488 Frozen Yogurt Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you want to get into the food business? Are you planning to open an ice cream shop, maybe? That thing is called Frozen Yogurt. The name might be new to you, but the thing isn’t. It’s much better than ice cream in all aspects. Just like other businesses, here you also need to open a shop, and then you are ready to sell your amazing frozen yogurt delicacies. If you are opening a shop, you will also need a good name for your frozen yogurt shop. Naming something isn’t an easy task and takes a lot of effort. And to help you with that process, we are here. We wrote this article to help you to select a good name for your Frozen Yogurt Shop.

First, let us get some knowledge regarding the history of Frozen Yogurt. We Indians can take credit for the invention of yogurt. The early accounts of yogurt being used as food can be traced 5000 years back. People from the Middle East and India used to consume it. They used to have it in pretty much all of their meals. Yogurt has been a popular food for millennia. But as the 21st century emerged, there was a massive revolution in this sector. Entrepreneur H.P. Hood can be credited as the person who introduced Frozen Yogurt to the masses in 1970. At that time, it was called “frogurt”. It would be served as a soft-serve dessert. Its tastes had quite a lot of similarities with ice cream.

At that time, people were gradually becoming health conscious. TCBY, an ice cream company, took note of it and stepped into the frozen yogurt market. In the year 1981, they decided to open their first frozen yogurt shop. By 1984 they massively expanded their reach. And now had over 100 shops. Due to the immense popularity of Frozen Yogurt. The Industry had earned $25 million in sales by the year 1986. Popularity didn’t decrease after the 1980s. Frozen Yogurt accounted for 10% of the entire frozen dessert market by the 1990s. After its meritocratic rise of popularity in the 1980s. In the 21st century, small changes were made to it, to make it much more adaptable for the new consumers. As it looks the market for Frozen Yogurt is not slowing anytime soon. As per the analyst, in the year 2019, the frozen yogurt market hit a staggering $2.1 billion in revenue.

Now that we have learned about the origin of this extremely delicious food. It’s now time to look at some facts related to Frozen Yogurt. First, we have to understand that it’s not a frozen version of normal yogurt. But yes, it is made from yogurt. It tastes a bit sweet and tangy and has a creamy texture. You might find it quite similar to ice cream. But it is made from milk, whereas ice cream is made from cream. It can be used as a substitute for ice cream. The primary three ingredients for making frozen yogurts are milk, sugar and the most important thing is yogurt cultures or good bacteria. Frozen Yogurt has a low amount of protein and fat in it. It has good bacteria in it with some beneficial nutrients. The amount of calories is low in these, and also, the amount of lactose in them is very low.

Now that we have learned about the history of Frozen Yogurt. And along with this, we have also gained a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the food and how it is made. We are now prepared to start a business around it and open a shop. I want your shop to be successful then you have to give it a good name. Selecting a good name can be a tenuous task and might take a lot of your time. To save your time, we have compiled this article.

We have very carefully created a list of names for your frozen yogurt shop. You can select one name from here, and then you are all set to open the shop. Also, we have given you some points that you need to remember while deciding on a name frozen yogurt shop. Now let us take a look at the list of the names.

Frozen Yogurt Shop Name Ideas

  • Yogurt Company
  • Yogurt Tundra
  • Fruity Yogurt
  • Rose Yogurt
  • Healthy Yogurt Store
  • Délicieux Yaourt
  • Yogurt Love
  • Be Fit Yogurt
  • Sweet Tooth Yogurt
  • Friendly Yogurt Store
  • Feel Good Yogurt
  • Yogurt For All
  • Giovanni’s Yogurt Shop
  • Yogurt Botique
  • Chilled Yogurt Shop
  • Forever Yogurt
  • Winity Yogurt
  • Lead Yogurt
  • Ark Yogurt House
  • Noah Yogurt
  • Delish Yogurt
  • Scrumptious Yogurt
  • Heavenly Yogurt
  • Divine Yogurt
  • Smooth Yogurt
  • Fit For King Yogurt
  • Your Choice Yogurt Shop
  • Full Of Flavour Yogurt Store
  • Darling Yogurt
  • Rare Yogurt
  • Delicate Yogurt Shop
  • Tempting Yogurt Shop
  • Good Yogurt Store
  • Rich Yogurt Service
  • Paul’s Yogurt
  • Champions Yogurt
  • Green Bay Yogurt
  • Lakers Yogurt
  • Chiefs Yogurt Shop
  • Buddy’s Yogurt Shop
  • Yogurt Boss
  • MasterYogurt
  • You Vs Yogurt
  • Yogurt Paradise
  • Yogurt Lagoon
  • World of Yogurt

