480+ Wyvaran Names

Are you looking for some cool and uncommon Wyvaran names? Good for you because you have discovered the right place. We are here to offer you some uncommon and innovative Wyvaran names that will go with your vibe.

The magical cross-breeding between wyverns and kobolds results in the formation of Wyvern. They are the resemblance of humanoids consisting of dragon tails, wings and fangs. They are the protector of their wealth and assets they don’t allow any intruder to get into their land without any good reasons. Moreover, they are the tribal people who protect their territory from people who have any evil intentions. They are thought to be selfish, cunning, and brutal by the civilized people in society. But people don’t know that they make loyal allies with those people who respect their properties and don’t try to create any war with them and take away their wealth and assets. Wyverns are protective for those people whom they consider to be friends.

Wyverns have a Dexterity of +2 and wisdom which is also of +2. When it comes to arcane spellcasting, they aren’t the best, but they ace when it comes to divine spellcasting and ranging. Their dragon-like wings helps them to achieve a fly speed of 30 feet but with a bit of clumsiness. They tend to have low light vision and can see up to 60 feet in the dark. They have an attacking tail; they use it when they get an attacking opportunity.

Wyvern is cravers for treasure but for some of them, having to amass wealth is a compulsion. Some wyvaran have given up on their people because of declining population and cultural stagnation. The wyvern has many histories, and they consider it to be a sacred duty to study their history. The knowledge they gain from this are class skills to them.

Knowing the nature and type of Wyvaran it is very clear that it is not easy to find a name quickly. But we are here by your side so you don’t need to worry. We will be providing you with a long list suggesting some cool and fantastic names. From those lists, you can choose and name your Wyvaran. Besides providing a list of names, we have also provided you with some tips that you can consider while naming your Wyvaran.

So, cheer up, and let’s get started with our job.

Wyvaran Names

  • Druzilax
  • Barbidus
  • Etha
  • Alkhe
  • Iiko
  • Urshax
  • Ardruz
  • Gizzegg
  • Chokith
  • Ticons
  • Teilgro
  • Vasurphend
  • Strethra
  • Hangho
  • Gotri
  • Srikaes
  • Iathazosh
  • Sriardudush
  • Teldru
  • Niski
  • Ranzozash
  • Gracgen
  • Krikebis
  • Eanshion
  • Ledneire
  • Trishkaidug
  • Utrocuth
  • Vucshax
  • Khoshothrez
  • Azan

Male Wyvaran Names

  • Brondrig
  • Hikokshuc
  • Milgo
  • Horoc
  • Brordilun
  • Kreothind
  • Mukshud
  • Nolshon
  • Odrik
  • Ocrik
  • Odanshath
  • Sinidrug
  • Strizzeph
  • Strukrabik
  • Strergan
  • Strubosagg
  • Tordrabog
  • Zundro
  • Tucdruni
  • Buzgez
  • Aktishiph
  • Dribaiku
  • Dreshkik
  • Ershic
  • Griusu
  • Krugex
  • Haltic
  • Niosgo
  • Nothosoks
  • Krikazug

Female Wyvaran Names

  • Zizucdrux
  • Runsheph
  • Sruskuz
  • Bozha
  • Kogierdra
  • Obisath
  • Theskut
  • Sigran
  • Maerphaes
  • Rakthusheit
  • Chirdith
  • Linio
  • Treldratan
  • Niegrux
  • Bunorshuth
  • Siagnothish
  • Telgrat
  • Cholilka
  • Aesux
  • Natre
  • Pherendho
  • Maldisho
  • Risni
  • Dikthe
  • Ildo
  • Usneshu
  • Baxozho
  • Chaka
  • Mando
  • Khurpho

Cool Wyvaran Names

  • Sthenorzix
  • Rusgusheax
  • Draces
  • Birurgiok
  • Drozka
  • Elshex
  • Tergaz
  • Ziosiardio
  • Triluk
  • Mucduks
  • Eskriks
  • Kracnias
  • Rugiunsko
  • Sozadkriugg
  • Meonshi
  • Tiondialin
  • Olshod
  • Aike
  • Chadno
  • Londhi
  • Thunhe
  • Hothullu
  • Aeshilze
  • Hinzima
  • Ishona
  • Monhri
  • Phrethanza
  • Aelgruxe
  • Dainzush
  • Shreilzeix

