680+ Seafood Restaurant Names Ideas To Inspire Yours

Are you thinking of opening your own seafood restaurant? Well, congratulations to you! But then again, are you confused regarding what name should you give to your restaurant? No worries! We will help you to choose the perfect name for your restaurant.

In this era, alongside creating tasty and good quality food, and providing a good and hygienic atmosphere in your restaurant, a good name for your restaurant shall create a positive impression on your new customers.

It becomes quite essential to choose such a name that will give the customers an idea regarding the atmosphere of your seafood restaurant, and which will also match your personal preferences and the aims and targets that you have in mind, regarding it.

In this article, we shall help you to find the perfect name for your seafood restaurant. Moreover, we have pointed out the essential steps that you need to keep in mind while choosing the name.

Seafood Restaurant Names

  • What A Catch!
  • Something’s Fishy!
  • Prawn Wears Prada
  • Devil’s Crab
  • Play The Bass!
  • The Bass Mania
  • Fishy Bassy
  • Tune With Tuna
  • Craving For Cod
  • What’s Cooking?
  • How About Trout?
  • The Simp Shrimp
  • Jam With Clam
  • Let’s Fish!
  • The Tasty Catch
  • Fish On The Docks
  • Mermaids Exist!
  • Have Doubt? Eat Trout!
  • Fish Gives You Wings
  • What A Clam!
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • Fishbones
  • The Shrewd Shrimp
  • Prom With Prawn

Good Seafood Restaurant Names

  • Seafood Syndrome
  • Sea-Foodaholic
  • Where Too? Miss Mermaid?
  • The Trout’s Pout
  • Fish 2 Fry
  • Prawn 2 Fry
  • Shrimp 2 Fry
  • Fishing Bad
  • Fishy Blinders
  • Seafood-O-Pedia
  • Meet The Seafoods
  • Four More Prawns Please!
  • The Eel’s Kiss
  • Codpower
  • By Cod’s Grace
  • Trout’s Taste
  • Have Fish Have Fun
  • Chapter Seafood
  • Prawnaholic
  • Fishaholic
  • Shrimp Shack
  • Saucy Shrimp
  • How About Seafoods?
  • Pouty Prawny
  • So Prawny!
  • The Royal emBassy

Catchy Names For Seafood Restaurant

  • Oyster Exploiter
  • Oyster
  • The Seafood Taster
  • The Mermaid Tales
  • Captain Nemo’s Restaurant
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Crave For Salmon
  • Lobster Wonders
  • The Seafood Bar
  • Seafood On Grill
  • The Ocean Grill
  • Explore The Ocean
  • Gifts Of The Ocean
  • Foods n Foody
  • The Fish Plate
  • Seafood On The House
  • The Shrimp Stew
  • The Heavy Fishnet
  • Cod Curry
  • Bony Fishy
  • Tasty Tuna

Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Amen Seafood!
  • The Simp Shrimp
  • The Hilsa Mania!
  • Seafood Palette
  • What The Fish!
  • Miracles Of Ocean
  • The Oceanpower
  • Grills Of Ocean
  • Gilly Fishy
  • The Sea Monk
  • Krabs
  • Pearl Krabs
  • Clam Jam
  • Madame Clam
  • The Riverside Cottage
  • The Seafood Bistro
  • Seafood Grove
  • Heart On The Grills
  • Nom Nom
  • Fisherman
  • Lobster Wonder
  • Munching Island

Cool Seafood Restaurant Names

  • Yummy Prawny
  • Bassy Delights
  • Ocean Delights
  • Wonders Of The Sea
  • Love For Seafood
  • Merry With Fish
  • Fish’s Ferry
  • The Fishery
  • Team Fish
  • The Seafood Headquarters
  • Ahoy! Seafood!
  • The Seafood Story
  • Fish And Fins
  • Dining In Deep Sea
  • I Love Seafood
  • Drooling On Seafood
  • Hooked On Fish
  • The Fish Bait
  • Captain’s Catch
  • The Seafood Palette
  • The Prawn Palette
  • The Blue Poppy
  • Dinner In Deep Sea
  • The Fish Market
  • Dig Into Seafood
  • The Wharf Side Café
  • The Port Café