Cute Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

  • Farm Fresh Yogurt
  • Eat Healthy Yogurt
  • Our Yogurt Shop
  • Sweet & Tangy Yogurt Shop
  • On Wheels Yogurt
  • Delizioso Yogurt
  • Corner Yogurt Shop
  • Yogurt For Everyone
  • Open For All Yogurt Shop
  • Tasty Yogurts
  • Good Yogurt
  • Family Yogurt Shop
  • Yogurt ATM
  • Hand-Made Yogurt
  • Freshly Made Yogurt Store
  • Flavoured Yogurt
  • Delectable Yogurt House
  • Luscious Yogurt and More
  • Mellow Yogurt
  • Zestful Yogurt
  • Delectable Yogurt
  • Jolly Yogurt
  • Relished Yogurt
  • Charming Yogurt
  • Blissful Yogurt

Catchy Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

  • Super Rare Yogurt
  • Mouthwatering Yogurt Shop
  • Toothsome Yogurt
  • Rich Yogurt
  • Green Yogurt Store
  • Succulent Yogurt Shop
  • Nectareous Yogurt
  • Enticing Yogurt
  • Palatable Yogurt Shop
  • Dodgers Yogurt
  • Rose Yogurt Store
  • Chargers Yogurt
  • La Yogurt
  • Truly Yogurt
  • Blue Yogurt
  • Yogurt World
  • Yogurt Land
  • Yogurt Universe
  • Variety Yogurt Shop
  • Find What You Like Yogurt
  • Fruity Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Store Names

  • Yogurt Limited
  • Yum Yogurt
  • Farm Yogurt
  • Good Yogurt Shop
  • Your Yogurt Shop
  • Vkusnyy Yogurt
  • Good Yogurt
  • Fitness Freaks Yogurt
  • Be Nice Yogurt
  • Good For Yogurt
  • Morning Yogurt
  • Yogurt Co.
  • Corleone’s Yogurt Service
  • Himalaya Yogurt
  • Choose Your Topping Yogurt Store
  • Flavourful Yogurt
  • Appetizing Yogurt
  • Sugar-Coated Yogurt
  • Flavory Yogurt House
  • Flavorsome Yogurt
  • Ecstatic Yogurt
  • Nirvanic Yogurt
  • Enchanting Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Company Names

  • Elating Yogurt
  • Gemütlich Yogurt
  • Extremely Rare Yogurt
  • Titillating Yogurt
  • Well-Prepared Yogurt
  • Pleasant Yogurt Store
  • Payback Yogurt Shop
  • Gratifying Yogurt Store
  • Ambrosial Yogurt
  • Gustatory Yogurt
  • Choice Yogurt
  • Piquant Yogurt
  • Lucha libre Yogurt
  • Truly Yours Yogurt
  • Stephanie’s Yogurt Shop
  • Mac Yogurt
  • Yogurt OS
  • Apple Pie Yogurt
  • Yogurt 1.0
  • Mac Yogurt House
  • Yogurt Catalogue
  • Love By All Yogurt
  • Healthy Yogurt