Unique Wyvaran Names

  • Bobagni
  • Anshoh
  • Aengiz
  • Dildrize
  • Usguth
  • Sthucnais
  • Troskit
  • Nercais
  • Srialdix
  • Trosthages
  • Kesilez
  • Srarush
  • Eshten
  • Isgux
  • Deldruz
  • Iolzosh
  • Isgux
  • Athendaz
  • Eshozguh
  • Odugzesh
  • Tutgogg
  • Taleg
  • Bazuzzia
  • Grunakes
  • Urudrih
  • Kella
  • Krunih
  • Siecretox
  • Zelgras
  • Sthadhex

Best Wyvaran Names

  • Hisgus
  • Midrijiuk
  • Gacrund
  • Ronze
  • Lemetho
  • Zashokhu
  • Ushu
  • Rimlo
  • Ilgi
  • Rosheindu
  • Thungex
  • Cholsei
  • Banshee
  • Rissuz
  • Chutra
  • Zisna
  • Krilollu
  • Thercro
  • Suzzand
  • Eracdrag
  • Vucroph
  • Zikshe
  • Kiandad
  • Adge
  • Ezkaph
  • Ulziz
  • Azec
  • Bikeph
  • Bozozuph
  • Riordo

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Tips To Make An Unique Wyvaran Name

Till now finding it difficult to chose a perfect Wyvaran name? Relax we are here. We can understand your difficulty to find a perfect Wyvaran name and we also know that how much it is necessary to find a perfect name. To make it a little bit easier for you we have listed some tips below that will help you to find a perfect Wyvaran name.

Using Short and Unique Names

When it comes to selecting a name, we all know that it is a very tough job to find a perfect name. one must use a name that is short as well as very uncommon at the same time. A short name will make your name easily memorable, whereas using big names might create trouble for your audience to remember your name. The too-long name might also be found to be unattractive at the same time. The name you are using must not match with any other existing wyvaran character.

Using the same name will create problems among the audience. People will also find it confusing while searching the character with their name. Short and simple names are the best when it comes to naming your Wyvaran character. It is best to keep your name within 1 to 2 words. Also, make sure that you must keep a name that is easy to pronounce. People should not suffer while pronouncing the name that will create a wrong idea about your character’s name.

The Name Must Be Powerful

Wyvaran is humanoids with features of dragons. We all know that dragons are powerful in that case, it will be insane if we keep a name that is not so powerful. Keeping a cowardly name might not go well with your Wyvaran character. The name must be deadly and robust so that it liberates the Wyvaran vibe. Wyvaran is famous for fighting for things that belong to them and being outrageous, so keeping a boring name will be bad.

It will be a significant action if you keep a name that has some backstories related to it. In that case, the name will be more appealing to the public. Keeping a relatable name will make your character more relatable. Don’t shift from your character while you are searching for a name for it.

Collect Information About Wyvaran

Every character has its backstory and history. It is necessary to collect some information about that particular character. Sometimes we can find that there are many powerful and brutal Wyvaran in the past. One can keep a name after that name. When it comes to Wyvaran they are famous for protecting their wealth by sacrificing their life for it. In that case a fearless name will be perfect for them. This will make a clear impression of your character in front of people. The people will be able to understand your character. They will be able to understand that your character is fearless and ready to face challenges. One can read some books related to Wyvaran because books provide us with authentic information. Getting or collecting worg information might affect your character’s name.

Showcase Your Creativity

Creativity is the main element when it comes to deciding a name for your Wyvaran character. It would be best if you played with words and alphabets in order to make a cool name. the competition is very high nowadays in order to make your character more interesting you must keep a name that will seek maximum public attention. Try to give a name that has little added humor with it and is funny, but make sure don’t give a name that might be triggering for your audience.

Your audience must be impressed by your character’s name. It would help if you brainstormed your ideas. Making the name stand out from other names will be a great move if you try to keep your name starting with alphabets like X, Y, Z.

Reach Out To Public For Help

Reaching out to people is a great way when it comes to deciding a name. We know that how much it is a tough job to find a name among 1000+ names. It will be a great step to take a public opinion. One can create a page on social media and can do public voting and polls. Social media is a great platform because a prominent population of people uses social media. You can ask them for suggestions. You can take their ideas. Going to your family and friends to seek help is also a great option. Make sure that they give you an unbiased answer. Getting biased answers may lead to making the wrong choice.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to share all the information that we can provide you so that you can select the best possible name. We have shared a list of names as well as some professional tips with which you can make your own Wyvaran name. We hope that we could help you. If you are still not able to find a Wyvaran name, then don’t lose your hope. Give yourself a little bit of time because good things do take time.

If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends and family. We will again see you with some cool ideas. Till then, goodbye.

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