Jewelry Store Names: 640+ Names For Jewelry Business

Are you looking for a trendy name for your jewelry company? If yes, then you are at the right place because we have listed down some names that might give your jewelry store the added boost and recognition that it needs. These trendy plus catchy names and suggestions will probably help you out in naming your company and contribute to it becoming a top jewelry company.

The jewelry industry is a rapidly growing industry of recent times. Not only have the traditional jewelry industry flourished but even the small jewelry start-ups have seen steady growth in their income and sales. It is therefore imperative that you choose a name that not only defines your brand but also catches the interest of your customers. Naming a jewelry company is a tough job therefore we have listed down a few suggestions you can choose from to help you start with your business.

Here we have given you a list of Jewelry Company names, Jewelry Business name ideas, Jewelry Shop or store name ideas, Jewelry brand names, Best Jewelry Company names, and much more. Using these names that we have compiled for you, you can choose the one that calls to you and give your company a unique head start for the upcoming future.

So, let’s get down to business!

Jewelry Store Names

  • Rose Jewellers
  • Dainty Jewellers
  • Rose Diamond Jewellers
  • Diamond Brothers
  • Old & Gold
  • Waterstone Jewellers
  • Light Jewellers
  • Daffodil Jewellers
  • Bling Rings
  • Gems For Her
  • Bling Eyes & Co.
  • Princess Jewellers
  • Luxury Jewellers
  • Crafty Jewellers
  • Crafted Rings
  • Luscious Jewelry
  • Shine Jewellers
  • Opal Jewellers
  • Topaz Jewellers
  • Rhinestone Jewellers
  • Tribal Jewellers
  • Indian Jewellers
  • Goldy Jewellers
  • Anklet Jewellers
  • Beautico Jewellers
  • Grandeur Jewellers
  • Bright And Light
  • Cece’s Jewels
  • The Golden Treasure.
  • Golden Elegance

Name Ideas For Jewelry Store

  • Arcstone Jewellers
  • Heart Blings
  • Locket Lux
  • Royal Delite
  • Dazzlers
  • Sparkly Rings
  • Sparkle Jewellers
  • Elegant Layers
  • Silver And Pearl
  • Pot Of Pearls
  • Ruby Jewelry House
  • Gold Jewelry House
  • Silver Jewelry House
  • Topaz Jewelry House
  • Onyx Jewelry House
  • Opal Jewelry House
  • Diamond Jewelry House
  • Pearly Jewelry House
  • Crimson Jewelry House
  • Emerald Jewelry House
  • Sapphire Jewelry House
  • Amethyst Jewelry House
  • Garnet Jewelry House
  • Peridot Jewelry House
  • Moonstone Jewellers
  • Featherstone Jewelry House
  • Harmony Jewels And Co
  • Blossoming Jewels And Gems

Jewelry Business Names

  • Moonstone And Co Jewelry House
  • Lapis Jewelry House
  • Jasper Jewelry House
  • Jade Delights
  • Jade Jewellers
  • Gems Grandeur
  • Gems To Please
  • Glitter Me Over
  • Gem Glitters
  • Zircon Jewellers
  • Aquamarine Jewellers
  • Turquoise Jewelry House
  • Washington Jewellers
  • Pearly Magic
  • Jade Glitters
  • Sunstone Jewelry House
  • Zircon Me On Jewellers
  • Pearl And Gems
  • Shine- Me- On
  • Moonstone And Gems
  • Dripped In Gold
  • Quartz And Shine
  • Quartz Jewellers
  • Trendsetter Jewellers
  • Moonlight Glitters
  • Golden Light
  • Lilabeth Jewels

Handmade Jewelry Business Names

  • Youthful Jewellers
  • Beauty & Bling
  • X-Travagance Jewellers
  • Gold Square
  • Prime Gold Jewelry House
  • X-Travagance Gold Jewelry House
  • Precious Diamonds
  • Black Diamonds
  • Great Diamond Jewelry House
  • Opal And Onyx Jewelry House
  • Rosy Diamonds
  • Daisy Jewelry House
  • Periwinkle Gems
  • Dainty Daisy
  • Waterfall Stones
  • Sunflower Golds
  • Glistening Happiness
  • Diamond World
  • Zircon Shines
  • Deluxe Diamonds
  • Gems Galore
  • Beautiful Necklaces
  • Ring And Things
  • Eyes Never Lie
  • Gems For Him
  • Golden World
  • Gems World
  • Locket World

