488 Vegetarian Blog Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for some cool, unique vegetarian blog names all over the internet? Bingo! You have discovered the right place. We are here to provide you with some amazing vegetarian blog names that will catch your mind.

At first, we need to know that who are vegetarian or what is vegetarian. Vegetarians are those who only consume plant-based food. Nowadays, the number of vegetarians is increasing. Recently an international survey was done in which it was found that there are 8 million people who are over the age group of 18 having a rigid vegetarian diet. Day by day, the number is increasing. People are observing days like meatless Monday or going for alternative meats. Publications of vegetarian blogs are increasing day by day. It is a smart move to start food blogs related to going vegetarian or going vegan.

There are various vegetarian diets, so to start food blogging, you must know all the facts related to vegetarianism. Each vegetarian diet has a different rule. Starting a vegetarian blog means that you will cover all the parts of a vegetarian lifestyle. What their diet consists of, what are their source of protein and etc. Vegetarian blogs also include vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes and keto-friendly recipes. It also gives us information about vegetarian products and animal cruelty-free products. Nowadays, plant-based meats that are alternative to animal meats are very much in demand; writing blogs about these alternatives can be a smart action because people search for such content. If one can specialize in such content, there will be no shortage of innovations in the coming years.

Going vegetarian is the most opted option for people because people nowadays are fitness freaks and follow a calorie deficit diet. Going vegetarian means you are going for a plant-based diet. Doctors also prescribe that consuming green and leafy vegetables is good for health, so vegetarian food blogs are high nowadays. If you can provide proper information about all the vegetarian recipes and products, nobody can stop you from achieving the success you are looking for.

We know that it is quite a difficult job to find a name for your vegetarian food blog. There are various vegetarian blogs that cover the same topic but make your one stands out from them. You need to give it a catchy name. So, to make your job a little bit easier, we are hereby your side to help you by providing you with some amazing vegetarian food blog names.

Below we have listed down some list of names. So, without any further wastage of time, let’s go through the names.

Cool Vegetarian Blog Names

  • Plate Full of Salad
  • Very Colourful Veggie
  • Pack Vegetarian
  • Bright Side Vegetarianism
  • My Meatless Life
  • Celery And Sailing
  • My Foodie Lifestyle
  • The Unpretentious Vegan
  • Modern Food Trend
  • Eco Vegetable
  • Mighty Meatless Cuisine
  • The Plant Based Guru
  • Kids Vegetarian Adventure
  • Family Vegetarian Life
  • House Of Veggies
  • Cucumber Living
  • Home Grown Vegetables
  • Food Forage
  • Celery Sisters
  • The Rebellious Vegan
  • Healthy Veggie Habits
  • The Veggie Dude
  • Glenn’s Garden
  • Fresh Food Finder
  • Front Page Vegetarian
  • Veggie-fied
  • The Tofu Sisters
  • Veggie Baby
  • Rocky Mountain Vegetarians
  • Deep Fried Vegetables

Catchy Vegetarian Blog Names

  • Sprouted Life
  • Vegetarian Town
  • The Carrot Hugger
  • Vegetarian Mint
  • The Conscious Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Matter
  • The Humane Veggie Grill
  • Vegetarian King
  • The Vegetable Rainbow
  • Vegetarian Island
  • The Vegetarian Ranch
  • Vegetarian Fresh
  • The Rockstar Tomato
  • Vegetarian Focus
  • The Veggie Shop
  • Vegetable Zila
  • Vegetable Frost
  • Vegetable Girl
  • The Vegetable Man
  • A Plant Based Diet
  • The Gardener
  • Creations Of Green
  • Raw Till Whenever
  • Dishin’ Up the Dust
  • Potatoes Have Feelings
  • Food Form Plants
  • Plants For Food
  • Fruit & Veg Garden
  • Plants and Places
  • Green BBQ Blog

Best Vegetarian Blog Name Ideas

  • Plants and Pickles
  • Green Health Blogs
  • Plant Pure Nation
  • Green Living
  • Plant Based News
  • Growing Green
  • Plant Based Life
  • Growing Green
  • Plant Prestige
  • Live Plant Strong
  • Plant Based Kindness
  • My Plant Based Family
  • Pass the Plant
  • Only Plants
  • The Green Fridge
  • Vegetable Love
  • The Green Garden
  • Two Peas & a Pod
  • Freedom From Animals
  • The Planter’s Kitchen
  • The Green Life Blog
  • Alt- Meat Magazine
  • The Planter Blog
  • The Joy Of plant
  • The Plant Philosophy
  • The Life of Plants
  • Meat Distribution Magazine
  • A To Vegan
  • The Vegan Kitchen
  • A Vegan Adventure

