550+ Upcycling Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you prefer to use items to their best? Are you supportive of reusing items in a new manner every time they start to lose value? If you like to give a second life to things, then congratulations. You can successfully upcycle items. If you are planning to use your talent to open a whole business, then that is a great idea to nurture your talent and hobby and help you with the naming of the company. We are here with this article for you.

To simply put upcycling into words, it is the process of using something that is discarded or not in use for a second time. You take an item that has been discarded by yourself or someone and remodel it into something that can be used for a second time there for giving the specific item another life. You can give the item a new appearance and make it into more helpful stuff providing more utility and enhancing the beauty of the thing with your talent.

One of the best outcomes of upcycling is that it is a very sustainable process and will surely help in maintaining the betterment of the planet. Upcycling can be done for any item. It does not have to be a specific thing you are changing. Some people upcycle furniture, and some people upcycle clothes into new fashionable items every day in order to use them according to the fashion trends that are going on.

Another benefit of upcycling is that it is low in cost, but since the artistic value and aesthetic are added to the specific item that has been upcycled, you can sell it for a higher price. Do not confuse recycling with upcycling because the fundamental difference is that recycling includes destroying an item to make something new. Upcycling refers to using an article in its current state but in a new way. Both are sustainable in their way for the earth and ensure the reusing of items consistently.

Now, we shall look at the names:

Upcycling Business Names

Here are some best and cool names for upcycling businesses.

  • Rubber Recycling
  • Bronze Age Furniture
  • Home Builders Center
  • Best Way Recycling
  • Retro Love Treasure
  • Midtown Ancient
  • Well Known Vintage
  • Whitespace Vinyl
  • Star Waste Collections
  • Ancient Memories Store
  • Peddlers Mall
  • Metro Retro Furniture
  • Stone Heart Records
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Purdy Transfer Station
  • Priceless Past Antiques
  • Emerald Services
  • Darksabre Vinyl
  • Westminster Waste
  • Planet Green Recycling
  • King Of Vintage
  • Retro Boutique
  • Vintage Vendor Store
  • Pulito Records
  • Country Village Antique Mall
  • Antique Boutique
  • Pittsburg Works
  • Retro Gallery
  • The Vintage Nest
  • Antique Cache
  • Greif Tacoma Paperboard
  • Liberty Park Emporium
  • Scrap Metal
  • Plastic Economy

Cool Upcycling Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy upcycling business name ideas.

  • Rays Renewed Antiques
  • City Waste Collection
  • Sun Beam Vintage
  • Past Treasure
  • New Green Star
  • Infinity Vintage
  • Waste Healthcare Solution
  • Urban Art Furniture
  • Mid-Town Vintage
  • Giraffe Recycling
  • Wavy Groove Records
  • Cleanliness First
  • Up Stair Downstairs Furniture
  • Plush Tales Antiques
  • Antique Curves
  • Ancient Wood
  • Green Valley Recycling
  • Grandma Vintage
  • Metso Minerals
  • Country Primatives Vintage Market
  • Artsyheaven
  • Impress Prints
  • Bristol Waste Company
  • Focus Waste Recycling
  • Vintage Value
  • Global Metals
  • Best Clearance
  • Loop Management
  • Prime Encounters
  • O’Donovan Waste Disposal
  • American Portable Storage
  • North Transfer Station
  • Earth Glow Store
  • Attic Love

Furniture Upcycling Business Names

These are some best furniture upcycling business name ideas.

  • Emirates Environmental Tech
  • Vin Perfect Print
  • Infinite Feel Furniture
  • Aethencity Furniture
  • Apollon Furniture
  • Clockwork Vintage
  • Pierce County
  • Ajax Electric
  • Custom Keys
  • Power Knot
  • Wings Of Vintage
  • Past Gifts Store
  • Furnish Me Vintage
  • Good Vintage
  • Pacific Disposal
  • Vintage World
  • Vintage Sagas Store
  • Brighton Paper Round
  • Impeccable Vintage
  • Old Miracles Store
  • Iconic Signs
  • Style Revival Furniture
  • Vintage Search
  • David Ella Furniture
  • United Global Services
  • Vintage Vases
  • Eco Plastic Industries
  • Cruise Vinyl
  • Tumbleweed & Company
  • Penta Press Prints
  • Grand Grandma Shop
  • Dischi Gloriosi
  • Penelope Dots
  • Black Hollow Vinyl

Catchy Names For Upcycling Business

Here are some catchy and unique upcycling business names.

