Leather Company Names [2023] 480+ Leather Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Leather Company Names: Are you starting a new leather company and confused about what to name your company? Naming a business or company is one of the most important steps for an entrepreneur and the business’s name should justify the aim and what your leather business has to offer. It should inform your customers about the services you offer, or the basic values you uphold.

A catchy and unique company name always helps your leather business to grow and get popularity. Your business or company name is the identity and first impression of your company. So make it perfect and suitable that customers and other people can easily understand and remember your company name.

These collections of Leather Company Names and Leather Business Name Ideas and Suggestions will help you to develop your own leather company name.

So let’s dive into it.

Leather Company Names

  • Basic Leather
  • Leather Republic
  • Coda Cargo
  • thewooder
  • Genuine Sourced
  • WoHide Bag
  • Golden Leather
  • Leather Boutique
  • Saves Nine
  • SupraLeathers
  • Thrash & Thread
  • OilWorn
  • Bags And Belts
  • Fresh Cedar Accessories
  • Wayfaring Bags
  • ShamShim
  • Native Dichotomy
  • CedarChip Bags
  • Leawud
  • Sincere Moods
  • Tantalizers
  • Flax & Hide
  • HideNGo
  • Hide And Seek
  • Raw Convey
  • Rogue Apparel
  • Texas Husk
  • Dipped In Skin
  • Hide & Lumber
  • WooLeath Bags
  • EartHide
  • Snug Tanney
  • Woodopia
  • Leather Liquidators
  • Tan Enterprises
  • Vocation Leather

Leather Company Name Ideas

  • blend bagz
  • King Tannery
  • Duo Duffel
  • Accessorize Your Leather
  • elemental
  • Trukkz
  • Firm Tannery
  • EcoVibe
  • Sky Leathers
  • Tan Nation
  • Fire Leathers
  • Layers Of Leather
  • Shady Shoes
  • Refined Leather
  • Rustic Class
  • HydeWired
  • Weathered Leather
  • unassuming sophistication
  • Frills And Thrills
  • Patina Goods
  • Mallet & Chisel
  • Amalgamation
  • Sawed On
  • Leather Luxury
  • King Leathers
  • Man Made Wonders
  • Shadow Threads
  • Patent Pieces
  • Leather Chicks
  • Raw Leather Suppliers
  • Lulu Leather
  • Carbonside
  • Tan Tub
  • LW Anchor

Leather Brand Names

  • Dress Down Time
  • Genuine Leathers
  • Cow Princess
  • CoolCrftr
  • Leather Galore
  • Leather.Beer.Bikes.
  • Tough Guys Leather
  • Gogobox Gear
  • ReCase
  • Symbiote Swag
  • Forest Emblem
  • NaturellyCarried
  • Tan Tank
  • Premium Leather
  • Carefully Crafted Leather
  • Leather Heaven
  • Motorcycle Leathers
  • Coral Leather
  • Leather Love
  • Styleform Handycrafts
  • Shockvalue
  • Leather Gems
  • Custom Leather
  • Silva
  • Everyday Leather
  • Leather Factory
  • Tawny
  • Bead & Royal
  • Double Diamond Leather
  • New Skin
  • oaken hide goods

Catchy Leather Company Names

  • Tan Trend
  • Off the Saddle
  • Nature Skin
  • Leather Goods Galore
  • NaturalNeeds
  • Lust For Leather
  • Excellent Hides
  • Leather Skirts And Converse
  • Rags And Gear
  • Leather Factory
  • Leathered Woods
  • Sassy Stitch
  • Lay On The Leather
  • Active Accessories
  • Leave On Leather
  • Luminous Leather
  • Leather Hub
  • Cedaring
  • Peace Of Leather
  • Satin Leather
  • Shark Skin
  • Tanned
  • Bilge It
  • Stash n Carry
  • Leather Lather
  • Wanted Wallets
  • Paramount Leathers
  • Genuine Craft
  • Fine Leather Goods
  • Royal Leathers
  • Burnished
  • Leather Looks
  • Top Tan
  • Concrete Jungle

