Treant Names: 480+ Cool Names For Treant

In search for some great treant names for your treant character? Then stop further searching because you have discovered the right place. We are here to help you by providing you with some mind-blowing treant names.

At first, let us know what is treant are classified as the wide variety of awakened trees. They consist of a face like a feature. The face like feature is generally found on their bark. A division between their trunk forms legs, and the long branches served as their arms. The woods were filled with tubes, those tubes carry water from the roots to the area where water is needed, but the woods appear to be solid as stone. The health of the treants can be affected by root diseases such as tube wilt. It is found that the treants are more restless, energetic and rebellious during their adolescence period. When they grow old, they prefer to while away and wants to be rooted in places like other normal trees. They have a good sense. They are aware of their surroundings where they are rooted. They could predict the sense of events happening far away from them based on subtle nearby charges.

When it comes to magic, nobody can match the treants. These creatures mostly resides in trees and developed magical powers from the branches and leaves of the trees only. These magical powers enable the creatures to animate the power of the other creatures which reside in the universe.

Treants were capable of speaking languages like Common, Elvish, Sylvan and Druidic. Other than these, they had their own language. Some of the treants allowed sprites to build little villages within their boughs, but some of them also opposed creatures who were careless with fires or poisoned trees or had a tendency to destroy trees. There are various types of species of treants. Some examples are cormanthor, Grimwood, Starwood, Grimwood and etc.

After reading about treants and coming across their characteristics, it is very clearly visible that it is not that easy to find a name that will go with their characteristics or follow the features. So, to make this job possible, we are here to suggest some cool and amazing treants names. Down below, we have provided you with a list of the best, unique, innovative and amazing treants names. We hope that you will be able to select a name from there. Also, with that, we have also provided you with some tips with the help of which you can come up with your own unique treant names.

So, without further wasting any time, let’s go through the list of names that we have listed down below for you people.

Cool Treant Names

  • Asiminian
  • Asimina
  • Aralia
  • Aranarian
  • Winternut
  • Thuja
  • Walnutbread
  • Junus
  • Shadowthron
  • Thujewyn
  • Buryra
  • Birchhowl
  • Elmfury
  • Fireye
  • Garerae
  • Juglans
  • Garcinia
  • Persedon
  • Gentleelm
  • Juniperus
  • Peachtrunk
  • Larchstand
  • Alderspine
  • Areca
  • Arecael

Catchy Treant Names

  • Argania
  • Beechbrow
  • Arganilius
  • Summertwig
  • Salix
  • Thevetia
  • Salidoth
  • Thevetitar
  • Coraema
  • Summertalon
  • Oakleaf
  • Madtrunk
  • Delonix
  • Mapletendril
  • Brosian
  • Corylus
  • Brosimum
  • Softthron
  • Oakburn
  • Cladrastis
  • Cedarspray
  • Wiseroot
  • Springroot
  • Willobrow
  • Morus

Best Treant Names

  • Cleverfir
  • Casar
  • Broher
  • Larchtruck
  • Tamarix
  • Merynn
  • Mapleflesh
  • Scorchedpeach
  • Poplarshell
  • Meyrta
  • Prutil
  • Prunus
  • Prusiel
  • Tamadellan
  • Asimendar
  • Annodill
  • Annona
  • Asimina
  • Cussonia
  • Baretree
  • Cusiel
  • Winterlarch
  • Wodyetia
  • Wodyetihat
  • Weepinglimb

Unique Treant Names

  • Taxyl
  • Taxandrinanis
  • Summercedar
  • Sprucespur
  • Taxandria
  • Larchblossom
  • Dwarfcypress
  • Weepinghazel
  • Sprucespur
  • Betula
  • Betara
  • Elaeis
  • Elaenise
  • Wolern
  • Shadowoak
  • Weepingspur
  • Tainttruck
  • Silentherb
  • Quiettruck
  • Burnedspruce
  • Adlerblossom
  • Carya
  • Carynil
  • Cecril
  • Barrenhazel

Creative Treant Names

  • Durio
  • Firira
  • Ostria
  • Pistacia
  • Pisendor
  • Cypressskin
  • Hazelfury
  • Pawynn
  • Walnutspine
  • Tracyne
  • Dorjeon
  • Cherryscar
  • Miamoira
  • Heimoira
  • Thistleclaw
  • Dwarfsprout
  • Atumnhusk
  • Dorlen
  • Tenderoak
  • Splinterbeard
  • Cailamin
  • Ernan
  • Acornlock
  • Wisejuniper
  • Scorchedspur

