Viera Names: 480+ Cool Names For Viera

Unsure about what might make a good and appropriate name for a Viera character you want to use? Be it n a videogame, a novel or any other place, we have your back. Here you will find solutions to this problem of yours in this article; we will present to your lists of names for your Viera character that are sure to catch other players’ attention. We are sure you will have found the perfect name for your fictional character by the end of this article.

If you are still not sure about what a Viera is, fret not. We have got your back. Found in Final Fantasy Advance, a Viera has rabbit-like features that include long ears and supple limbs. They are known to have long feet, conditioning them to wear stilettos most of the time. Viera’s have a very sensitive sense of smell. It usually adds to their strength, and they benefit from this. However, in some cases, this might be of disadvantage to them. For example, when faced with some of Ivalice’s smelly monsters, this heightened sense of smell may backfire. Living in the Eruyt Village, a Viera is in charge of two jobs. They are Salve-Maker and Wood-Warder. The Viera population lives deep in the woods. Viera is distinguished for having great eyesight in comparison to that of Humes. With their eyesight, they can spot their prey from a distance as far as 10 km. Vieras are blessed with a heightened sense of hearing that enhances their hunter’s instinct, which in turn adds to their arsenal of abilities they can use for survival.

If you are looking for a Viera name, it might, on the surface, seem difficult to come up with something, but that is exactly what this article aims to help with. With that in mind, below, we have listed many Viera names that you can choose from and will help you come up with your original ideas of names for your character.

Best Viera Names

  • Frelrathar
  • Rhemmuzaz
  • Zalde
  • Hrur
  • Phev
  • Thel
  • Vhes
  • Vevi
  • Vrevrelas
  • Dtjn
  • Senroshaz
  • Senna
  • Rjnt
  • Zavle
  • Llarhallus
  • Seyav
  • Thes
  • Njrn
  • Vammer
  • Nevavar
  • Safrazes
  • Vjnd
  • Nelva
  • Darda
  • Thervos
  • Zhav
  • Hrammaz
  • Hoshav
  • Venas
  • Phan
  • Hina
  • Sjrs
  • Fraz
  • Sammon
  • Dhildun
  • Chaz
  • Cenru
  • Nerho
  • Serha
  • Mjrd
  • Malmollal
  • Thal
  • Shal
  • Llalrashos
  • Rjrd
  • Shayashas
  • Zherdus

Cool Viera Names

  • Cjnd
  • Frer
  • Drjn
  • Hemi
  • Zjnt
  • Hres
  • Shal
  • Frisuphas
  • Hrez
  • Fras
  • Frelmelles
  • Nanve
  • Vrev
  • Fosha
  • Vhiz
  • Llelnar
  • Llen
  • Lera
  • Soldalar
  • Sjrs
  • Selde
  • Dufuz
  • Thel
  • Vrar
  • Fevlil
  • Dljd
  • Cara
  • Shes
  • Vhemmol
  • Llus
  • Varal
  • Fefra
  • Ralma
  • Narlen
  • Devleshev
  • Hjnd
  • Zeshe
  • Fjrt
  • Nannaz
  • Menne
  • Nolnarov
  • Dhal
  • Vhimesav
  • Ztjn

Attractive Viera Names

  • Vrev
  • Yasal
  • Defalun
  • Dilvu
  • Shasar
  • Rhammelar
  • Hafre
  • Hrav
  • Fralros
  • Phos
  • Hjnd
  • Llur
  • Nenvan
  • Shallallez
  • Cenre
  • Dezu
  • Davlu
  • Dendov
  • Royo
  • Zorha
  • Vamol
  • Yeso
  • Vran
  • Lennuv
  • Valni
  • Yonno
  • Zhas
  • Chev
  • Raek
  • Dennu
  • Rena
  • Choyuv
  • Sonja
  • Coeli
  • Ralres
  • Rhemmulun
  • Ysera
  • Shara
  • Arjm
  • Rhivlarer
  • Cezli
  • Petra
  • Charlaz
  • Vrov
  • Venase
  • Ukina
  • Zrjn
  • Dhir
  • Zardi
  • Rhar
  • Yenav
  • Cjrn
  • Mjrs
  • Vraz
  • Phan
  • Phorathal
  • Rurdi
  • Vjrt
  • Rulma
  • Dljn
  • Neyesoz
  • Casha
  • Zoldez
  • Zanruzov
  • Mavelar
  • Lemmi
  • Malno
  • Chev
  • Lumme
  • Yonniz

