446 Haunted House Names Ideas

This year’s Halloween is over. So what? Halloweens come every year. After reading this article, next year, you can flaunt your haunted house during Halloweens.

Remember the famous horror stories of Hollywood? Child’s Play, Annabelle, The Conjuring, The Grudge, Insidious and what not. No Halloween story is complete without a scary-looking, black coloured creepy house. The doors of such houses opened in an odd and weird sounding way; the furniture and the walls looked greyish in colour. The lights keep going off all of a sudden. And then, when the clock strikes 3, you hear scary noises. The sounds can range from anything like somebody knocking at the door or using the wooden stairs. You can even hear a small baby crying, or somebody is laughing at the topmost pitch.

In every horror story that we listen from our grandparents, the most popular question is who does these scary things? A ghost? A monster? Or the spirit of the house?

Halloween is indeed a great time to instil fear among your friends or colleagues. And you can do it even more if you set up your own haunted house. When many people think about decorating their house as a haunted one, they focus on what colours they should apply on the walls, what furniture they should bring in, what music they should play, and most importantly, who shall play the ghost.

A factor that many people fail to notice is that naming your haunted house is an important thing to do as well. All the decorations you are planning to do in your home shall be noticed by your friends or after they enter the home and go through the surroundings. But isn’t it a nice idea if they get super scared while looking at the name of the haunted house only? If you have a plan to give a literal heart attack to your audience, you must give a scary and dark name to your haunted house.

Wondering how to do it? Well, you have visited the right site. Here, in this article, we have brought you the scariest yet creative names for your haunted house. But, if you are a person who loves to do things on their own but have zero guidance, we understand that- we have generated some important and handy tips for you so that you can come up with the most perfect and scary haunted house name.

Haunted House Names

  • Spooky Wookie
  • Do Not Enter
  • The Spooky House
  • Will Kill You
  • The House Of The Lord
  • House Of Satan
  • The Scary Black
  • The Old Lady’s House
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • Would Love To Kill You
  • Casper’s Home
  • The Residence Of The Monsters
  • The Demon’s Motel
  • Here Lies The Bloody Witch
  • Lord Voldemort’s Den
  • Enter At Your Own Risk
  • Welcome Home!
  • Mr And Mrs Smith
  • We Love Blood
  • The Mansion Which Screams
  • The Screaming House
  • There Is A Ghost
  • Dear Lord!
  • Satan Loves You
  • Clan of Ghost
  • Peek A Boo
  • Save Us
  • The Den Of Black Magic
  • The Psyches
  • Lord, We Made A Sin
  • Annabelle’s Old Home
  • Wanna Play?
  • Old Grandmas Garden
  • Call The Lord
  • The House Of Nightmares
  • The House Of Secrets
  • Wanna Be Friends?
  • This House Shrieks
  • The Raven’s Castle
  • Killing Clan
  • Heart Beating Fast
  • The Ghastly Manor
  • Chucky’s Castle
  • Annabelle Loves You

Scary Haunted House Names

  • Chucky’s Playhouse
  • The House Of Grudge
  • Will Terrify You
  • Miss Maple’s Mansion
  • House On The Hill
  • Old Man’s Motel
  • The Dark Wizard
  • House Of The Black Widow
  • House Of Sin
  • That’s Where The Devil Stays
  • The Gothic Residence
  • Ghost In The Attic
  • The Terrifying Mansion
  • House Of Horrors
  • It’s An Asylum
  • The House Is Not Normal
  • Castle of Death
  • Supernatural Halloween
  • The Abandoned Home
  • Boo!
  • The Hospital Of Horrors
  • Wanna Boo?
  • It’s So Scary!
  • The Night Stories
  • Stories Of Terror
  • What’s With This House?
  • God Knows What Lives Here
  • Terror In The Symmetry
  • Hey, Wanna Die?
  • Home Of The Halloween
  • The Roaming Shadows
  • The Shadow Mansion
  • It’s Haunted
  • Castle of Terror
  • Instant Chills
  • Instant Shavers
  • The Home Of Horrors
  • The Dracula’s Residence
  • Bellatrix’s Magic
  • Murder On The Elm Street
  • Grandma’s Furniture
  • Addams Family Mansion

Cool Haunted House Names

  • Something Happened Here
  • Who Is There?
  • The Evil Sanatorium
  • The Giggling House
  • Creepy Smiles
  • Scary Giggles
  • The House Of Death
  • The Death Laboratory
  • House Of Wax
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Kill The Room
  • The Witches Stay Here
  • The Slaughter House
  • House Of Haunted Memories
  • The Castle Of The Devil
  • The Ghosts Of The Caribbean
  • The Shining House
  • House Of Exorcisms
  • Will Slash You

Unique Haunted House Names

  • The 3D House Of Horror
  • Inmates Of A Jail
  • In Midst Of A Cemetery
  • Welcome To Hell
  • The Prison Of Hell
  • Boo’s Basement
  • The Bloody Mess
  • Curse Of Bloody Mary
  • Dracula’s Den
  • The Scary Forest
  • Twinkle Twinkle Scary Star
  • Mummy Mansion
  • It Has Stories
  • The Scary Church
  • The Creepy Cabin
  • House Of Evil
  • Not A Good Soul
  • The Insane Asylum
  • The Exorcism Hotel
  • The Ghoul’s Castle
  • Don’t Mess With It
  • 100 Deaths
  • The Zombie Labyrinth
  • Residence Of Evils

