482 Best Wallet Brand Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for a great name for your wallet business? Well, you do not need to worry since you have visited the right place. But before letting you to the main part of this article- names for wallet brands, let us give you a little introduction about wallets first.

We all know that a wallet is a pouch where you can carry your money, your credit or debit cards, and your identification cards as well. Basically, it is the place where all valuable and important things are stored.

Do you know that a researcher named A.Y. Campbell had actually found out the origin of the wallet? Earlier, wallets were basically used by the poor families as a storehouse. Back in those days, wallets were actually portable pouches where people used to store their foods or something which was necessary for survival. As you can understand, wallets’ size in those days was pretty large.

During the time of the renaissance, wallets were made out of cow or horse leather. During this time, a small pouch was created within the wallet for people to keep their printed calling cards.

In the 19th century, wallets had a variety of uses. For example- some people even carried dried meat in there. Also, in those days, one used to carry their wallet on their belt. This is because carrying a wallet in one’s pocket was considered an uncivilized behavior.

The modern wallets that we see have multiple card slots in them. And, of course, the quality of the wallets had improvised as well. Almost all wallets have been made out of black or brown leather in recent times.

Now comes an important question- whether wallet businesses are profitable or not. If you are planning to make wallets out of good quality leather, you have no need to worry about profit because leather industries are making a large number of profits these days. Considering the fact that there is a large amount of growth, import, and export in the leather business, your business shall definitely see the colors of success. But of course, you must have great marketing skills and know-how to draw customers.

Anyways- now let us take you to the main part of this article- names for wallet businesses. In this article, we have provided you with lots of great names for this type of business, and also, you must check out the tips and tricks that we have provided to you. Let’s dive in!

Wallet Brand Name Ideas

  • Wild Horn
  • So Classy
  • For Him
  • For Her
  • The Super Wallet
  • Made Of Leather
  • Wallet Of Spartans
  • Wallet For Future
  • Ticket Classy
  • The Perfect Wallet
  • For Your Luxury
  • Wallet Is Fun
  • Why Should Girls Have All The Fun?
  • The Silver Wallet
  • Black Shadow Wallet
  • Wallet For The Wing Man
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Wallet Paradise
  • Wallet And Order
  • Wallet And Sunshine
  • Wallet Enfield
  • Wallet Blinders
  • Breaking Bullet
  • The Wallet Man
  • Hell Man
  • Select The Best

Best Wallet Company Name Ideas

  • The Oberoi
  • Keep Your Treasure Safe
  • Lightning Bag
  • Premium Luxury
  • Creative Store
  • The Fatter Cash
  • Where Money Can Be Stored
  • Cash And Body
  • Debits And Credits
  • The Wallet Company
  • The Wallet Express
  • Dollars In Wallet
  • The Classy Agent A
  • The Elegant Money
  • Best Pickle Me
  • Impress Others
  • Not So Cheap
  • The Heavy Wallet
  • Spend More
  • The Heavy Wallet
  • The Actual Wallet
  • Analogue Wallet
  • Closets And Wallets
  • The Rich Emporium
  • The Digital Wallet
  • Everything’s Waterproof
  • For You
  • The Evergreen Wallet
  • All Sort Out
  • The Perfect Wallet
  • The Bullet Fit
  • Wallet For The Boss
  • The Absolute You
  • Place For Leather
  • Wonderful Leather

Cool Wallet Brand Names

  • Impress Her
  • Straight From Vogue
  • Wallets Are Crazy
  • The Leather Emporium
  • Palace Of Wallet
  • The Cool Wallet
  • Where’s Your Money?
  • The Fatty Wallet
  • Wallet So Cool
  • I Love Money
  • Money Matters
  • Wallet Ville
  • Pleasures Of Pocket
  • Never Make Your Wallet Lite
  • Wallet Is My Buddy
  • The Money Makers
  • For The Hard Workers
  • Heart On Money
  • Big Bucks
  • Wallet Of Birmingham
  • Number One Wallet