Latest Treant Names

  • Adkrana
  • Meannut
  • Algalpine
  • Facaryn
  • Roren
  • Fendithas
  • Softnut
  • Dwarflimb
  • Taintpoplar
  • Arafir
  • Lular
  • Larchshell
  • Walnutwig
  • Loradove
  • Walnutsplint
  • Greyarus
  • Oloven
  • Hazelneedle
  • Burnpoplar
  • Mellowclust
  • Umexidor
  • Glynric
  • Sylran
  • Cruelash
  • Adna

Amazing Treant Names

  • Araven
  • Ashtwig
  • Pineskin
  • Peachshadow
  • Brichcopse
  • Thefina
  • Wysajor
  • Fardove
  • Balbella
  • Cypresslock
  • Sprucepaw
  • Oriyra
  • Beechsprout
  • Bitterlimbs
  • Syldan
  • Erxalim
  • Elsatra
  • Grepetor
  • Cherryshell
  • Brytris
  • Zylsatra
  • Snowwalnut
  • Wysaleth
  • Splinteryew
  • Firhowl

Awesome Treant Names

  • Ravalynn
  • Maplesplint
  • Presfir
  • Lanxidor
  • Treeroot
  • Fenpeiros
  • Larchbark
  • Blandtwig
  • Carlar
  • Norrien
  • Treescrub
  • Treelock
  • Summerhusk
  • Junipershadow
  • Iardan
  • Maplesplint
  • Oakenblossom
  • Sarstina
  • Ololeth
  • Taintfir
  • Faera
  • Mellowcypress
  • Summerash
  • Beechscar
  • Fallcedar

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How To Name Your Treant

We know very well that it is quite a tough job to find a perfect name for your treant so we are here to give you aid by providing you with some tips with the help of which you can create your own unique treant name.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get through the tips that are provided below which will help you pick the right name for treant character.

Opt For Small And Easy Names

While choosing a name or thinking about names, try to go for short names. Short names are best for treants. Short names have their own advantages. Your audience will be able to memorise the name easily and can talk about it with another person. If you go for big names, it can happen that they forget the name and cannot suggest to other people your treant character. It can also happen that you forget the name of your character. For example, you are talking about your treant character with someone or someone is asking you about your treant character, it can happen that due to giving a long name to your treant character, you can not recall the name then. It can be an embarrassing situation for you as well, as the person will make a wrong opinion about you. Going for short name will be a perfect movie to get a perfect treant name.

Try To Go For Unique Name Ideas

Naming your treant some unique name is always a good move. Unique names create your own individuality in the market. People will be amused by your name when you go for some uniqueness. If you go for a name that already exists from beforehand, people might unlike the name or think that you are copying the name. People also might confuse your characters name with another character which is having the same name.

So, it is always advisable to go for some unique, uncommon names that will mesmerise people as well as will create your own individuality. But also keep in mind that don’t go for some hard names that people will not be able to pronounce only. Try to go for easy names. You can think of names starting with the letters X, Y, and Z. These are generally avoided by people, so you can grab the deal if you go for this.

Make Research On Treants

Your name will make no sense if you get derailed from the basic features of your character for which you are thinking of a name. Try to do research on treants and keep a name that will explain their features such that people will able to get an idea of your character by listening to the name only.

You can go through some history books that have information about treants or can search across the internet, and books are more preferable as they provide authentic information. Basically, traents are magical characters so try to go for magical names that will give your treant character name more sense.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

You will come across 1000+ names across the internet, but you need to brainstorm your ideas to get the perfect name. It would help if you used your creative mind. Try to enhance your creativity. You can jot down the features that you want in your name and then can shortlist your ideas. Shortlisting is a time-consuming process. You will have to spend a large amount of time after it but be sure that you will end up with a perfect name.

Seek For Public Help

Sometimes it can happen that you are finding it a little bit confusing to choose between two names or more than two. In those cases, you can either seek social help or family help. When it comes to social help, you are required to make use of social media. You can do some voting system with the names with which you are confused or ask the public to review the names you have selected. In case if you want to take family help, you can go to your family members and ask them about their honest opinion or make them make a choice. Make sure that you get an honest, unbiased opinion. Getting a biased opinion can affect your name in future.

Final Words

That was all the information we could provide you about treant names. We hope this article turned out to be helpful for you. We are sure that you will end up with a perfect name from the list of names that we have provided you above. If you can’t find a perfect name, you can use the tips and make your unique treant names. We are sure that you will get a perfect name. Don’t lose your hope. Keep calm and use your creative mind.

If you liked this article, then don’t forget it to share with your friends and family. We will again meet you with some new ideas of another beastly creature. Till then, goodbye. Thank You.

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