Best Leather Company Name Ideas

  • Looks In Leather
  • Evergruen Hideall
  • Badbilly
  • Muddy Boots
  • Corporate Jungle
  • Best Leathers
  • Natural Leather
  • TimberStrap
  • Hatched
  • sage wood design
  • Body Baggz
  • Tough Girls Leather
  • Bimodal Accessories
  • Leather Crib
  • Thetan Place
  • Hippie Dippie Bags
  • pine n’ hide
  • Obsidian
  • Rugged Leather
  • Katoky Bags
  • Ideal Leathers
  • Western Skins
  • Leather Pleasure
  • Leather Dudes
  • Stow & GoGo
  • CedarsofLeather Bags
  • Trend Leathers
  • The Leather Shop
  • Fresh Leather
  • New Leather New You
  • tar and leathered
  • LogLug
  • Burl and Hide
  • Creme Tan
  • Buoyant Baggage

Leather Company Name Ideas

Leather Business Names

  • Bright Leathers
  • Leather Imports And Exports
  • We Love Leather
  • Outlaw Fashion
  • Spartan Accessories
  • Leather Lust
  • Greige
  • Branded Wear
  • BetterBag
  • Dirty Leather
  • Top Leather
  • Cowskin Corner
  • Leather Outfitters
  • Tanned Bag
  • BareBark Luxury
  • Luxurious Leather
  • Plank Hides
  • Elitist Leather
  • Leather Toes
  • Leather Liftoff
  • Buttery Leather
  • Jazzsac
  • PurSueded
  • Deep Leathers And Accessories
  • Supple Designs
  • LeathrWood
  • Soft Skins
  • WoodLock
  • Lumber Pelts
  • Soft Velvet
  • Bovine Sources
  • Leather Apparels

Leather Business Name Ideas

  • Leatherent
  • Raven Leather
  • Cold Stone Leather
  • Leatherleaf
  • Indestructible
  • Never Go Wrong
  • Unique Tanery
  • Gauntlet Leather
  • Wood Shack
  • Gio
  • Leather Boots And More
  • Lit It Up
  • Eagles Tannery
  • Stylish Suede
  • nautical star
  • Perfect Tan
  • Ink&Onyx
  • timber universe
  • Kiss Me Theads
  • Thriller
  • Leather Haven
  • Quality Hides
  • BuffBag
  • Arcane Leathers
  • Top To Bottom Leather
  • Leather Goods
  • Leatherstry
  • Sweet Leather
  • Made In Leather

Best Leather Brand Name Ideas

  • Skin Enterprises
  • Lood Bags
  • Atop Leathers
  • Leather To Weather
  • The Leather Tailor
  • Kangaroo Pockets
  • Tanned Tree
  • Leather Hut
  • From the Barn
  • Linseeder
  • Leather Works
  • Grainofwood
  • Wicked Sweet
  • Top Hides
  • stitchter
  • Shadowwear
  • The Knits
  • Crimson
  • Wood Marked
  • Latchkey Leather
  • slatbag
  • Oil Skins
  • bohoelegance
  • Simply Suede
  • Creamy Creations
  • Valliance
  • Premium Leather
  • Rugged Leathers
  • Leather Mania
  • Woodrowed Leather
  • Organic Urbanite
  • Mountain Leathers

Best Leather Company Names

  • Natural Finishes
  • Nuanced Naturals
  • Leather Waves
  • TreeHugger Bag
  • Murky Waters
  • Leathered
  • Atache Guevara
  • Rotwood
  • Luxurious Leather
  • The Leather Barn
  • Carviture
  • Bagguette
  • Supple Wood Accessories
  • Tasseled
  • Mulch Leather Co.
  • Captain Leathers
  • Pumps & Patches
  • Imperial Leather
  • Jacket Heaven
  • Robust Transport
  • Groove & Stitch
  • Leather Lady
  • Leather Plac
  • Lighter Leather
  • leather box
  • Quality Leather
  • Leather Harvest
  • Travel Hide
  • Vintage Leathers
  • The Leather Place
  • Hide&Timber
  • Leather Togs
  • Treeflesh