Leather Wallet Brand Names

  • Made By One And Only
  • Wallet For The Handsome
  • The Manley Wallet
  • Princess Wallet
  • Queen Wallet
  • Silver Fox
  • Absolute Wallet
  • Black And Bold
  • Bold And Beautiful
  • Cool And Classy
  • The Leathered Man
  • Maintain Your Reputation
  • Crazy For Wallet
  • Dishes Wallets
  • Delhi Time Wallet-a-Holic
  • James Bonds Wallet
  • Wallet And Mono Poly
  • For The Strong You
  • For The Boss
  • Cards And Cash
  • Wallets Are For Bold
  • Strong And Sturdy
  • For You
  • So Cool
  • So Classy
  • Heaven Of Wallets
  • Safe And Sound Wallets
  • I Am Rich
  • Show Off
  • Wallet For The Corporates
  • 9 To 5 Schedule
  • Have Some Fun
  • Let’s Party!
  • The Money Whole
  • Your Money Protected
  • Protect Your Cash
  • Protect And Impress
  • Mamma Mia!

Wallet Company Names

  • Nice Wallets
  • Wallet So Hot
  • All Squared Up
  • Cards And Decks
  • The Boss Baby
  • Charm Him
  • For The Millionaire
  • For The Billionaire
  • The Wallet Palace
  • The Wallet Emporium
  • For Everyone
  • Keep Everything
  • King Of Wallet
  • King Of Hearts
  • All In The Wallet
  • Keep Your Penny Safe
  • The Ultrasound Wallet
  • The Money Factored
  • Wallets For Everyday
  • Amazing Wallets
  • For The Foodie
  • The Money Makers
  • The Gentleman’s Wallet
  • For You
  • For Hard
  • The Classy Wallets

Ladies Wallet Brand Names

  • The Money Carrier
  • Everything’s Leather
  • Protect Your Money
  • Handle Your Money
  • The Money Generated
  • The Money Keeper
  • Rock Your Wallet
  • Mr Cash Man
  • King Cash
  • Princess Cash
  • Queen Cash
  • Bonjour!
  • Luxury Leather Here’s
  • I Am The Wallet
  • The Wallet Company
  • Boss And Wallets
  • How About A Wallet?
  • Spend Your Day In Wallet
  • Wallets And Fashion
  • Ladies Money Keeper
  • The Cash Queen
  • The Penny Pouch
  • Just Manly Stuff
  • Just Girly Stuff
  • Adored The Wallet
  • Let’s Party!
  • Nothing Is Without Money
  • Wallet Of Diamonds
  • Wallet Of Queen Elizabeth
  • Ba Boss
  • Be A Queen
  • Be A Princess
  • Make Some Money
  • Make Some Noise
  • I Love My Wallet
  • Crazy For Money

Wallet Company Name Ideas

  • The Money Makers
  • Crazy For Money
  • Money Is Cool
  • Protect Your Treasure
  • Money Corporeal
  • The Wallet Store
  • The Heavy Wallet
  • Credits And Debits
  • Carry Your Cash
  • The Mobile Wallet
  • Pocket Friendly
  • For Heard
  • For Him
  • The Signature Wallet
  • The Ultimate Wallet
  • Thomas Leather
  • The Wallet Emporium
  • The Money Emporium
  • Wallet For Kings
  • The Leather Corporates
  • The Delta Wallet
  • Wallet For Hitman
  • The Festival Store
  • Doomsday Wallet

