Witch Coven Names: 450+ Witch Coven Name Ideas

Witch coven names are a fantastic way to encourage your child to be more inventive, and they may be utilized in a variety of ways, including gaming, story-writing, social networking, and more. They are, however, a pain to come up with. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it’s a time-consuming process that others would want to avoid.

A coven is a gathering of witches that can take many forms based on the sort of witchcraft practiced by the witches. The coven could be a large group, a small group, or somewhere in between. It could be a long-term organization or a one-time event, for example.

Although we observed numerous commonalities in current coven names and applied these similarities for the names mentioned here in this article, coven names can also vary widely.

Although choosing a name for your coven character is completely your personal choice, and should remain the same. You just need to convey the right narrative to the readers through your name. With that in mind, let’s dig up the list of some witch coven names:

Witch Coven Names

  • Coven of the Silver Sliver
  • The Quiet Meadows Circle
  • Circle of the Divine Spirit
  • Sisters of the Elemental
  • The Lode Star Sisters
  • Wives of the Hallowed
  • Circle of the Pentacle
  • The Moonlight Wives
  • The Nightsky Coven
  • The Full Moon Circle
  • Circle of Infinity
  • The Lunar Coven
  • Witches of the Crystal Lake
  • Witches of the Moon Thicket
  • The Requiem Circle
  • The Bramble Root Witches
  • The Hallowed Sisters
  • Circle of the Elemental
  • Coven of the Dream
  • Coven of Compassion
  • Coven of Discovery
  • Circle of the Enlightened
  • The Mystic Grove Coven
  • The Charity Coven
  • The World Tree Circle
  • The Compassion Coven
  • The Moon Thread Coven
  • Coven of Sacred Meadows
  • The Crescent Moon Coven
  • Coven of the Crystal Lake
  • The Elder Grove Coven
  • Witches of Presence
  • Circle of the Mystic Grove
  • The Starfall Circle
  • The Wisdom Coven
  • Sisters of the Night Garden
  • The Mirror Lake Coven
  • The Forest Path Wives
  • Coven of the Crystal Flower
  • Circle of the White Tree

Creative Witch Coven Names

  • Coven of the Silver Flame
  • Coven of Silver Grace
  • The Mirror Lake Circle
  • Coven of the Revolution
  • Wives of the Forest Path
  • The Moonlit Circle
  • The Sacred Circle
  • The Faery Tree Circle
  • The Infinity Coven
  • The Silver Grace Coven
  • The Oak Spirit Circle
  • The Goddess Wives
  • The Twilight Grove Circle
  • Wives of Silver Grace
  • The Sacred Sisters
  • Coven of the Silver Reserve
  • The Requiem Wives
  • Sisters of the Grass Roots
  • Wives of the Mountain Rose
  • Coven of the Brilliant Light
  • The Trillium Moon Coven
  • Coven of the Fae Woods
  • The Revolution Coven
  • Circle of the Trinity
  • Sisters of the Eclipse
  • The Rowan Tree Coven
  • The Silverbark Coven
  • The Guiding Hand Coven
  • The Silver Flock Circle
  • Circle of Wisdom
  • The Crystal Rose Circle
  • The Chalice Coven
  • Circle of Observation
  • The Fortuna Sisters
  • The Divine Dream Coven
  • Coven of Patience
  • The Moon Siren Coven
  • The Healing Sisters
  • The Mystic Grove Coven
  • Coven of Community

Amazing Witch Coven Names

  • Coven of Silver
  • Wives of the Rowan Tree
  • The Raven Coven
  • The Infinity Circle
  • The Eternal Garden Coven
  • Coven of the Rising Sun
  • Wives of Moonlight
  • The Medicine Coven
  • Circle of the Night Garden
  • The Moonlit Cloud Wives
  • Coven of the Guiding Hand
  • The Moon Oasis Wives
  • Sisters of the Chalice
  • Coven of the Sacred Well
  • The Silver Coven
  • Circle of the Sacred Well
  • Coven of Illumination
  • The Enlightened Coven
  • The Divine Energy Circle
  • The Charity Coven
  • The Moon Thread Circle
  • Wives of Silver Grass
  • Coven of Requiem
  • Coven of the Lone Star
  • Sisters of Ember
  • The Fae Woods Coven
  • The Enlightened Coven
  • Witches of Liberty
  • Coven of the Enchanted
  • Coven of the Silver Flame
  • Circle of the Harvest
  • The Silver Cloud Coven
  • Coven of Eternal Teachings
  • Circle of the Full Moon
  • The Spirit Drum Coven
  • The Infinity Coven
  • The Earth Temple Coven
  • Witches of the Sunset
  • Coven of the Mirror
  • Coven of the Light

