488 Brunch Restaurant Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for a good name for your brunch restaurant? Well, you have come to the right place. Before taking you to a list of superb and attractive names for your restaurant, allow us to give a little bit of introduction to what a brunch actually is.

While scrolling through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, you must have come across “#brunch.” Brunch is a hybrid word that means breakfast-cum- lunch. If you think that brunch was established during recent times, you are absolutely wrong. Brunch actually became popular around the 1960s when cookbooks specifically focusing on brunch recipes became popular. But it is important to note that it was not until the 90s that brunch became a regular weekend affair. When an author from Britain named Guy Beringer wrote an article called “Brunch: A Plea”, the concept of brunch became a mainstream staple.

As per the Washington Post, the word brunch has been searched on Google many times since the year 2004.

For people who loves drinking, brunch is widely popular amongst them. Brunch has led to the establishment of morning cocktails. In fact, the term “Boozy Brunch” is quite in the trends (especially amongst the college kids). Basically, brunches are something which people from the old generation and teenagers from the new generation are habituated with.

Have you heard of church brunch? It is interesting to note that each American family performs a get-together after visiting the church on Sundays, where they eat a brunch together. Not only the Christians but amongst the Jews to the brunch is massively popular.

Brunch has become a part of society- so much so that the two most popular days where many families have a brunch are Mother’s Day and the day of Easter Sunday. But it is important to note that brunch is quite luxurious. Only people belonging to the high-class society can afford a brunch.

Considering that brunch has been in the trend for a long time, you have made the best decision to create a brunch restaurant. If you play smartly and efficiently, you can see the colors of success in no time. But, along with that, you must not forget the importance of allotting a good and attractive name to your business. We understand that making a creative name can be a tough job to do. But that was the first place why you decided to visit our article. Read the article to find out the best name for your business. Along with that, we have also created some handy tips with which you can come up with the best name for your restaurant. We hope we shall make you happy.

Brunch Restaurant Names

  • The Brunch Cycle
  • Have A Brunch
  • The Brunch Box
  • The Delicious Brunch
  • Stomach Is Full
  • Have Some More
  • Give Me More!
  • The Morning Lunch
  • Everything Fresh
  • Breakfast And Lunch
  • The Brunch Corner
  • Milk And Bacon
  • The Big Fat Brunch
  • Brunch Of The Emperor
  • The Brunch And Coffee
  • The Brunch Bowl
  • The Early Lunch
  • The Cool Brunch
  • Daybreak Diner
  • The Egg Crumbs
  • The Early Menu
  • Bacon And Muffin
  • What Will You Have?
  • So Hungry
  • A Brunch Of Eggs
  • The Brilliant Brunch
  • Tacos At Breakfast
  • Bagels For Brunch
  • The Best Brunch
  • Early Bird Diner
  • Breakfast In Bed
  • More Bites
  • House Of Brunch
  • House Of Pancakes
  • Good Food All Day
  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • I’m So Full
  • Low Carb Ranch
  • So, Brunch!
  • The Tasty Food

Cool Brunch Restaurant Names

  • Will Have What She Is Having
  • The Bagel Day
  • The Chicken Corner
  • The Fried Chicken Day
  • Egg-Xactly !
  • Egg-O-Pedia
  • Brunch Is The Best
  • The Hot Dog Cafe
  • One Muffin Please
  • Coffee And Muffins
  • Popping It Up
  • Tasty Garlic Bread
  • Food For The Brunch
  • Crazy For Brunch
  • Hungry For Brunch
  • A Good Little Cafe
  • 4 More Bites, Please!
  • Bite Me Brunch!
  • The Brunch Factory
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Taste From Heaven
  • The Heavenly Brunch
  • The Brunch Express
  • The Express Egg
  • Cupcakes Today
  • The Cheeky Muffins
  • The Local Brunch Store
  • Brunch Me!
  • Brunch Of Muffins