Men’s Wallet Brand Names

  • The Treasure Wallet
  • Wallet Of Sun God
  • Looks Classy
  • Be A Classy Person
  • Get Hooked
  • Wallets Of Prada
  • Wallets Are Interesting
  • Got Money?
  • Where’s Your Money?
  • The Wallet Store
  • Denims And Wallets
  • The Prime Wallets
  • The Golden Wallet
  • The Silver Wallet
  • The Platinum Wallet
  • Pilots And Brandy
  • The Wallet Earthquake
  • Black Is Cool
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Wallets For Everyday
  • The Boho Wallet
  • Be The Boho
  • The Nova Wallet
  • Pull Out The Hippy
  • Wallet Inception
  • The Cosmic Wallet
  • The Sunlight Wallet
  • Wallets For Party
  • New Link Wallet For The Night
  • Shop It Up
  • For The Pearl
  • Where In Vogue
  • Where In Classy
  • So Comfortable
  • The Absolute Wallet
  • The Wallet King
  • The Best Wallet

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How To Name A Wallet Brand

Start By Making A-List

If you are someone who has thought that it is very easy to find a great and attractive name for a wallet brand, well, dear readers, you are absolutely wrong. Human brains do not have the capacity to remember many things at the same point in time. For example, if you are going through our list and choosing names for your business simultaneously, the high chances are that once you reach the end of the name list, you have already forgotten the names you have chosen from the first portion. And this is why it is very important to be organized. How would you do that? By making a list!

Take a pen and paper and while going through the name list, start writing down the names that you like. This will make your job far easier. Secondly, it will also help you to shortlist names.

Shortlist Names

There is a specific technique that you must follow to have an organized way of eliminating names that you don’t like. It does not have a proper name, but we like to call it the hit and trial method. It sounds a little complex but trust us. It is not! Once you have written down all the names that you prefer from the above-mentioned list or created some great names on your own, you have to eliminate certain names to come up with the one perfect name for your wallet brand.

Now, how will you do that? First- visualize the names. Second, get assurance that the name is matching with the goals of the business and the nature of the business. Third, take opinions from an honest critique. Fourth, make sure it is not a long name. Fifth, make sure it is a pronounceable name.

For a detailed explanation, read the following tips find out how to follow the steps mentioned above.

Visualize The Names And Make Sure That The Name Is Matching With And Nature Of The Business

It is essential for the name of any business to match with the goals and targets that the business has and the nature of the business. For example- it would be very weird if you give names like “the hair parlour” to a food shop. This is why we urge you to find out the essential goals your business shall have. Please discuss with your partners what it shall be. Also, please do not forget to choose a name based on the nature of the business. On the basis of that, find out a suitable name for your business.

Although it is difficult for us to find out the business’s goals, we have tried to assume what they might be. Based on that, we have created some names in the above list. All the names there are suitable for a wallet brand. Isn’t it amazing? Do not forget to check them out!

Take Opinions

Probably, the names which, in your opinion, are the best for a wallet business might not sound good to another person, right? This is why before allotting a name to any business, it is very important to take the opinions of some honest critics. The person can be anyone. All that is necessary is to give genuine reviews regarding the name you have chosen.

Do not forget to ask him questions. Like- is the name matching with the aim of the business? Is the name suitable for a wallet brand? Is the name customer-friendly? If the answers to all these questions are yes, you are good to go. But if it is the opposite, please do not get demotivated. It is always okay to start afresh!

The Name Should Be Easily Pronounceable And Not Super Lengthy

For names of any kind of business, it is essential to abide by these two steps. Imagine if you see a shop with a horribly lengthy name, and it is full of complex words. From the customer’s point of view, it looks gross, right? The same goes for choosing some name for your own wallet brand business. Make sure that whatever name you choose is between two to three words. That’s it!

Also, the name you choose for your business should not have any complex words. Try making the name an attractive and creative one. You can create trendy names that will draw customers to your store. Try checking out our name list in this case. You will not be disappointed!


The article ends here. We hope we were successful in helping you find the perfect name for your wallet company. All the best to you. We know that you will ace it.

Please share our article with your friends and colleagues if you loved our article. The more this article gets shared, the more motivated we will create more such content. Many thanks for considering our request.

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