Creepy Haunted House Names

  • The Flight Land
  • The Haunted House
  • Somethings Creepy
  • The Child’s Fear
  • The Fairmont Hotel
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • The Fort Of Fear
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • The Creepy Cemetery
  • The Tower Of Terror
  • Lighthouse Of The Lord
  • The Cross House
  • Edinburg Castle
  • The Creepy Park
  • Many Murders Happened
  • The Theater Of Fear
  • The Forbidden Castle
  • Queen Mary’s Home
  • The Castle Of Bad Hope
  • The Crumbling House

Spooky Haunted House Names

  • The Scary Guide
  • The Serial Killers
  • Watch Out!
  • Be Careful!
  • The Unmarked Headstone
  • Here Lies The Tomb
  • The Tomb Of Terrors
  • The Backbone Watcher
  • The Blood Sucking Dracula
  • Disturbed Attic
  • House Of Frankenstein
  • Fear Of Frankenstein
  • Victim Of The Ghost
  • Count Orlok Stays Here
  • House Of Norman Bates
  • Where Is The Ghost?
  • The Ghost Father
  • House Of The Immortals
  • County Asylum
  • The Monster House

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How To Make A Perfect Haunted House Name

Following are the ways by which you can select the perfect and scary name for your haunted house. Make sure you follow each and every step properly.

Make Names Based On Famous Scary Movies

This is a great thing to do-generating names based on the top-notch scary movies ever created. If you follow this tip and make a name for your haunted house, your audience shall make an instant connection between the name and the haunted house itself. And as a result, we are sure that they will start shivering in fear.

Some of the popular scary films are-” Annabelle”, “Child’s Play”, “The Grudge”, “Conjuring”. Using these, regenerate names like “Annabelle’s Old Home”, “Chucky’s Castle”, “The House Of Grudges” and so on.

Here’s a tip- we understand that many films are not made in the English language, yet they are much scarier. But practically speaking, your friends or colleagues might not be well versed with any language other than English- such as Spanish, Mexican, German, or French. And therefore, as a result, they would not even understand what the name means. So, instead of getting scared by the name, they will laugh out loud. You don’t want that, right? That is why we always choose English movies.

Make Names With Creepy Adjectives And Nouns

What’s a name without any creepy adjectives? That absolutely sounds dumb. You should always generate names for your haunted house using some creepy adjectives.

Such as “shriek”, “scream”, “bloody Mary”, “kill”, etc. can be some adjectives with which you can come up with a creepy name for your haunted house.

Also, other than the adjectives, you can also create some spooky Halloween nouns and generate a name based on them. For example- you can use nouns such as “haunted house”, “demon”, “ghost”, “witch”, and others.

The same caution applies here. Whatever adjectives or nouns you choose for your haunted house name must be in the English language and not in any other language. No matter how much the language is popular, chances always remain that one or two of your audience might not know the meaning of the name. Why should you take that risk, right? That is why we advise you always to create a name based on the English language only.

But then again, if you come from a region where people mostly speak and are well-versed with any other language other than English, ignore whatever we said just now and create a name based on that certain language only.

Make Names On The Dark Wizards In Harry Potter

All the Harry Potter fans will jump in joy on hearing this tip. Yes! You can create some scary and spooky names for your haunted house based on the followers of Lord Voldemort from the famous series of Harry Potter.

Such as-, for example, the Harry Potter fans already know that the most powerful dark Wizards in the Harry Potter series were two persons- Gellert Grindelwald and Lord Voldemort. Based on these names, you can generate names like “The Grudging Gellert”, “Grindelwald’s Den”,” Dear Lord!”, “Lord Voldemort’s Friends”, “Dark Magic Inn”, and so on.

For your quick reference, we are giving the names of the darkest Wizards mentioned in the Harry Potter series- Dolores Umbridge, Peter Pettigrew, Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy Rodolphus Lestrange, Salazar Slytherin, Delphini Riddle.

Make Names Based On Real Haunted Places

Thank us later for this amazing tip. Nothing can instil more fear in the minds of your audience except creating a name based on the top most haunted places in the whole world. But, creating a name based on this tip is a lot of hard work, considering the fact that you have to research a lot. You have to research on the topmost haunted places in the whole world- why were they haunted, what is the condition of that haunted house right now and so on.

For your quick reference- we are giving you some of the names of the topmost haunted places in the whole world. But these are just a few names and therefore we advise you to make a thorough research. The names are-

  • Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (which is in Canada)
  • Bhangarh Fort (Which Is in India)
  • Myrtles Plantation (which is in USA)
  • Ancient Ram Inn (which is in England)

Other than that, we have also created some great, yet scary names based on the real existing haunted house all over the world. Interested to check them out? Read out the name list given above.

Final Words

Now that you have finished reading this article, we hope that we were successful in helping you regarding finding the best yet a scary name for your haunted house.

As long as you have a little bit of creativity within you and can think of some dark and scary names, you are good to go. By following this tip and the name list given above, we assure you that not a single person who gives a visit to your haunted house will leave it laughing. We need your help to get more views. And you can help us by sharing this article with more people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day.

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