Catchy Jewelry Store Names

  • Honey And Gold
  • Gold And You
  • Gold Opportunities
  • Onyx Galore
  • Emerald Queens
  • Emerald To Sapphire
  • Sapphire Blues
  • Emerald Greens
  • Emerald And You
  • Shiny Emeralds
  • Little Trinkets
  • Emerald Lux
  • Luxurious Gems 4 You
  • Trinkets And Anklets
  • Stars And Pearls
  • Silver Cascade
  • Silver To Deliver
  • Silver To Manoeuvre
  • Extravagance In You
  • Subtle Shine
  • Crestmont Jewelry House
  • Shiny Lockets
  • Lockets For Love
  • Lovestone’s
  • Darling Gems

Jewelry Brand Name Ideas

  • Starlight Diamonds
  • Darling Diamonds
  • Sweet Rings
  • Ruby For You
  • Molly Jewelry House
  • Canadian Jewellers
  • American Jewellers
  • Real Jewels
  • Starlight Stones
  • Richmond Jewellers
  • Fascinating Gems
  • Love For Gems
  • Pretty For You
  • Vintage Jewellers
  • Vintage Silvers
  • Zironage
  • Makeshift Jewellers
  • Traditional Gems
  • Scarlett Jewellers
  • Crescent Gems
  • Forevermore Jewelry House
  • Forever Jewels
  • Shinestone Jewelry House
  • Sapphire City Jewellers
  • Jade City Jewellers

Creative Jewelry Business Ideas

  • Cartier Jewels
  • Pretty Jewels
  • Lulu Luxury
  • Purple Hibiscus
  • Stormlight Gems
  • Stormlight Jewels
  • Ruby & Rose
  • Sixteen Rings
  • Down With Love
  • Merry Jewelry House
  • House Of Gold
  • House Of Silver
  • House Of Onyx
  • Jade Brothers
  • Serendipity Jewellers
  • Ethereal Jewelry House
  • Princess Diamonds
  • Queen’s Gambit
  • Queen-Ring
  • Rosy Cheek Jewellers
  • Malazan Jewellers
  • Stony Affairs
  • Sealed With Love
  • Love-Locket
  • Ruling Gems
  • Beautilicious
  • Fantasy Jewelry House
  • Kismet Jewelry House
  • Starstruck Jewelry House
  • Forever And More Jewelry House
  • Everlasting Jewelry
  • Promise Jewellers
  • Promise Of Gold
  • Light And Day Jewellers
  • Night And Day Jewellers
  • Tiara Jewelry House
  • Kismet Connections
  • Bolo-Tie Creations
  • Rhinestone Creations
  • Chatelaine Jewelry House
  • Lady Jewelry House
  • Dressy Jewels
  • Coated In Diamonds
  • Crazy For Diamonds
  • Ring Of Times

Unique Jewelry Company Names

  • Darling Love
  • Love Jewellers
  • Golden Affair Jewelry House
  • Silver Affair Jewelry House
  • Diamond Affair Jewelry House
  • Laced With Love
  • All Gold Jewel
  • Drunk With Gems
  • Articulate Jewelry House
  • Nancy Jewelry House
  • Chain Of Gold Co.
  • Chain Of Iron and Gold
  • Chain Of Diamonds
  • Chain Of Silver
  • Chain Of Onyx
  • Chain Of Opal
  • Chain Of Topaz
  • Chain Of Sapphire
  • Chain Of Ruby House
  • Circe Jewelry House
  • Athena Jewelry House
  • Fairy Gold Jewelry House
  • Pixie Jewelry House
  • Karma Jewelry House
  • Stripped With Gold
  • Ruby Red
  • Poised With Gold
  • Reese Jewellers
  • Happy Jewellers
  • Ricky Jewelry House
  • House Of Treasures
  • Pearl Innocence
  • Silver Waves Jewelry House
  • Golden Chariot
  • Morning Glow Jewelry House
  • Golden Arc Jewellers
  • House of Diamonds
  • Diamond Blues
  • Radiant Jewellers
  • Gem Paradise