Best Brunch Restaurant Names

  • Brunch By The Seaside
  • The Brunch Hub
  • Are You Brunch?
  • As Sweet As Brunch
  • Hold On Brunch!
  • So Brunchy!
  • 2 In 1
  • Good Eat All Day
  • All About Brunch
  • Time For Sizzlers
  • The Brunchilicious
  • Love To Brunch
  • No Date Only Brunch
  • A Brunch Date
  • Omelette For The Morning
  • The Brunch Ville
  • The Cheesy Toasts
  • The Drooling Bread
  • The Brunch Parlour
  • Wake Me Up
  • Yesterday’s Hangover
  • Bonjour Brunch!
  • Brunch In France
  • Madame Croissant
  • 88th Street Brunch
  • The Party City Bistro
  • Brunch On The Roof
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Brunch
  • Brunch Don’t Lie
  • My Girlfriends Brunch
  • Brunch For The King
  • The Baguette Corner
  • Food-A-Holic

Catchy Brunch Restaurant Names

  • Gobble Up
  • What To Eat?
  • Topical Brunch Corner
  • The Pacific Brunch
  • Daily Lunch Corner
  • Brunch At The Locality
  • What A Brunch!
  • Mom’s Brunch
  • Made By Grandma
  • Brunch Like A King
  • 24 Hours A Day
  • The Brunch Den
  • Brunch Of Usa
  • Brunch With Angels
  • The Scrambled Eggs
  • The Brunch Joint
  • The European Brunch
  • Contact First
  • Eat Like Queen
  • The Tasty Meal
  • Her Treat
  • The Brunch Fiesta
  • Wanna Have More!
  • The Breakfast Corner
  • Break The Fast
  • The Supreme Brunch
  • Belly Full
  • Waffle For Brunch
  • Brunch In Glory
  • Brunch-O-Pedia

Unique Brunch Restaurant Names

  • The Soft Pancakes
  • Brunch On The Grill
  • The Brunch Bistro
  • Good Morning!
  • One Pancake, Please!
  • Wake And Bake
  • The Muffin Crumbs
  • Brunch In Harmony
  • Brunch On The Go
  • What Will You Eat?
  • Experiment With Foods
  • The Oat Land
  • Brunch On Wheels
  • The Egg Queen
  • Have Some Chicken
  • The Raffle Kingdom
  • Tasty Options
  • A Healthy Brunch
  • We Care For You
  • Eat And Run
  • Tasty Eats
  • Will Remember This
  • The Waffle Mania
  • Brunch Is On!
  • The Brunch Brothers
  • Dress For Brunch
  • Haven Of Brunch
  • Brunch Me Up
  • The Brunch Rap
  • Brunch Afro
  • Brunchin n Drivin
  • Brunch Is Good For Health
  • Mr Brunch
  • Miss Brunch
  • Princess Brunch
  • Brunch’s My Soulmate
  • The Hangry Corner
  • The Sugary Stuffs
  • My Brunch Mate
  • Craving For Pancakes
  • Waffle On The House
  • Brunch On The House
  • Yes, Mademoiselle?
  • The Brunch Jump

Brunch Restaurant Business Names

  • Donuts Please!
  • Everything’s Cheesy
  • Say Cheese!
  • Wide Awake
  • The Pancake Hub
  • The New Generation Breakfast
  • Bean
  • Ramsay’s Favorite
  • Uncle John’s Brunch
  • The Coffee Madness
  • Hooked In Eggs
  • Hungry For Brunch
  • Brunch Is The Best
  • Grumpy Mornings
  • Time To Wake Up
  • The Young Corner
  • Cuppalicious
  • Is It Brunch Time?
  • The Pancake Kingdom
  • The Croissant Kingdom
  • Travel And Brunch
  • Bread And Butter
  • Brunch Me Up
  • Crepe It Away

Unique Brunch Restaurant Business Names

  • Yum!
  • Lunch? No Brunch
  • Lunch Is Boring
  • 1000 Options
  • The Mid-Morning Breakfast
  • The Breakfast And Co
  • I Wake Up Late
  • Not For Early Birds
  • Get It Brunchy
  • Bring Me A Brunch
  • The Scramble Corner
  • Raffle It Up
  • Did You Say Brunch?
  • Cut The Crepe
  • Oh Brunch
  • I Love Brunch
  • The Best Bacon
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Mainland China
  • Go Go Brunch
  • The Delicious Brunch
  • The Brunch Devils
  • Princess Patisserie
  • King Croissant
  • The Hot Chocolate
  • Brunching Me Crazy
  • Brunch Café
  • Brunch Of Joy
  • Wake n Eat
  • Breakfast On Bed
  • You Are Welcome!