Unique Seafood Restaurant Names

  • The Fish Bite
  • The Seafood Hangover
  • Drunk In Seafood
  • The Old Man And The Sea
  • Boating With Sharks
  • The Ocean Rift
  • Seafood Factory
  • Seafood Deli
  • The Master Prawn
  • Seafood Bite
  • Seafood Delicacy
  • The Oceans
  • Seafood Madness
  • The Mermaid’s Diner
  • Penguin Diner
  • Seafood Incorporation
  • In Search Of Mermaids
  • Foods n Mermaids
  • Shrimp On The Grill
  • My Friend Mermaid

Beach Restaurant Names

  • Prawn Gals
  • Fish For Me
  • Is This A Fish Market?
  • The Fisherman’s Secret
  • Weigh The Fish
  • Fisherman’s Hut
  • Crabby Patty
  • The Tales Of Mr. Salmon
  • Dinner With Sardines
  • The Blue Palette
  • Catch And Eat
  • Let’s Go and Eat Fish
  • House Of Seafood
  • Time For Fish
  • Time For Shrimp
  • Time For Prawns
  • Seafoods n Fun
  • Ocean n Foods
  • Time For Seafood
  • Food By The Ocean
  • Team Seafood
  • The Seafood Headquarters
  • Prawn
  • Mr Squidward
  • Having Fish
  • Prawn Mania
  • Fishy Story
  • The Master Fish

Fish Restaurant Names

  • Have Seafoods
  • Sea n Foods
  • Craving Seafoods
  • Dreaming Seafoods
  • Food By The Sea
  • Spicy Seafoods
  • Shrimp On The Docks
  • Lobster Shack
  • Shrimp Food court
  • Fish Food Court
  • Prawn Hut
  • Mama Prawn
  • Prawn Food Court
  • Mad For Prawn
  • Prawns On The Grill
  • Prawns On The Docks
  • Yum Shrimp
  • Let’s Shrimp
  • Drooling For Bass
  • Four More Fish Please!
  • Bassy Mania!

Seafood Restaurant Business Names

  • The Story Of A Fish
  • Fishy Story
  • Madame Fish
  • Treasures Of The Ocean
  • Ocean Love
  • The Gifts Of The Sea
  • Fish n Mermaids
  • Fish Diner
  • Fish Bistro
  • The Seashore Café
  • Café By The Sea
  • Happy Fish
  • Fish On The House
  • Dancing For Prawns
  • The Prawn Story
  • Ariel- The Mermaid
  • Catch The Fish!
  • Ocean Hearts
  • Hello Seafood!
  • Hola Fish!
  • Fishy Fishy!
  • Tasty Seafoods
  • Bonjour Seafood

Seafood Restaurant Names Generator

  • Call Me Fish
  • Heart of the Sea
  • Catch and Eat
  • Eatery Fishers
  • Seafood Hunt
  • Raw Fish Hunt
  • Fishery Eatery
  • What the fish?
  • Prawn Eatery
  • Shrimp Eatery
  • Raw Shrimp Hunt
  • Raw Prawn Hunt
  • Ahoy Fish!

Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas

9 Useful Tips To Name Your Seafood Restaurant

We, humans, are curious souls. It is this curiosity of the customers regarding the name of the restaurant, which will draw them towards exploring it and then give good reviews about it.  Therefore, giving a great name to your restaurant is a major thing to do in order to attract new customers.

Here are some tips provided to the readers to choose a perfect and unique name for their seafood restaurant.

Jot Down The Names Which You Prefer

Take suggestions from the names list provided here and jot down the names which you and other people prefer for your seafood restaurant. Jotting down the names in the form of a list will further help you to choose one name from that list and eliminate the others.

Find A Connection Between The Names In The List And Your Restaurant

Always try to choose a name for your seafood restaurant which has a connection with the restaurant itself. For example, if your restaurant is aiming at specializing in prawns, such as in the form of prawn curry, prawn fries, prawn soups, and others, then go for a name that has the word “prawn” into it. This will help the customers to understand that your restaurant specializes in prawns.