Cool Witch Coven Names

  • Coven of the Hallowed
  • Coven of the Elder Flame
  • Sisters of the Ancient Oak
  • The Faery Tree Coven
  • The Observation Coven
  • The Lunar Wives
  • The White Tree Coven
  • The Hallowed Guide Coven
  • Coven of the Mystic
  • Coven of the Twilight Flame
  • Witches of the Moon Temple
  • Circle of the Blue Moon
  • Coven of the Radiant Heart
  • The Silver Coven
  • The Enchanted Coven
  • The Crescent Circle
  • The Illuminated Sisters
  • The Silver Flame Coven
  • The Illuminated Coven
  • The Equinox Circle
  • The Earth Spirit Coven
  • Circle of Twilight
  • Wives of the Raven’s Nest
  • The Ice Garden Circle
  • The Ancient Coven
  • The Nightshadow Circle
  • The Setting Sun Circle
  • The Crescent Coven
  • The Moon Temple Sisters
  • Coven of the Boulder
  • Coven of the Moonlit
  • Coven of the Crystal Flower
  • The Hyacinth Circle
  • The Tree Roots Witches
  • The Eternal Garden Coven
  • The Infinity Coven
  • The Mountain Rose Circle
  • The Boulder Circle

Catchy Witch Coven Names

  • The Faery Tree Sisters
  • The Patience Coven
  • Circle of Liberty
  • Coven of Healing
  • The Setting Sun Circle
  • Coven of the Beating Heart
  • The Hyacinth Coven
  • The Silverbark Circle
  • Sisters of the Grove
  • Coven of Lady Fortune
  • Coven of Requiem
  • Wives of the Spirit Lake
  • The Faery Tree Circle
  • The Silver Branch Coven
  • The Eternal Teachings Witches
  • The Moonrise Circle
  • Witches of the River
  • The Spirit Drum Circle
  • Circle of Fortuna
  • Witches of Eternity
  • The Goddess Circle
  • Witches of Liberty
  • The Eternal Teachings Sisters
  • Coven of the Silver Thread
  • Circle of the Goddess
  • Circle of Healing
  • The Spirit Lake Circle
  • Sisters of Nightshadow
  • The Ancient Coven
  • Circle of the Silver Flame
  • Witches of the Mystic Grove
  • The Crescent Coven
  • Circle of Midnight
  • Circle of Sacred Meadows
  • Coven of the Spirit Lake
  • The Crystal Flower Circle
  • The Divine Dream Sisters
  • Sisters of Phoenix Fire
  • Coven of the Elemental
  • Circle of Spirit Energy

Unique Witch Coven Names

  • The Silver Reserve Witches
  • Witches of the Enchanted Moon
  • The Lunar Owl Circle
  • The Moonrise Coven
  • Coven of Starfall
  • The Fae Woods Coven
  • The Unseen Moon Circle
  • The Nightsky Circle
  • The White Tree Circle
  • Wives of Liberty
  • The Raven’s Nest Coven
  • The Silver Circle
  • The Eternal Teachings Sisters
  • Circle of the World Tree
  • Coven of Patience
  • Witches of the Crescent
  • Wives of Illumination
  • Coven of Patience
  • Witches of the Brilliant Light
  • The Sunset Circle
  • The Divine Energy Sisters
  • Witches of the Silver Flame
  • The Willow Circle of Adventure
  • Quiet Meadows
  • The Balance Coven
  • Sisters of the Sun
  • The Nightsky Circle
  • Circle of the Grass Roots
  • Circle of Moonlight
  • Coven of Presence
  • Wives of the Sacred Well
  • Coven of Silver Grass
  • The Lady Fortune Circle
  • Sisters of the Moonrise
  • Witches of the Night Sky
  • The Radiant Heart Coven
  • Coven of the Crescent Moon
  • Sisters of Stardust
  • Coven of the Oasis
  • Wives of the Eternal Garden
  • The Elemental Grove Circle
  • The Crystal Rose Circle
  • Coven of the Raven’s Nest
  • Wives of the Moon Oasis
  • The Forest Path Sisters

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3 Tips On How To Come Up With a Witch Coven Name

Match The Name To The Theme

Do you enjoy metaphors? After you have written down your narrative’s concepts, try to look for names that fit those concepts. You must make sure that the name you finalize should go with the name’s theme, concept, and purpose. So, we would suggest that you should try to find a name that is properly relatable to the theme of witch coven.

Try Using Some Unique Adjective

It would help if you tried to find some distinctive adjectives to use in your witch coven names. If you use common names with common adjectives, your name will not stand out from the crowd. Here, your name must show some difference from others with coven names. So, make sure you are using distinctive adjectives.

Take Some Feedback

Make a list of the names you like, and ask your friends to provide you with some feedback. Feedback always help you to improve. Maybe in the process of asking your friends to give your feedback, you can come up with ideas that are better than the rest of them. So, you must take feedback as it would assist in coming up with a better name.

Final Words

Suppose you’re creating a fantasy or science fiction narrative. In that case, you’ll not only need to name your characters, but you’ll also need to fantasize about cities, ethnicity, religions, races, ideologies, planets, galaxies, governments, and everything else you can think of!

We were able to provide you with all of the names of witch covens that could be used in your narrative, and also our shortlist will assist you in naming ideas, characters, places, and concepts.

We hope the names and ideas that we have mentioned were helpful to you.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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