Trampoline Park Names: 558 Trampoline Business Name Ideas

In modern times, recreation and entertainment are very necessary for people of all ages. Therefore, recreational parks, specifically which consists of trampolines, are becoming much popular in recent times. Not only kids but nowadays even adults also find it joyful to bounce on the trampoline.

The trampoline comes in a variety of shapes. The round trampoline is the most popular one. But this is not suitable when many people are jumping on the trampoline. This is because the round shape of the trampoline will lead the jumpers to move to the middle of the trampoline, and the thereby high chances are that the jumpers will collide with each other.

The other types of trampolines which are available are oval trampolines, square trampolines, and rectangle trampolines. For multiple jumpers, the oval ones are considered to be ideal. The best part of having a trample is that you do not have to have a special type of surface to keep your trampoline on. As long as the flat surface consists of grass and soil, the trampoline will rock.

But did you know that apart from having fun, jumping on a trampoline has other benefits too? For example, you can forget your boring visit to the gym as jumping on the trampoline can be a great workout for you.

Your metabolic rate can also increase while jumping on the trampoline. This is because, as your age increases, your metabolism rate shall start to slow down. The trampoline helps to delay it.

In this competitive world, specifically, the pandemic has deteriorated our mental health to a large extent. As we all know, having some recreation or entertainment our in life will boost our mental health. Therefore, whenever you find the chance, you can simply visit a trampoline park and improve your mood.

Bouncing up and down on the trampoline can also give you healthy bones. While jumping up and down on the trampoline, you can prevent lots of negativities like osteoporosis, and you can also fight backbone injuries or any ligament injuries.

Now that you are willing to establish a trampoline park, you must know that the names of such parks should definitely be attractive and creative. And that is why we are here to help you. Read on to find out the perfect name for your trampoline park. Other than that, we have also brought to you some of the most important and handy tips with which you can come up with the perfect name for your trampoline park.

Trampoline Park Names

  • Trampo Jumbo
  • The Adrenaline Spot
  • Jumps N Happiness
  • Up N Up
  • Jumping Town
  • Jumpin n Pumpin
  • Towards Sky
  • The Trampo Moment
  • The Bounce Maniacs
  • Up Above The World So High
  • The Wonder Park
  • The Squared Arena
  • Project Sky
  • Jus Jumping
  • The Gravity Hop
  • Wanna Hop?
  • Whoops N Hops
  • Jump Like Crazy
  • Fun O Park
  • Bouncing Wonders
  • Walking Is Boring
  • Bounce Incorporation
  • The Zero Gravity
  • Playing In The Air
  • Rushing Adrenaline
  • The Adrenaline Rush
  • Jump On Tramp
  • Get Some Air!
  • Yippee!
  • Only For Kidz
  • Kid’s Destination
  • The Mega Jumpers
  • The Boing Zone
  • Time To Jump
  • The Airy Adventure
  • The Sky Playing
  • King Sky
  • Bouncing’s The New Black
  • The Sky Zone
  • The Bouncing Bob

Cool Trampoline Park Names

  • Jumps n Fun
  • Flight In The Air
  • Up In The Sky
  • Jumpstart
  • Bounce Park
  • To The Sky
  • Jumping Jumbo
  • The Air Hoppers
  • Fly In Sky
  • Touching Sky
  • We Want More!
  • Whoppity Hoppity
  • The Quick Jump
  • Whoopee!
  • The Sky Hoppers
  • Jump O Park
  • Oh Wow!
  • The Usa Jumpers
  • Jumping Acrobatics
  • The Eldorado Park
  • Boing Boing!
  • Bouncing N Flying
  • What A Fun
  • Park Of Bounces
  • Wanna Tramp?
  • Bounce Xtreme
  • The Jijantic Jump
  • Rise Into The Sky
  • Bouncing Ballet
  • Wanna Bounce?
  • Going To The Top
  • Land Is Boring
  • Infinity Trampoline Park
  • To The Sky
  • To The Infinity
  • Time To Play
  • Air Adventures
  • War In Sky
  • Leaping Fun
  • The Jump-a-Holic

Amazing Trampoline Park Names

  • Jumping Rockets
  • Bouncing Fun
  • Up In The Air
  • The Trampoline Stadium
  • Bounce Gymnastics
  • Trampoline Express
  • The Sky Zone
  • Jumptastic
  • Jumpabulous
  • Higher n Higher
  • The Rocket
  • The Kool Kidz
  • Jus Bouncin
  • Hopping In Sky
  • Wonder Beans
  • Jumping Wild
  • Jumping Monkeys
  • The Atom Bomb
  • Sky Jumper
  • Hop O Park
  • Your Happy Place
  • The Wonderland
  • No Gravity
  • The Air Play Park
  • Flying High
  • The Tramp Turbos
  • Jumping Xtreme
  • Rising Sky High
  • Rockin Jump
  • Play N Bounce
  • Bounce Di Caprio
  • Sky Love
  • We Are Jumpers
  • Princess Of Sky
  • Jumping Jhapaak
  • Sky’s The Limit
  • Bob’s Bouncing Park
  • Ah Sky!
  • The Prancing Princess
  • Leap To The Sky

