Drinks
  • Water pool Bar
  • I’M Hungry!
  • Pop And Cup
  • Garden Of Drinks
  • Rum Battle
  • Local Tiki Beer
  • Ocean Purple

Creative Tiki Bar Names

  • The Beer Jar
  • Sinking In Joy
  • Pop Culture Palace
  • King And Queen of Tiki
  • After Office Place
  • Ladies Beer Club
  • Feed The Soul
  • Shoot The Bottle
  • Big Boss of Drinks
  • Fun Time!
  • Saturday Night Bar
  • Finn’s Bar
  • The Beer Weaver
  • Drunk N Drink
  • The Sporty Bar
  • Knock The Beer Out
  • Whiskey Top
  • Inspired Winery
  • The Fantasy Bar
  • Mission Beer
  • The Scapegoat
  • The Drinkers’ Lane
  • Goofy n Drunk
  • Bar Smith
  • The Lucky Palace
  • The Escape Beer
  • Night Out
  • Hot N Cool Beer
  • Sam’s Bar n Restaurant

Tropical Bar Names

  • Shack The Rack
  • Moonlit Beer Lounge
  • Tiki Beer and Restaurant
  • Life Hacks Lounge
  • Beer- For Crying Out Loud!
  • Happy Bar
  • To The Moon N Beyond
  • Attitude And Beer
  • Exotic Lounge
  • The Fun Hours
  • Taste The Drops
  • Night Bar
  • Cheer With the Beer
  • Heart Of the Beer
  • Cheer With the Beer
  • Redwood Lounge
  • The Night Inn
  • Far From the Normal World
  • Dark Lane Bar
  • Round Table Bar
  • Blue Beer
  • Time Out!
  • Beer And Life
  • Card House Bar
  • A Bella Casa Bar
  • Perfect Plaza and Bar
  • Rum With Martini
  • Meat N Greet
  • Cool Beer
  • La La Beer Land

Traditional Tiki Bar Names

  • Hard Rock Lilies
  • Beer Lounge
  • Splash The Beer
  • Spill The Drinks
  • Happy Hours
  • Sober Or Drunk?
  • Where’s The Soda?
  • Bella Ciao Club
  • Idol Bar
  • Fool’s Paradise
  • Joker Or Poker?
  • Caribbean’s Bar
  • History And Mistry
  • Coz Its Drinking Time!
  • Beer Before Everything
  • Tiki Club
  • Breeze And Freeze
  • Sea And Sip
  • Rain-Drain
  • Flowers And Meadows
  • Rainbows And Beer
  • Stuck On the Drink
  • Beyond The Sea
  • The Beer Beaver
  • Beer Only!
  • Glossy
  • The Smell of Drinks
  • Singles Paradise
  • One And Only Lounge

Best Tiki Bar Names

  • One Sight of Rum
  • Rum And Fun
  • Friday Night Bar
  • What’ Sup Plaze
  • Shots And Lemons
  • Safe And Drunk
  • Drinks Villa
  • Funday- Tiki Day
  • Beyond Fun
  • Amusement Bar
  • Rainbows And Unicorns
  • Sunflower Over Roses
  • Shots!
  • Classy Bar
  • High Society Lounge
  • Stuff Your Mouth
  • Elite Bar
  • Stranger’s Bar
  • Comedy Drinks
  • D For Drinks
  • Glassy N Classy
  • Queen’s Paradise
  • Classy Rum
  • Rain Of Rum
  • Drunk And More
  • Ice Please!
  • Scheduled Fun
  • Sunday Or Monday- Beer Day
  • Chuck Chuck – Bar
  • Bring It On!

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8 Golden Tips To Name Your Tiki Bar

When it comes to selecting a suitable name for your tiki bar it is surely the most stressful and tedious job considering the given competition in the already existing market. But we can make it simple for you by suggesting to you some aspects considering which if you try to reach conclusions, the entire process would become quite easy for you.

Following are the aspects that you need to keep in mind making your final decisions:

Use Short and Simple Words

The most important thing that you should keep in mind while deciding the name is to use words that are short as well as simple. A too-long name can just be difficult to spell for the client as well as piss them off. He would also not be able to recollect the name easily. Also, a simple name that is easy to spell and pronounce can just impress the client easily.

Use Words Related to Tiki Bars/ Drinks

This can be a very well-planned strategy to seek the attention of the audience. You can use words that are related to drinks, bars, foods, and tiki culture. This can leave the impression that you have spent time thinking about the name of the company and also these kinds of names like “Heaven of Drinks” sound super cool, easy to remember, and appealing.

Use Rhyming Words

Let’s recall an example here, that is “Beer Beaver” is a suitable one for this point. Rhyming words are fun to hear and showcase a fun part of your company. Also, rhyming can more easily grab the attention of the audience than a random word.

Think Creative and Unique Names

This is again a very important aspect of selecting a name. The name you choose should be absolutely unique. It should not be similar to the name of an existing tiki bar or nearly similar to it. This would confuse the customer to some extent. He/She might end up thinking that the two shops are the same and end up visiting the other one. You need to pay extra attention to this. So, be very careful while making any final decisions.

Think Of a Name That Is Easy To Recollect

You need to think of a name that is super easy to recollect. For example, “Classy”. It’s a one-word, sophisticated, and easy to spell name also very appealing. It is very important because the customer should be able to recall the name of your shop easily without any headaches. Also, the same customer can recommend the name of your tiki bar to someone else. Whereas, a difficult name will be a disadvantage.

Make a List Of Your Ideas

What is necessary for you to do is to make a list of your ideas. When you try to think of name ideas for your tiki bar, there are also certain ideas that come to your mind. So, you need to make a list of your ideas. It can be related to the name of the tiki bar or the aspects on the basis of which you need to make your decision regarding the name or any other thing. Just note it down. Because it might happen that you are unable to recollect any of your ideas when you want to, you can just refer to the noted points and the problem would be solved.

Communicate And Seek Advice

Who in the world doesn’t want to have a fun time with exotic drinks and tasty foods? The answer is none. So, you do not necessarily maintain a boundary. You can seek everyone’s opinion around you about your shop and the drink mix and food. You will get to know about the taste and preferences of the people and get a chance to be the best in the lot.

This is absolutely important for you as you need to impress the audience and understand their desire and wants and what they expect when they hear about tiki Bars.

Reach Out to social media

Create an attractive social media page of your tiki bar with amazing pictures of the courses. Let people see and find you out. Help them with the packages and keep updating your social media account. Let the customers share their experience on your homepage. This will help you create a bigger market and the most experienced trader, increasing your profits and popularity.

Final Words

We hope that you found this article extremely helpful for you. We hope that that you were able to choose a suitable name for your tiki bar which is unique, easy to spell, and appealing, or else you could come up with a unique name idea on your own by taking suggestions from these listed names ideas. If you liked this article then please do share it with your family and friends. We will see you soon with some more amazing name ideas.

Until then, Goodbye.