Unique Frozen Yogurt Shop Name Ideas

  • Yogurt Bros
  • Fit Yogurt
  • Fresh Yogurt
  • Delicious Yogurt
  • Love Yogurt
  • Oishī Yōguruto
  • Community Yogurt Store
  • Family Yogurt Shop
  • Good For Health Yogurt
  • Peace Yogurt Store
  • Yogurt For Kids
  • Yogurt Limited
  • All Day Yogurt Store
  • Straight From The Fridge Yogurt
  • Made From Our Heart Yogurt Shop
  • Tangy Yogurt
  • Divine Yogurt
  • Tasteful Yogurt
  • Sweetened Yogurt
  • Tasteful Yogurt
  • Tempting Yogurt
  • Euphoric Yogurt
  • Joyous Yogurts
  • Rapturous Yogurt
  • Alluring Yogurt Shop
  • Well-Made Yogurt
  • Great Yogurt Store

Catchy Frozen Yogurt StoreNames

  • TLC Yogurts
  • Vincent’s Yogurt Shop
  • Pari Yogurt
  • Exquisite Yogurt Store
  • Gourmet Yogurt
  • Epicurean Yogurt
  • Nicely Made Yogurt House
  • Happy Go Lucky Yogurt
  • Tiffany’s Yogurt
  • Met Yogurt
  • Yogurt Gala
  • Oceans Yogurt
  • Please Your Taste Yogurt
  • Finger Licking Yogurts
  • Irresistible Yogurt
  • Peace Yogurt
  • Yogurt For All
  • Love Yogurt Store

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Points To Note While Choosing A Perfect Frozen Yogurt Shop Name

Showcase Your Business

If you are selecting a name for your business or product, the name should reflect your work in a crystal clear manner. Your name is the first thing that potential customers will see, and based on the opinion form after reading the name, they will decide to visit your shop or not. As the saying goes, ‘First Impression Is The Last Impression”, and your name is the first impression that will put into the customers’ mind. You have to make sure that the name showcases your work. So that when a customer sees it, they will have a clear picture in his mind regarding your products and might visit your store to try out your products.

Make It Catchy

It would help if you always kept in mind that the name should be catchy and interesting sounding because your name will showcase your business and its characters. If the name is interesting, more people will find it appealing and visit your store to see what’s going on here and maybe buy something and become your customer. Also, if the name is catchy, it will travel in more people’s mouths and give you free publicity, thus attracting more customers to your business.

Don’t Complicate The Name

Here you have to keep in mind that while you are making your frozen yoghurt shop name catchy and interesting, you should not make the name extremely complicated and hard to pronounce for people. You have to strike a delicate balance here. If the name is complicated, it will be hard for people to understand your business and what you are selling. They will not feel as much interested in your products. Also, if the name is hard to pronounce, people might not find it relatable and might forget the name very soon. Which you certainly don’t want.

Incorporate Keywords

As you are selling consumer products, you need to reach the customer at any cost. Now we live in a digital world, and selling your products from the shop is not enough to maximize the profit. If you want to sell more products, then you have to do so through an online medium by going through the process of internet. In this case, you need to use keywords in your name. Keywords are those words that potential customers will search over the internet when they plan to buy someone. If you use keywords, then on the internet, your site will rank high in the list and that must be the primary goal of your newly set business. This means that you might turn into more potential customers and will be visible to a broader set of audience.

Take Help Of Name Generators

You can also take the help of various name generating websites that gives cool and catchy names based on the goal of your business. This website can be quite useful in the name finding process. Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot, and by using Artificial Intelligence, these websites can find you some good names for your frozen yoghurt shop. You have to put your details here, and then within a few seconds, this website will present you with the name of the list. You can choose one name for yourself from the list. It would help if you tried it once to experience the process.

Make Sure It Is Already Not Taken

An extremely important point that you have to keep in mind is that name you are thinking of finalizing is not already taken by another shop. You should not use the same as others. If the name matches with an existing shop, then you choose a different name. Otherwise, you might be in legal trouble, which the other shop might put you in. And not only this, if you have the same name as others, you might face an identity crisis that might affect your business in a bad manner.

Final Words

After doing a lot of research, we have compiled this article. We have made sure that you have a good amount of knowledge regarding frozen yoghurt and how to create a business. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of names for you. You can select a name from here for your frozen yoghurt shop. Additionally, we have noted all the points you need to keep in mind while choosing a good name for your frozen yoghurt shop.

If we have been able to help you with this article, then please share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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