Trampoline Park Business Names

  • The Jumping Alien
  • The Kickstart
  • Center Jump
  • Jumping In Adrenaline
  • Bouncin n Jumpin
  • The X Trampoline
  • The Boom Bouncers
  • The Air Buddies
  • Fun In Air
  • Hopping Up
  • Ups n Down
  • Hopping In Joy
  • Touching The Sky
  • What a Jump!
  • Bouncing High
  • The Sky Bouncers
  • Woop!
  • Jumping In Woah!
  • Bounce O Park
  • My Happy Jump
  • The Zero Gravity Trampoline Park
  • The Oasis Trampoline Park
  • Elevate Adventure
  • Destination Fun
  • Mission’s To Jump
  • We Are Airborne
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Feels Like God
  • Anyone Can Jump
  • Love For Sky
  • Rise N Shine
  • The Mega Altitude
  • The Jumping Jiants
  • Jump To Jupiter
  • Bounce, Pray, Love!
  • Queen Of The Sky
  • The Trampoventure
  • Adventures In Sky
  • Play N Prance
  • Leap Like A Frog

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How To Name Your Trampoline Park

Thinking about names for your trampoline park can be a tough job to do.  But that is why we have created this article. As we keep on saying, names are very important for a business. Read on to find out the helpful tips with which you can create a unique name for your park.

Make A List Of Your Favorites

If you are hoping to just go through the name list and the tips that we are providing to you and choose the perfect name for your trampoline park, we can guarantee that the process is not so easy. Instead, we suggest you take a pen and paper, read thoroughly the names and the tips we have given to you, and then jot down the names that you prefer (or create names on your own).

If you have questions regarding why making a list is essential, if you simply try to remember the names you created, the high chances are that you will forget them after one day or so. It is absolutely probable that businessmen like you may forget the names.

Create Names Which Have A Connection

Imagine allotting a name of food such as popcorn to your trampoline park. That does not sound good, right? Therefore, you should always choose words and names related to your trampoline park.

Here’s a tip-if you feel confused to find names that have a strong connection with trampolines, you can always create names using words such as “jump”, “bounds”, “sky”, “up”, and others.

With these words, you can come up with names like “Jumping Jumbo”, “Bouncing Back”, “To The Sky”, “Ups And Downs”

Take Note Of Legal Issues

Creating a non-plagiarized name is a must in modern times. Your opponent’s business parties won’t leave a chance to sue you if you take their trademarked names. Therefore, after choosing or creating names for your trampoline park, be 100% assured that the names are non-plagiarized one.

There is also a process to register the names so that nobody after you can take the name. Be sure to go through the process and register the name.

Also, we suggest you see whether the names you chose are available as a domain name or not.

The Name Should Reflect The Theme Of Your Park

As you know by now, every recreational park in the world has some sort of theme. For example, some popular themes are space, water, zoology, hills, mountains, and app-inspired themes.

If you are confused and have not yet thought about the theme for your park, we advise you to do it first before rushing to create a name. It is also important to note that after choosing a particular theme, you should take feedback from others-is the theme attractive? Is the theme child-friendly? Will the theme elevate people’s moods?

Only after confirming the theme should you start thinking of a name related to the theme.

Who Are Your Customers?

The name for your trampoline park must be created based on the audience that you have targeted. Will the park be only for kids? Or adults can have fun too? Or maybe you are thinking to create a park for the teenagers only? Whatever it is, we suggest you to make a name for your park based on the customers that you shall welcome.

Create An Evergreen Name

Ask yourself- can you live with the name that you chose for your trampoline park for the whole of your life? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go. But will the name get old and boring as time passes? If the answer is yes, then you have to recreate the name of your park.

It is essential to create evergreen names for recreational parks. This is because you simply cannot change the names as time passes, right?

Take Feedback

Just like you should take feedback regarding the theme for your park, you should also do the same after choosing some names for the park. After you have shortlisted the good names, show them to an honest critic. It does not matter whether the person is young or old- all that it matters is that he shall truthfully give a thumbs up if the names are the perfect ones or (in the worst scenario) request you to change the names.

Do not forget to ask questions to the critic. Does the name have a connection with the theme? Is the name child-friendly? Will the name get dull as time passes?

Also, take the initiative and tell the person that why you have chosen a certain name. In some cases, just by looking at the name, the person might not understand whether the name is great for the park or not. Therefore, you should always point out your reasons for choosing the particular names.


The article ends here. We hope that we were successful in helping you choose the perfect name for your trampoline park. We pray that your park shall provide a large amount of joy and act as a stress reliever to the customers. As a last tip, we shall urge you not to choose names in a rush. Every person can be creative if he tries to be one. So, keep brainstorming more and more creative names for your park. We believe that you can do it!

Did you love this article? If yes, please feel free to share this with persons who also wish to find names for their business. Your little help matters to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Best wishes!

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