488 Microgreen Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Want to establish a microgreen business? Well, you have taken the absolute right decision. But for any business to get success, the names for such should be a great and attractive one. If you are someone who keeps failing to create a perfect name for your microgreen business, well, worry not, dear readers, because you have come to the right spot.

As the name suggests, microgreens are small-sized young vegetables that approximately grow only 2.5-7.5 centimetre in length. However, do not think that they are useless since they are so small in size. Rather, they are bursting in a number of useful nutrients. While the nutritional content varies, almost all microgreens consist of potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. In some microgreens, copper is also found. Microgreens are also rich in antioxidants. Other than that, microgreens are rich in a large variety of vitamins and minerals.

The term microgreen is very general in nature and in reality there are a variety of types of microgreens. Some of the popular varieties are-

  • Brassicaceae Family- In this family, vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and radish can be found
  • Asteraceae Family- In this family, vegetables like lettuce, radicchio and chicory can be found.
  • Cucurbitaceae Family- In this family, vegetables like melon, squash and cucumber can be found
  • Amaranthaceae Family- In this family, vegetables like amaranth, beet and spinach can be found

In some cases, rice, oats, wheat, and barley are also considered to be microgreens.

Now, if we talk about their taste, microgreens have a variety of tastes ranging from a neutral taste to a spicy one. Sometimes some microgreens are also sour or bitter in taste.

You might think that growing such a useful stuff like a microgreen requires a lot of expenditure. Well, that is not true. Microgreens actually have a low start-up cost, and they can grow in any convenient place. Secondly, microgreens do not take a lot of time to grow. If maintained properly, microgreens can harvest within 1 to 4 weeks. And also, microgreens are considered to be a high-value crop.

As you can understand, for establishing such a great business as microgreens, you need to play smartly and efficiently. In order to do so, the first step that you must take is to create an amazing and attractive name for a microgreen business. And that, my dear readers, can be a tough job to do. But since you have already visited this article, trust us that it’s worth it. Read on this article to find some superb names for your microgreen business. What’s more? We have also created some tips and tricks with which you can come up with the perfect name for a microgreen business on your own. Let’s dive in the world of microgreens!

Microgreen Business Names

  • Go Green
  • The Green Emporium
  • Great Microgreen
  • Superb Microbeam
  • Ahoy! Green!
  • The Green Palace
  • The Greenhouse Delight
  • Fresh Life Sprouts
  • Farmers Market
  • Everything Is Green
  • The Green Harvest
  • The Baby Green
  • The Green Revolution
  • Absolute Greens
  • Healthy And Tasty
  • For The Sprouts
  • Roots And Sprouts
  • The Green Nation
  • The Micro Green Company
  • World Of Green
  • Get Vegan
  • I Love Vegan
  • The Green Company
  • The Cool Micro Green
  • Garden Of Green
  • Fun Sprouts
  • Fresh Green Life
  • Make Some Green
  • Let’s Plant Trees
  • Trees Are Awesome
  • Mojo Green
  • Instant Green
  • The Little Green Garden
  • My Green Earth
  • The Green Farms
  • Get, Set, Healthy!
  • The Green Harvest
  • The Green Food
  • Healthy Vegan
  • The Micro Root Store
  • Grow Up Plant
  • The Green Incorporation
  • Amazing Greens
  • The Sustainable Form
  • These Friendly Green
  • Green In Urbans
  • Alice In Greenland
  • The Green Island
  • Go Green!
  • Paint Green
  • Want Some Green?
  • Green In The House
  • Heart On Green
  • The Greenhouse Heartbeat
  • What’s Healthy?
  • The Tropical Green
  • Everything Is Green
  • The Greenhouse Delight
  • The Green Events
  • The Green Shackle
  • Shining Green
  • The Green Pearl
  • Microgreen Service
  • Mix And Match
  • Name That Plants
  • Awesome And Healthy
  • Tasty Yet Healthy
  • Organic And Naturals
  • Only Natural Greens

