380+ Shawarma Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you thinking about opening a shawarma business but having difficulty deciding upon what to call it or how to name it? Starting a business ain’t easy. We know that. We have come up with this article to solve your problem. Well, who does not love shawarma? It is a Lebanese delicacy. Food is trendy among people.

Basically, they cherish their favorite restaurants. Hence you must choose an apt and memorable name for your shawarma business. Shawarma has become a really popular food item recently. Just like burritos and tacos, shawarma has its unbeatable flavor. Each shawarma has different meat and sauce, so it hits right on the spot, and people cannot stop binging over it.

Nowadays, foods and dishes of various countries are spreading worldwide. This has become a large business chain, and people enjoy other countries’ dishes just like shawarma. It has become so popular in a short span of time that now many people are opening shawarma businesses. That is why you need to select a name for your business that is different than the rest.

Following are eight lists of names for your reference.   

Cool Shawarma Business Names

  • Lebanese Roll Express
  • Grandmaster Shawarma Blitz
  • I’m Love Big Shawarma
  • Shawarma Central
  • Zero Shawarma
  • Shawarma The Meatballs
  • Mediterranean of It World
  • Arabic Shawarma
  • Shawarma Fire Eat Fat Hero
  • Doner Top Shawarma
  • Arabesque Grill
  • Crown Shawarma
  • Shawarma Shawarma
  • Halal Shawarma
  • The Chef Shawarma King
  • Dynamite Wiz
  • Eat Shawarma Plus Feel
  • Turkish Star
  • Big Shawarma
  • Mama’s Shawarma To Shawarma Chickens Slicer
  • Arabic Nights Shawarma
  • Butcher’s Shawarma
  • Fire Arabic House
  • Egyptian Munch
  • Meat Delight
  • Cheeseburger Delish
  • Mediterranean Shawarma Squad
  • Shawarmatastic
  • Oasis Daddy’s In Me Buffet
  • Over Meal Rolls

Catchy Shawarma Business Names

  • Munch of Shawarma
  • Shawarmazilla
  • Shawarma House
  • Shawarma ‘em
  • Master Sun
  • Honey Shawarma
  • Shawarma Doner Buddy
  • Shawarma Mash
  • Mix in Shawarma
  • The Shawarma
  • Hummus Fabulous Shawarma
  • Lazy Shawarma
  • Grill Shawarma
  • Shawarma Xpress
  • Shawarma of ‘em Fiesta
  • The Kebab Arabia
  • Shawarma Shoppe
  • Yummy Not!
  • Let Shop Lebanese
  • Spicy Shawarma Shawarma
  • Big On Delights
  • The Shawarma Gublub
  • Mega Spot of Rolls
  • Mideast Castle
  • Shawarma Arabia
  • Shawarma Loving Boy of Shawarma
  • Shawarma Bazaar
  • Fat of Grill
  • Mediterranean Better Food
  • Shawarma Shawarma

Out of the Box Shawarma Business Names

  • Aladdin’s Gourmet
  • Emperor Shawarma
  • I Shawarma
  • Falafel Man’s Top and Shawarma
  • Shawarma Grill and For of Shawarma
  • Pride Shawarma!
  • Hungry Delights
  • Focus Factory
  • Shawarma Palace
  • Chubby Time with Lebanese Rolls
  • Big Delights of Turkish
  • Power Delights
  • Arabian For Heaven
  • Shawarma Ace Stop
  • Wrap Connection
  • Spice Shawarma Delight
  • Shawarma You
  • The All Shawarma Shawarma
  • Shawarma Nights Grille
  • Wraptastic Hero
  • The Touch Boxx Shawarma
  • The Delights More!
  • Smokey Shawarma
  • Abu Masterpiece
  • Shawarmageddon
  • Hot Sultan’s Grill
  • Mr. Wraps
  • Oriental Station
  • Royal Arabia
  • The Shawarma and Shawarma

Best Shawarma Business Names

  • Crazy Gobbler
  • Groovy Shawar’z Shawarma
  • Nights Fajita
  • The Shawarma dome
  • Big Stop at rolls
  • Sahara Best
  • Shawarma Hut
  • Sunset Around Shawarma
  • Shawarma at Café
  • Oriental Shawarma
  • Arabian Power
  • Shawarma Town
  • Shawarma Its Sultan Street
  • Shawarma East
  • Mister Shawarma
  • Taste Shawarma
  • The Shawarma Gate
  • Heavenly Middle in the Shawarmas
  • City’s Shawarma
  • Curry-Spiced Bite Shawarma
  • Simply Shawarma Nation
  • Gourmet Shawarma
  • Alfa Chicken Palace
  • Shawarma dice chop
  • Mughal Sultan Shawarma
  • Shawarma Paradise
  • Best of all turk rolls
  • Shawarma Spice of Life
  • Shawarma Star
  • Ooh La La Shawarmas

Creative Shawarma Business Names

  • Time Tummy
  • My Wrap Wheels
  • Mix Yo Deliciousness
  • Halal Charm On Day
  • Shawarma The Shawarma
  • Raising Wheels
  • Shawarma Shop
  • Royal Go
  • All Awesomeness
  • Mouth Dreams
  • Bit Shawarma
  • Awesome Meals Up
  • Elegance Bar
  • Shawarma Here
  • In Bud Palace
  • Made Explosion
  • Shawarma Falafel Shawarma
  • Yummy Friend Bonanza
  • Shawarma Go
  • Extra Shawarma
  • The Wheels
  • Hot the Meat on Up Kingdom
  • Perfect a Party Delight
  • Gyro Well
  • The Smiles
  • 3 Pita Grub
  • Bite of Shawarma
  • Shawarma Fly
  • Taste Station
  • Pure It Grill Order Project