Catchy Viera Names

  • Vris
  • Mirhe
  • Rjrd
  • Fezaras
  • Vhul
  • Llav
  • Rarla
  • Lunda
  • Yjld
  • Rrjd
  • Farle
  • Hilna
  • Helda
  • Sjrn
  • Phez
  • Yirdi
  • Cher
  • Vhan
  • Yrjn
  • Zhez
  • Vhas
  • Zrjn
  • Llav
  • Feza
  • Chav
  • Sufra
  • Dhaldas
  • Dizu
  • Helrar
  • Salre
  • Ltjn
  • Hjnt
  • Rhiraz
  • Frunnashez
  • Frir
  • Vrel
  • Vessa
  • Ntjn
  • Mjrdd
  • Hrjn

Amazing Viera Names

  • Sunva
  • Vrazer
  • Kegel
  • Vama
  • Dolma
  • Thunvaphis
  • Chavlaz
  • Zomme
  • Char
  • Shindullol
  • Vhessunav
  • Rjrt
  • Hanro
  • Vjld
  • Hassalaz
  • Vrurlelar
  • Fjrd
  • Vhanniz
  • Sarha
  • Dhar
  • Rhifenar
  • Zjnd
  • Llaz
  • Nrjd
  • Canra

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How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Viera Character

Highlight Your Viera’s Lifestyle

The Rava and Veena clans of the Viera population share many traditions and naming practices. Therefore, you must be careful about what lifestyle your Viera character is following; based on that, you may name her as you want.

Go For Things That Your Character Is Fond Of

However, it must be noticed that hardly does a Viera use her forest name because those who choose to leave their homes and venture out into the outer world generally go for new “city names” in order for them to mark their parting from the traditional Viera way of life. These chosen names may be taken inspiration from the names of other races that they encounter. They may also be named after things they like, such as “Morning Glory” or “Cherry” and vary between individuals. An example of one such name is “Fran”. Hence, you can get creative with things your character likes.

Opt For Names That Are Short But Catchy

Names that stand out the most while at the same time being memorable so as to induce into the nature of the characters an element of memorability that people remember them. Choose names that have a catchy or unique ring to them while being original and easy to remember. You don’t want to waste a good name or greatly written character in vagueness because people find it too hard to remember. Try to keep your character’s name as authentic as possible while maintaining a certain simplicity around it.

Play With Alphabets To Produce A Unique Name

It should be mentioned that Viera forenames given at birth are used by those Viera still residing in their homeland, which would be Gilmore Jungle leading them to be referred to as “forest names”. On the other hand, the Rava, or those known for forest skirting in the Skatay Range in quest of the Veena. Here, it can be seen that you can get creative with everything in the Viera land, from names that may sound like a magical potion or a name that highlights what she likes or a common city name, as it is called.

Use Social Media Or The Internet

Look for inspirations on social media, forums for fiction geeks or other places where people share their ideas so you can use other people’s creativity to inspire yours. It might seem tiring to always be able to come up with original names. That is why you should use the gift of the internet and make the most use out of it. Just remember to take inspiration while avoiding plagiarism; there is a fine line between the two.

There are other tools you can refer to, such as online name generators if you feel no creativity coming to you at the moment. You can also choose to mix and match different names up and come up with your own unique names.


We hope that this article can provide you with any and all amount of ideas and inspiration to able you to come up with names for your own character. There is no end to creativity in order to choose a suitable name for your character. So, go all out with your imagination, think creative but also try to keep it simple yet charming.

If this article was of help to you, do share this with people you know and might benefit from this article for their Viera naming needs. We hope that you have found what you were looking for. Until we meet again, take care and masks up. We’ll be right here to help you with another quest when you may need help solving it. Till then, goodbye!

Thank you!

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