Cool Microgreen Business Names

  • My Green Farm
  • All Start Microgreens
  • The Fresh Green Company
  • The Green Flavour
  • Green Is My Favourite
  • The Green Seedling
  • Roots And Sprouts
  • Pray For Green
  • The Green Groceries
  • Garden Of Microgreens
  • I Love Green
  • Let’s Get Green
  • Healthy Microgreens
  • Perfect Result
  • From The Garden To The Plate
  • And The Green Leaf
  • The True Leaf Market
  • The Farmers Market
  • Roots And Shoots
  • The Absolute Greenery
  • Wow Green!
  • The Urban Farmers
  • For The Farmers
  • The Green Alien
  • The Tasty Green
  • Green Runaway
  • The Micro Green Farm
  • Green Life Power
  • Green Is The Future
  • Green Is The New Black
  • Mother Nature’s Parlour
  • Green Mother Nature
  • Must Be Green
  • Eat Green
  • Chew On Green
  • Green Superpower
  • The Green Room
  • Let’s Collect Plants
  • The Green Little Leaf
  • The Garden Of Urban’s
  • The Green Club
  • The Plant Club
  • Organic Microgreens
  • Healthy And Tasty
  • The Green Beans Company
  • Delightful Greens
  • Garden Of Greens
  • Heavy Green Discounts
  • The Colour Is Green
  • The Green Artisans
  • The Green Mademoiselle
  • Hello Green!
  • Bonjour Green!
  • Plant Some Green
  • The Edible Greenhouse
  • The Plant Whispers
  • The Green Tree
  • Cute Little Green
  • The Custom Microgreens
  • Well Planted!

Best Microgreen Business Name Ideas

  • The Green Deva
  • The Emerald Green
  • Go For Green
  • The Green Princess
  • The Green Emperor
  • Super Green Seed
  • Make Way To The Green
  • The Green Garden House
  • Edible Greens
  • Fresh Green
  • Eat Something Healthy
  • The Green Microgreens
  • I Love Green
  • The Green Farmers
  • Greens And Stuff
  • Perfect Green
  • The Green Babies
  • The Green Cuties
  • Power Of Green
  • The Land Of Green
  • Healthy And Green
  • Inspiration From Lettuce
  • Topsy Turvy Green
  • The Local Green Garden
  • Into The Soil
  • The Green Mother
  • Just Some Green
  • Green Is Healthy
  • Pretty Green
  • The Green Garden
  • The Green Picard
  • Better Green
  • The Nutritious Green
  • The Green Restaurant
  • Lettuce Is Tasty
  • The Healthy Lettuce
  • Grow A Plant
  • Planted Sprouts
  • The Green Roots
  • Harvesting Greens
  • One Stop Gardening
  • Tasty Love
  • The Green Leaves
  • Exotic Microgreens
  • The Green Shrubs
  • Also Green!
  • The Green Parlour
  • The Green Industry
  • Green Is Available!
  • Expanding Green
  • Nature Is Here
  • The Green Angels
  • The Green Heaven
  • The Green Gardener
  • Chef’s Kiss
  • Mother Nature’s Here
  • The Green Farm
  • Green In The Backyard
  • A Green Story
  • The Greenhouse Garden

Microgreen Company Names

  • Marry Green
  • Green Is My True Love
  • Green Is My Partner
  • The Beautiful Greeneries
  • The Absolute Beauty
  • So Gorgeous
  • The Lucius Garden
  • Green For You
  • Go Green
  • The Golden Harvest
  • The Green Farm
  • The Green Crops
  • No Lasers
  • A Content Of Green
  • Beyond The Green Sky
  • Twinkle Twinkle Greenstar
  • Cinderella And Her Seven Greeneries
  • The Greenway Farm
  • Make Way For Green
  • The Green Sprouts
  • Everything’s Pest Free
  • Green And Things
  • Bon Appetit Green
  • Fresh From The Farm
  • Direct From The Farm
  • Straight Away Green
  • Bunch Of Sprouts
  • Bunch Of Greens
  • The Green Dragons
  • The Green Superheroes
  • Let’s Cook Green
  • The Quick Greeneries
  • The Sparkling Green
  • The Green Gardener
  • The Green Supplements
  • The Micro Green
  • Health Supplements
  • Box Of Green
  • Garden By The Corner
  • The Greenhouse Emporium
  • Taste Of Green
  • The Greenwood
  • So Beautiful
  • The Green Planters
  • Mini Green
  • Plant The Seed
  • The Green Ali
  • The Green Juice
  • Leaves Of Green
  • Green From The Earth
  • Eat Some Green
  • Gardening For All
  • The Green Style
  • Wendy Greens
  • The Sprouts Incorporation
  • I Love Green
  • Piece Is In Green
  • Go Green!
  • The Local Greenhouse Store
  • The Green Community
  • The Green Association
  • Fort Of Green
  • Green Is My Power