Unique Leather Company Names

  • Esquire Elite Packs
  • Firm Trends
  • Golden Ratio Artisans
  • Personlized Leathers
  • Leather Aromas
  • Boscage
  • Oak&Tan Carriers
  • Leather Fineries
  • Mason Leatherworks
  • Leather Meets Wood
  • The Fringe
  • Crafty Sacks
  • Bad Ass Threads
  • Strong Suede
  • Weathered Leather
  • Hidden Hides
  • Urban Organix
  • Tantamount Leathers
  • Letters To Leather
  • Aestheticology
  • Leatherlust Designs
  • Tantation
  • Raw Union
  • Leather Dreams
  • GeoCase Carriers
  • Tomorrow’s Eden
  • Artifacts
  • Leathern Wood
  • Grimy

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How To Name Your Leather Company

These tips will help you to develop your own unique leather company name.


What do you want the public to think of your leather company? A leather company name should be different, unique, and catchy, applicable to your customers/clients and establish clear expectations and standards about products, services, or the overall image of your company.

Make sure you understand your target market, how you want to appeal to them, and the precise emotions you want your brand name to elicit.


There are a variety of ways you can come up with a business name for your leather firm; in fact, the process of discovering a good name, naming your company can be very fun. Here we provide you with a lot of brainstorming techniques that can help you to generate a perfect name for your company.

Some of the techniques suggestions are:

  • Before you choose a name, it is essential that you make a list of precise keywords or points that your leather company name should relate to or portray. Also, have a variety of options so that you with your partner/friends can choose the perfect one.
  • To bring your company idea to life, visualize the type of business you are aiming to start, what goals you have, what products you want to put, what you aim and all that goes along with it.
  • To get ideas, think about the words or adjectives that can describe your business and the types of products you offer.
  • Try to experiment with different brainstorming and branding techniques.


It is a good idea to undertake a competitive study while coming up with a company name. Examine and comprehend why their business name works for them and how you can apply the same techniques to your own. Coach, Burberry, Gucci, and Prada are some of the most well-known leather companies.


When you put your thinking cap on, the possibilities for naming a new firm are limited. The goal is to devise the most effective plan for you and your company name. Here are a few suggestions for coping up with a distinctive business name that can be relevant to you and your company.

  1. Business location

One wonderful method to identify your business and let your town know that you are open for business is to use the name of your city. You can also use slogans or historical takes to describe your area or come up with names that reflect what your city or state is known for. For example, Hillside Leathers, Dallas Leather Co., etc

  1. Connect with emotions

There is no denying the fact that psychology plays an important role in interacting with people, and that individual who feel attached or connected to your company become devoted and loyal customers. This is why words that elicit emotion, as well as memories of personal experiences and travel, may be beneficial to company and branding.

Incorporating these experiences into a brand name might help your leather firm achieve a targeted audience and gain popularity. For example, Mood Leather Co, Legendary Cowboy, etc

  1. Play with words, use puns and make it fun

It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to come up with a business name for your leather company. Making puns, combining your pertinent words and/or concepts, or using the same letter and sound repetitions can all help to make brainstorming more fun. It is a unique technique to the company name. For example, Leather Play, Labella Leathers, etc

  1. Keep it short, simple, and sweet

For clients/customers, choosing just one word for a business name can often be more compelling and engaging. Consider your brand and come up with words and synonyms to characterize your business concept. For example, if you run a leather company, consider how you would characterize your sale, for example, you will deal with leather wallets, boots, belts, etc.

Consider using emotions (happy, stylish, and contended) that your customers should have after purchase of your leather products. It is also important to keep your name sweet and up to the point. Short names seem classy and also create a little bit of curiosity for the audience making them want to explore your company more.

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Final Words

So we hope you find your leather company name from this article of Leather Company Names Ideas and Suggestions.  If you find this article helpful then you can share it with others. Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!

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