Best Jewelry Business Names

  • Sunny Jewellers
  • Lovelace Jewellers
  • Gorgeous Gems
  • Holidaze Jewelry House
  • Spring Jewellers
  • Winterfairy Jewelry House
  • Summer Of Love
  • Rose Jewellers
  • Coraline Jewellers
  • The Royal Bloom
  • The One Jewel
  • The Last Dance Jewelry House
  • Light Fantastic Jewelry House
  • Cecilia Jewelry House
  • Cassandra Jewelry House
  • Jewelry Princess
  • Born Out Of Gold
  • With Love Jewellers
  • Sultan’s Jewelry House
  • Carrie Jewelry House
  • Madeline Jewels
  • Senorita Jewels
  • Crown Jewels
  • Dazzling Gold Jewelry House
  • Perfect Jewelry House
  • Snowflake Jewelry House
  • Maple Jewels
  • Jeweller’s Paradise
  • Gilded Rings Jewelry House
  • Blessed Jewels Jewelry House
  • Carved Gems Jewelry House
  • Precious Petals Jewelry House
  • Summoner’s Treasure Jewelry House
  • Purple Gems Jewelry House
  • Golden Fortune Jewelry Houss
  • Forevernew Jewelry House
  • Alicia’s House Of Gems
  • Deep Pearls Jewelry House
  • White Radiance
  • Bonded With Gold
  • The House of Jewel
  • Onyx Paradise Jewelry House

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How To Name Your Jewelry Business

Before one starts their own company the first and foremost challenge anyone faces is how to correctly name their company or choose a name appropriate for their brands. Naming your company correctly is very important. Your brand name is the first access point of your company and is what the customers first see. So, making your brand name unique and quirky is a very important step for your business to flourish. Here, we have discussed some tips and tricks on how to name one’s company correctly. These tips will help you to choose a name appropriate for your brand.

Choose a Name That Relates With Jewelry Business

The first mistake that anyone makes is that they do not choose their company names properly. Sit down and think about the motive of your company, your goals, and exactly what you are trying to sell. The name that will be selected at the start of the journey is what will stick with your company for as long it runs. One needs to make sure their company name easily portrays what they are selling. The customer needs to understand what you are selling right away and can come to you based on their requirements.

The company name should be accessible to all and never be offensive because it is the selling point of your business. Always keep in mind the sentiments of people and never opt for an insensitive, racist name for your company.

Always Opt For a Trendy Name

It is imperative that when you are starting a business you should always choose a smart, trendy, and catchy name. The name should be easy and should be able to gain attention from your customers. It should be trendy and not old-fashioned. Trendy and possibly rhyming names often attract more customers than a regular traditional name. If your name is catchy it will become popular with your customers and you can easily see your company become successful. Catchy names are also easier to remember therefore making it impossible for your company to be easily forgotten by your customers.

Remember, if your customer remembers your brand name it means he or she will come back to your shop again and again, therefore, making your store a household name.

Look For A Perfect Example Among Your Competitions

Once you have figured out your company goals and motives you need to start selecting names. Choosing just one name at the beginning of the selection process is to be avoided. You should never limit your options and instead, choose as many as possible. Limiting your options might become your sole hindrance towards a perfect name for your perfect company. You should always choose at least 50 names in the beginning and then shortlist three out of them. Now from these three names choose the name that calls to you the most or the one that fits your brand and choose that name to be your company name.

A very important tip during this process is to use excel sheets. Excel sheets are fast and efficient; they can easily organize your choices into neat groups and therefore speed up the selection procedure more. Excel sheets are very easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Using this will give you a sense of satisfaction during the selection procedure.

Make Sure You Choose A Unique Name

Many times we find a perfect name for our store but it does not become successful because it is not unique. Making your company name unique should be your priority. Every customer likes a quirky, unique name than a boring traditional one. But sometimes to make sure that our company name is unique we oftentimes forget that there might be someone across the world who is in the same business as you and may have chosen the exact same name for their company.

So you should always double-check if the company name that you have selected is already chosen or not. Research is necessary for this kind of situation, research locally or on the internet about possible companies who have already taken the same name. If you feel that your company name is unique then let it be or if it is already taken up make sure you change the name and choose some other name for your company.

Don’t Forget To Get a Review!

Getting feedback from your customers and friends regarding your company name is a safety step that you should definitely consider. Sometimes we choose a name that might feel perfect to us but on a larger scale, it might look ridiculous to others. In scenarios like this, it is best to obtain feedback from your friends, families, and even customers on how they like your company name, and if they don’t like it request some alternative options from them.

This added step will prove beneficial in making your company successful and more accessible to the general public.

Final Words

We hope we have helped you regarding the name selection of your jewelry store from this article on Jewelry Store names. Please make sure that you go through the above-mentioned points to choose the perfect name for your company and also read the name suggestions we have provided for your company. If you find this article helpful please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family, or any business owners who are going through the same indecisive struggle of choosing a name for their jewelry company.