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How To Create A Microgreen Business Name

The Types Of Micro Greens

As we mentioned in the introductory section, the word microgreen is simply a general term, and actually, microgreens have a variety of types. Therefore, you should always make a decision regarding what type of microgreens you are actually planning to harvest. Then, on the basis of that, try creating a great name for it. For example, suppose you want to create vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and radish from the Brassicaceae Family. In that case, you can create names Like “The Tasty Cauliflower”, “Make Way For Broccoli”, “The Healthy Cabbage”, “The Ready Radish”.

It is quite understandable that you need to research a lot. And the research must be a genuine and accurate one. Therefore, before rushing out to create a name for your business based on this step, try researching while having a considerable amount of time in your hand. Trust us- it’s worth it because if you create a name based on this tip, it will simply be an amazing one.

Add Relatable Words

Imagine giving words like “jeans”, “shorts”, “prawns”, “hair clips”, “daisy” to your microgreen business. It does not sound good, right? This is because, whatever business you are planning to have, those names should have relatable words in it. Otherwise, the name will simply turn out to be a gross one, and your company will not stand out amongst the crowd. Suppose your customer sees a business name that is horrendously unrelated to the business. In that case, customers will simply get confused regarding whether it is a microgreen business that they are entering into or it is some other business. Therefore, for your microgreen business, try adding words like “green”, “sprouts”, “nursery”, “greenhouse”, and so on.

If you find the step to be a great one, you can always checkout the name list given above. We have tried our best to create all the names with relatable words into it. You won’t get disappointed.

Make A Name Which Reflects The Business Value

After all, the main aim of creating a good and attractive name is to draw customers and make your business a successful one. Therefore, whatever name you choose for your business make sure that it reflects some of the core elements of your business. For example, your name can point out the goals and targets your business aims to provide. For example, your company have the aim of delivering impressive discounts to your customers. Or it can have targets like giving eco-friendly services, having sustainable measures, providing customer-friendly services, etc.

Try finding out what are the major core elements of your business. And then on the basis of that, try coming up with an attractive name for your business.

Create A Memorable Name

Think about a situation- your customer decided to pay a visit to your store, and within moments of seeing the name for your business, he or she forgot about it. Well, you do not want that. Now psychologically speaking, every person finds names easily memorable if they do not have any complex words within them, if they are not super lengthy, and if they are easily pronounceable.

For the first part, try not to add any complex words. Make sure that whatever name you choose for your business has a straightforward tone in it. Secondly, super lengthy names are a big No for any kind of business. Therefore, try making the names within 3 to 4 words. That’s it! Thirdly, regarding the pronunciation part, you can make names pronounceable in any way you want. One tip that you can do is make names that have a good rhythm. Or you can create names that have a rhyming tone in them. Both of these things will make your name easy to pronounce.

We understand that understanding these steps and making great names is time-consuming work for an entrepreneur like you. Check out the name list given above. We hope you will like those names.


Not only is the microgreen business super profitable, but also it is absolutely healthy. In a world where every product is full of bad chemicals and unhealthy, you have made the right decision to create a microgreen business. All the best to you!

We hope that now you will be able to create the perfect name for your business. If you liked this article, feel free to share it with your network. Thank you!

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