Latest Shawarma Business Names

  • Golden Labs
  • Shawarma Meaty Hummus
  • Worldly Shawarma
  • All Moving Place
  • We Are Wrapped Fusion Subs
  • Shawarma to belly
  • Dream Shawarma
  • Happy Greek
  • Middle Med
  • Sizzle Shawarma
  • Luxury the Party
  • Speedy Shawarma
  • Shawarma Better Run
  • Shawarma Lebanese Treats
  • A Village
  • The Zing Oriental Shawarmas
  • Taste for Spice
  • Tasty Great Shawarma
  • Hungry Eastern Deli
  • The of & to Shawarma
  • Shawarmazing Escape
  • Masala On Shawarma
  • Dear The Shawarma
  • One Shawarma
  • Gone Grill
  • Flamingo
  • The Arabian Truck
  • The Treat Tasty
  • Fatir Delicious
  • The Arabian Special

Amazing Shawarma Business Names

  • Sky Persian
  • Burst Experts
  • Arabian Green Goat
  • Evviva West Sense
  • Havana The Breakfast Central
  • The Respectable Koi
  • Skewered
  • Kebabs Central Pub Lunch
  • Boucherie Madison & Vo’s Restaurant
  • The Olive vo
  • Roti Flavors
  • Super Restaurant
  • Tandoori of Eatery
  • The Smoking More
  • Tony’s Bailey Cafe
  • Just Arabian Delights Upstairs
  • Food glee
  • Avra and Arabic Mighty Flavors
  • The Like Pita Naan the Flatbread Mash
  • The Village of shawarma
  • The Fish turk
  • The Brasserie
  • Barley Daily 101
  • No in Bar Home House East
  • Madame County
  • The Middle Supper
  • Mysteries Restaurant
  • Momofuku Express
  • Dinner rolls buzzing

Awesome Shawarma Business Names

  • Shawarma halal
  • The Spicy Ganoush and Delight
  • The Steak Di House
  • Sole Restaurant
  • Kebab Restaurant
  • Persian Halal Red Basket
  • The Dinner Spices
  • The Arabian Falafel Baba Grill
  • The Beats Fesenjan Iftar Arabian
  • Highlands Kraze Cucina
  • PM Lakhani
  • The Modern Nomad Spices Stew
  • Khoresh Taste Delights
  • Harira Art Express
  • Seven Hummus
  • Lahaina Restaurant
  • Carmine’s Dragon
  • Piccola The Zucchini Arabic Place
  • The Grill Eats
  • The of Restaurant
  • Heart Tablecloth
  • The Cook knight
  • Kuwaiti Restaurant
  • The Bar Turkish Beyond
  • Chicken & Fish Shakshuka Bar
  • The Capri
  • The Moroccan Traditional

 How To Name Your Shawarma Business?

We understand your concern that it is not an easy task to name any business, especially when you are working hard for your startup. You would want everything to be perfect. Giving a random name to your own business is a fool’s job, so do not do that. It would not be beneficial in the long run. A name that is relatable to what the business is selling is best as it would never harm the business’s intention.

Customers will easily be able to understand the business. But for that, you need to see some essential factors as guidelines to understand how you will choose or compose your business name.

The name should be simple and short so its easy to remember

Simple and short names are always easy to remember people. People should instantly get your business name in their head if they feel hungry, just like the way it works for popular restaurants. Only when they always remember your food business are you going to make a profit.

Use location based name for your business

Location-based can be where that particular food originated or where your stall or restaurant is situated. The location-based name means it has a keyword that people can use to associate for remembering. Make sure that the place association is apt.

Use some different language in your name for creativity

Using different languages is the best idea to play with creativity. The name should have some different quality in it, which would help it stand out among the so many already available shawarma businesses. Different language adds different flavor to the business name.

Get others viewpoint on your business name

You can get any name for your business but to ensure how customers will react and think about your business is to ask your friends and family about it. They will give you their opinions as customers, and you can use that to enhance or correct your name and make sure it is perfect before launching.

Make sure the name is unique

The customers always appreciate unique names. They always love it and become curious as to what food they might be selling. This will increase your sales. Unique names also help you to be unique among the same type of other businesses.


Do you think that naming randomly is okay for your business if so, then you are wrong? Your business needs your utmost attention and care. You should not just randomly pick a name for your business. For instance, your business will sell shawarma, so the name you will put up in your stall or restaurant should depict that or must be related to where shawarma originated or foods like shawarma is fulfilling.

It takes a lot of effort to name something. There are varieties of names provided in those lists. You can choose one which you think is suitable for your business and fits perfectly. Even if you do not want that, no worries. The factors mentioned beforehand will help you generate a name. Remember the name which you choose today will forever be the identity of your shawarma business, so think wisely, then choose and do not rush to your decision. If you think this article helped you, please share it with others.

We will be back again with our next article, which will also be helpful for you.