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How To Choose A Perfect Brunch Restaurant Name

If you have a talent for creativity, we understand that it is natural for you to have the desire to create a good name for your restaurant on your own. But without proper guidance, you might feel lost. That is why, along with offering you a name list, we have decided to give some tips to create an attractive name for your restaurant on your own. Let’s see what the recommendations are!

Make Names Based On The Type Of Foods

If you are a foodie and love brunch, you must already know that you can consume a large variety of foods like bagel, bacon, patisserie, croissant, pancakes, and waffles through brunch, etc. And the best part is, you can come up with a good and creative name for your business with the help of these names!

For example, you can create a name for your brunch restaurant like- “The Bagel Brunch”, “Croissant In Brunch”, “Masters In Pancakes”, “The Waffle House”, “For More Bacon Please!”

Check out the name list given above where we have exclusively created names for your brunch restaurant based on the food items offered.

Caution-even if nowadays almost all types of foods are offered in brunch, but there are some exceptions. We advise you to research on what those exceptions are and make sure not to create names based on those particular food items. That will simply be a horrible name for your restaurant. Be careful.

Make Names Which Show That Brunch Is More Beneficial

Wondering how in the world this tip is important? Well, this is because firstly, your restaurant focuses on brunch more in comparison to lunch or dinner. And secondly, you do want your customers to understand the fact that your restaurant specializes in brunch. That is why whatever name you are thinking to allot to your restaurant must show that your restaurant is an expert in brunch items. This does not mean that the restaurant is not allowed to prepare food for lunch or dinner. It’s just that you guys are the masters of brunch. In order to establish that fact, your name must portray it.

Now, how should you do that? Well, here are some ideas. Firstly, you can always add the word “Brunch” to the name of your restaurant so that your customers understand that this is a place where good brunch can be consumed. If you want to show more creativity, you can create names for your restaurant like- “Good Morning!”, “Wake And Bake”, “Time To Wake Up”, “Coffee And Brunch”, “What’s For Brunch?”

For more such names, check out the name list given above.

Make Names Based On Your Goal

Whatever goals your restaurant is aiming to have must reflect on its name. This is an essential step to follow because otherwise, customers won’t understand the restaurant’s target. Is it to provide tasty brunch meals? Along with that, is your restaurant aiming to provide friendly services? Will your restaurant provide great discounts? Is your restaurant aiming to make foods with top-notch taste? Find out the restaurant’s goal first, and based on that, you should always create a name for your restaurant.

Ask For Reviews

Once you have made a list containing the preferred names for your business, you must show it to an honest critic. This is an important thing to do because unless you receive feedback on the names you chose, it’s not worth it. Whether positive or negative feedback, getting reviews will help you understand whether the particular name you chose for your business is great or you should improvise on it.

Do not forget to ask the critic questions like- Is the name matching the restaurant’s target? Is it easily pronounceable? Is the name good for a brunch restaurant? If the critic disapproves of all the names, do not hesitate to start afresh.

Make An Easily Pronounceable And Memorable Name

If You have chosen a great name for your restaurant, but it is too hard to pronounce or is not at all easy to memorize, the name is not a good one at all. Be it any business, and customers always prefer names that are easily pronounceable and is memorable. It will be a little embarrassing if your customers keep forgetting the name of your restaurant, right? Therefore, always choose names that are not tough to pronounce and are easy to remember.

Check out the name list given above, where all the names are created while keeping in mind this tip.


Did you find the perfect name for your brunch restaurant that you were looking for? We hope you did. You just need a little creativity while making the names, and you are good to go.

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Thank you!

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