Unique Vegetarian Blog Names

  • Strict Picks
  • Purest Nature
  • Animal Free
  • Lifelong Diet
  • Naturally Made
  • Lifestyle Solution
  • Non- Native Vegetarian
  • My Vegetarian Victory
  • The Vegetarian Dudette
  • The Vegetarian Alliance
  • The Vegetarian Society
  • Vegetarian Facts Inc.
  • For The Vegetarians
  • Keep Vegetarian Values
  • Surf Vegetarian
  • The Vegetarian Journal
  • Very Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Rocks
  • The Vegetable Gourmet
  • Veggie Aisle
  • Vegetarian Cooking Classic
  • Veggie Guide
  • Veggie Vlog
  • Veggie Wonder
  • The Vegetarian Revolution
  • Vegetarian View
  • Vegetarian Factor
  • The Veggie Zeal
  • Veggie Optimal
  • Very Vegan

Creative Vegetarian Blog Name Ideas

  • Love & Lemons
  • Flexitarians
  • 101 Cookbooks
  • Yup, it’s Vegan
  • Vegetarian Resource Group
  • Hurry Up the Food
  • Archana’s Kitchen
  • Lazy Cat Kitchen
  • Vegetarian Zen
  • Oh, My Veggies!
  • Naturally Ela
  • Cook Republics
  • Veg Recipes of India
  • Connoisseurs Veg
  • Let’s Eat Smart
  • The Tofu Diaries
  • Manjula’s Kitchen
  • Cookie and Kate
  • Running On Veggies
  • Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes
  • Vegetarian ‘Ventures
  • Easy Cheesy Vegetarian
  • Bunny kitchen
  • The Veg Space
  • Healing Tomatoes
  • Give Me Some Spice
  • The Full Helping
  • Monsoon Spice
  • Yummy Kitchen
  • Veggie Desserts

Latest Vegetarian Blog Names

  • The Wimpy Vegetarian
  • Kitchen Therapy
  • Fooduzzi
  • Vegblogger
  • Letty’s Kitchen
  • Meggie Mamma
  • Balanced Babe
  • Jazzy Vegetarian
  • Running Veggies
  • Paleo Vegetarian
  • Plant Based Cooking
  • Family Meals
  • Gluten- Free Vegetarian
  • Indian Free Food
  • Vegetarian Kid
  • Super Foods
  • Healthy Eating
  • Lacto Vegetarian
  • Herbivore
  • Eat Plant for Health
  • For The Life of Sprouts
  • Vegetable Rainbow
  • BFF Plants
  • Vegetable Girls
  • Vegtari
  • Apple Vegetable
  • Vegetable Growth
  • Vegetarian Training
  • Healthy Veggie Habits
  • The Veggie Ranch

Amazing Vegetarian Blog Names

  • Veggie-xplorer
  • Poppy Tomato
  • The Salad Platter
  • Fresh Food Finder
  • The Food gallery
  • Deal Meals
  • Humble Food
  • Perfect Pantry
  • Veggie Lovin
  • Veggie Blawg
  • Hey Veg
  • Veggie Time
  • Plant -powered Diet
  • The Green Machine
  • Veggie Forums
  • The Veg Seed
  • Veggies For Life
  • Fruit Freak
  • Green Gourmet
  • Veggie Halls
  • Super Veggie
  • Veggie Munchies
  • Super Veggie
  • Veggie Guyz
  • VegZ
  • Vegetarian Zine
  • Veg Inner
  • Veggie Cake
  • The Funny Veg
  • PulseStart

Awesome Vegetarian Blog Names

  • Green Effect
  • Plant Nanny
  • Tacos Park
  • Fruit of the Earth
  • Veganism
  • BoldVeg
  • Lettuce Narratives
  • Veggie Utopia
  • Forks And Knifes
  • Veggie Chicks
  • Thoughtful Eaters
  • Healthy Hackers
  • Vegetarian Reflections
  • Valley Veggie
  • Vegetarian Mara
  • Veg Junction
  • Veggie Freckle
  • Veggie Explosion
  • Pupil Vegetarian
  • Veggiextreme
  • The Smart Veg
  • Recipe Rib
  • Veg Epoch
  • Brief Veg
  • Organic Readings
  • Veggie Saturday
  • Veg Rise
  • Vegetarian Fortune
  • Read Organics
  • The Naturals

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How To Name Your Vegetarian Blog

We know that it can be hard to find a perfect name. Not all names will stand up to your expectations. So, to make it easier, we are providing you with some tips with the help of which you will be able to make your own quirky vegetarian blog names.