  • Associated Reclaimed Oils
  • The Golden Triangle
  • Deepak Middle East
  • James Waste Management
  • Gulf Environment
  • Lombard Recycling
  • Love From The Attic
  • Retro Treasure
  • Cartridge World
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Helmwind Furniture
  • Union Paper Mills
  • Polkavinyl Print
  • Lucky Group Of Companies
  • Inheritance Furniture
  • Stylish Past
  • Indian Rustic
  • Allied Waste Mgmt.
  • Green Arabia
  • Reuse America Vintage Warehouse
  • Action Junk Removal
  • Paper Chase International
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Cast Aluminum Industries
  • Special Recycling Events
  • Bessie Furniture
  • Madbrad Vinyl
  • Momentum Recycling
  • Better With Time
  • Bakers Waste Services Limited
  • Furnish Green
  • Mason County Garbage
  • Ancient Treasures
  • Water Street Antiques

Upcycling Shop Names

These are some best and cool upcycling shop names.

  • Junk & Demolition
  • Woody Ives Furniture
  • Great Trinkets Antiques
  • Retrorelics Antiques
  • Take Time
  • May Prairie Furniture
  • West Rock Company
  • Blue Stream Swimming
  • Champion Recycling
  • Blue Whale Environment
  • Ameri Building
  • Darkforge Furniture
  • Industrial Carting
  • Love From Away
  • Like Old Furniture
  • Urban Made Furniture
  • Green Fiber Works
  • Stripe Vintage Modern
  • Saturn Bright Vinyl
  • Bassett Waste Disposal
  • Second Use Materials
  • Le May Mobile Shredding
  • Greener Earth
  • A M Waste London
  • Clean Harbors
  • Old Thing
  • Docklands Waste Disposal
  • From The Past
  • Asia Demolition
  • United Organics
  • First Revolt Furniture
  • Ancient Yang Furniture
  • Timeless Classics
  • Retro Matters
  • Tips From Sandra

Upcycling Brand Names

Here are some best and most unique upcycling brand/business names.

  • Gray Stone Antiques
  • Blast From The Past
  • Good Past Antiques
  • Almost Forgotten Vintage
  • Reston Waste Skip Hire
  • Free Range Cycles
  • United Recycling Seattle
  • Big Iron Recycling
  • Wisdom Records
  • Modern Vintage
  • Everyday Treasures
  • Not Too Shabby
  • At Your Disposal
  • Timely Treasures
  • Dry Docks World
  • Rabbinic Recycling
  • Big Dog Recycling
  • Universal Recycling
  • Vintage Memories Store
  • Revival Furniture
  • Recycling Lives
  • Gaskell Waste Services
  • Budget Towing
  • Sealed Air
  • Agility Logistics
  • Throwback Thursdays
  • Wise Waste Removals
  • Antick Hut Antiques
  • Past Echoes Antiques

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How To Name Your Upcycling Business

The First Impression That You Are Name Leaves Should Be Good

Remember that the first thing consumers will notice about your business shall be the name you choose for your shop. Your name should be able to make an impression on the customers. In-person, we can change the proverb’ first impression is the last impression’ by talking to people and getting to know them, but it does not work like that in the business world, and the first impression is the last. The first impression will determine if the customer will visit your store once again or not. Therefore, choose your name wisely.

Make Sure People Know What Your Business Is Comprised Of

Upcycling is a relatively new concept, and therefore, it is quite a given that people might not know what upcycling is or something like that exists. Your store must make them understand what you do and what upcycling is. You can explain it through the name or by creating a catchphrase for people to understand better what your business stands for. While advertising, make sure you summarize what upcycling is and what your store does for people to understand your business.

Add Artistic Value To Your Name

Upcycling requires lots of art as well as aesthetic values. There are many artistic norms attached to this kind of business, and here is your chance to frame your creative skills into the name of your store. By adding an artistic value, you will make the name sound beautiful because that is what artistic values and aesthetic sense do to anything attached to. You have to be careful about how you are using creative words and what the take you fit them into is.

Do Not Go For Big Bombastic Words

For store names, people prefer short names. No consumer will spend that time reading your ten letter store name and then sit on to comprehend whether or not they are interested in your store. They are simply going to walk away after reading your name’s first two to three words instead of walking into your store and checking out what you have to offer. Hence, make sure that you do not go for confusing big words that are difficult to read for consumers.


Through this article, we have tried our best to explain the upcycling process and how one can carry on with the upcycling business. We hope you can name your upcycling business through this article, and we will also be grateful if you for sharing the article with your peers. Thank you.

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