Other than that, you can also choose a name for your restaurant based on its location. For example, if your restaurant is located on a riverside, you can name your restaurant “The Riverside Restaurant”.

Plus, you can also choose a name for your restaurant based on the street or avenue it is located in. But do not try to choose a name based on the country you are residing in. For example, if you stay in the USA, do not name your restaurant as “The USA Restaurant”, or “The USA Seafood Restaurant”. It is advisable not to do this because these names are quite general in nature and unattractive as well.

Lastly, if you can think of no unique connection between the names you have put in the list and your seafood restaurant, then always go for names that will have the word seafood, or oceans or seas. For example – “The Seafood Bistro” or “The Ocean Plate”.

Creating a connection between the name and your restaurant is quite essential because if you select a random and general name for your restaurant such as “Mary’s restaurant”, customers will not understand that your restaurant specializes in seafood.

Try To Find A Unique Yet Easy Name

Human beings are always drawn towards uniqueness. And therefore, you should always try to choose the name of your seafood restaurant uniquely. The list given above contains a lot of unique, catchy, and attractive names for your seafood restaurant, and you can refer to them.

Most importantly, creating a unique name will make your restaurant unique among all the other loads of seafood restaurant that exists in the whole world. If you give a general name to your seafood restaurant such as, as mentioned in the previous example-

“Mary’s restaurant”, will create confusion among your customers because quite naturally there is a lot of restaurants named “Mary’s Restaurant” in the whole world.

From a legal aspect, choosing a unique name will protect you from all the legal complications. Because, if you choose a name that has already been used by another company, he might sue you- since the name has already been trademarked.

Opt For A Meaningful Name Which Relates To Seafood

Always give a name that has a meaning to it. For example, if you have chosen the name for your seafood restaurant as “The Seashore Restaurant”, but however your restaurant is not situated near a seashore, therefore the very name for your restaurant becomes a meaningless one, despite having a connection between the words “seashore” and your seafood restaurant.

As mentioned earlier, finding a connection between the name you will choose, and your restaurant will help you to find a name that shall be a meaningful one.

Keep The Names Short

Never choose a long name for your restaurant. Because customers will have a problem pronouncing them and thereby, in the long run, your restaurant might be low on popularity. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep a short and pronounceable name.

Do Not Rush

Do not hurry and think that you are wasting so much time on choosing a good and unique name. Remember, the very name which you will choose for your seafood restaurant will play a big role in making the business a successful one. Therefore, calm down, take a deep breath, have a clear mindset, and get ready to choose a name for your restaurant.

Visualize The Names

After choosing every name and putting them on the list, visualize them. You must visualize the name of your seafood restaurant from the point of view of a third person or a customer.

By the word visualize, it is meant that you should try to understand that how the customers will like the name- which is chosen for your seafood restaurant. Will they like it? Will they love it? Or will they totally hate it?

Furthermore, you should also visualize and analyze that whether you have chosen a unique, easy, meaningful, and short name or not.

Consult With An Honest Critic

By now, you have most probably shortened your list of names and have only kept those that are easy yet meaningful and unique names and have a relation with your seafood restaurant. Your next step of work should be to show the list to a person who must be an honest critic and who will give you true and blunt reviews regarding the names you have chosen.

It does not matter regarding who the person should be; all that it matters is that he or she shall definitely be able to help you choose a perfect name for your restaurant.

Start Afresh

Never be scared to start afresh regarding choosing the name for your seafood restaurant. If your critic did not choose a single name from the list you have provided to him, then do not get frustrated. Begin again with a calm and clear mind. Think of the mistakes that you did last time while choosing names. Most importantly, try not to repeat them. It is always suggested to think of new strategies- which you can create by the tips given in this article.  You can do it!


We sincerely hope that this article shall help you to find the perfect Seafood Restaurant Names. Do not rush. Take your time, read the full article, then follow the steps as provided. In this way, we are sure that you will be able to find a great name for your restaurant- which will boost your success in the business too!

We wish you all the very best for your new business. If you have liked this article, please do share it with your colleagues and friends who might also need suggestions for naming their businesses.

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