So, without losing any time, let’s go through the points below and get some ideas on how to name your personal blog:

Select Catchy And Short Names

When it comes to blogging, selecting a perfect name for your blog is very important. It would be best if you remembered that your blog must attract people to it. People must find interest in it. In that case, you must select a name that is very mind catching. People will be easily attracted when they listen to the name of your blog. Your audience must be your main concern. You must go for an easily memorable name. People can’t get it out of their minds when they hear the name.

The short name also has its own advantages. People will easily remember the name. If they can remember and like your blog, they can suggest it to other people who also have some interest in vegetarian blogs. If you go for a name that is too long, it can happen people might forget the name, and they cannot suggest it to other people even if they liked your blog. So going for some short names is always a great choice.

Go For Some Unique Name Ideas

When it comes to selecting names or making your names, you must go creative. Being creative is the best move that will help you to ace the top position. Use your creative thought to create some quirky names. Try to stand out from other names. Give your blog some relatable names so that people can relate the blog to their lifestyle. Think of names related to vegetarian foods or vegetarian diets. People must understand that you are writing about a vegetarian blog when they read the name of your blog.

Going for some catchy names like THE VEGGIE EATERS or THE VEGGIE TALES can be some great choice. Your name must not sound boring. People must enjoy while they read the name. Your unique ideas will only help you to ace the space. Try to give names starting with alphabets like L, X, Z, Y, P. People generally don’t go for names that are starting with these alphabets.

Doing Some Market Research On Other Bloggers

Before selecting names, you must keep in mind that you are not the only blogger present in the market. There is another various blogger who is present as well. So, to make your position, you must know your existing competitions. You must know their blogging skills how good they are. You must know their blog names.

Try to avoid names that are already existing in the market. If you go for a name that is already existing, people might think that you are copying the other blog or you are copying the other blog styles. People will also feel confused when they search your blog on the internet if your blog has the same name as some existing vegetarian blog names. It will create a bad impression about you among the audience.

You must make some strategies that will help your blog to stand out from other blogs. Doing market research is the most important aspect when it comes to naming.

Shortlist The Names

There are almost 2000+ names around the internet, so you can find it a bit confusing what name to choose or go for what name. To lessen up your dilemma, we are here with a nice strategy. What you can do is at first you must select the name that you prefer most. Let’s assume that you ended up with 50 names. Next, you will choose 40 names from those 50 names. You can categorize the names. You can make categories like most favourite, least favourite and etc., after eliminating the names.

You will finally end up with one perfect name that will catch your mind. The process of shortlisting is a bit time consuming, but we are sure that you will end up with the best name.

Ask For Public Opinion

You must always keep in mind that the public will only help you achieve the position that you are dreaming of, so you should always take public opinion into concern. You can ask them about how much they liked your name or are they finding the name of your blog interesting. It can happen that you are feeling a little bit confused between two names in that case, you can go for voting and ask the public to give their opinion. This will also help the public know about your blog more, achieving more recognition. Not only public, but you can also seek help from your family members or your friends when you are finding it a little bit confusing. Make sure that you are receiving an unbiased opinion. Getting biased opinions can be your minus point.

Final Words

That was all the information we could provide you about vegetarian blog names. We believe that you are able to find a name that satisfies all your needs. Finding a perfect name can sometimes be hard. If you didn’t find a name from the above lists, then don’t feel low because we have provided you with some tips with the help of which you can make your own vegetarian blog names. When it comes to vegetarian blog names, go for names that are related to vegetarian culture think something quirky. Use your creativity. We are sure that you will be able to figure out a name that will blow your mind. Keep calm, and don’t give up.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and people who will be regular readers of your vegetarian blog. We will again catch you up with some more amazing ideas. Till then, goodbye. Thank You.

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