468 Tattoo Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you are looking for a super cool name for your tattoo business, you have come to the right spot.

Tattoos did not technically come up in recent times. Rather, they had existed for long, long years. As per many researchers, tattooing even existed some 5000 years ago. Back in the Neolithic era, tattoos were done on the body during various religious ceremonies. Even many tribal clans are known to perform tattooing.

But in those times, these ink inscriptions did not actually go by the name “tattoo”. The famous explorer James Cook observed that tattooing has always been openly practiced in various islands, such as the islands of Tahiti and the Polynesian islands. From there, he discovered the word “tattoo,” which means to make a permanent inscription on the body by various pigments.

A majority of the people back in the old days thought tattoos to be bad or taboo. During World War II, the Nazis did tattoos to put numbers on dead bodies for their official record-keeping. In the case of Japan, tattooing was done on criminals and prisoners in order to mark them as outsiders of the society. Even the religious people believed that tattooing should not be done considering the fact that while tattooing, we are harming the God gifted body. Well, not every time a tattoo was considered as something bad. It can be proved by the fact that both Winston Churchill and his mother had got a tattoo back in the 1800s.

The 60s and 70s saw major popularity of tattoos where even tattoo artists started getting an educational degree. Soon, even celebrities started getting tattoos that were largely visible. The general people were influenced by celebrities and many other basketballs or baseball players, and tattoos soon became insanely popular. In recent times, tattoo has been regarded as a form of self-expression.

One of the first tips that every tattoo artist advises their customers is to have a proper decision regarding what tattoo they want to make. Therefore, it is suggested that you must have a plan before you get yourself tattooed. Otherwise, you may get a design you did not want at all.

Wanna hear an amazing fact? Gone are the days where tattoos were excruciatingly painful. Nowadays, with the improvement of technology, steps are being taken to make the process of tattooing a little less painful. This is indeed superb news for all the tattoo lovers out there.

Now let us come to the main part of this article- names for a tattoo business. Just like the tattoo itself, the name for its business should be a creative and attractive one. We understand that some of our readers are willing to create a tattoo business but do not know how to create a great name for it. Worry not, dear readers! This article has created some great names suitable for a tattoo business. Along with that, we have also come up with some critical tips and tricks which you must remember while creating a perfect name for your tattoo business. Without further ado, let’s see what they are.

Tattoo Shop Names

  • Time For Tattoo
  • Tattoo Of Rockstar
  • Tit For Tattoo
  • The Ink Business
  • Tattoo For The Vip’s
  • The Tattoo Salon
  • The Perfect Ink Spot
  • Tattoo Professionals
  • Ring Of Fire
  • The Cool Butterfly
  • The Howling Wolf
  • The Tattoo World
  • New Nine Studio
  • Craving For Ink
  • Tattoo Invincible
  • Ink Addict
  • Ink Of God
  • The Tattoo Avatar
  • From The Devil Himself
  • On The Arm
  • The Tribal Tattoos
  • The Star Tattoo

Unique Tattoo Shop Names

  • Where Ink Is Put
  • Tattoo For Royals
  • Tattoo 21
  • Not For Kids
  • Only For You
  • Love And Gossip
  • Game Over
  • The Ink Creature
  • The Black Mamba
  • Real Tattoos
  • The Haunted Soul
  • The Black Butterfly
  • The Stylish You
  • Have A Tattoo!
  • How To Look Cool?
  • Do A Tattoo
  • Off For Tattoo
  • Tattoos All Over
  • The Trendsetter
  • Tools Of Era
  • The 90s Shop
  • Ink Of The Dragonborn
  • The Tattoo Shop
  • The Ink Veda
  • Wanna Tattoo?
  • The Magical Ink
  • Ink Which Rocks
  • Inktastic!

Fabulous Tattoo Shop Names

  • The Tattoo Park
  • Where The Tattoo Lovers Are?
  • Step Up!
  • Got Tattooed
  • The Tattoo Creed
  • The Tattoo-o-Pedia
  • Tattootastic!
  • World Of Tattoos
  • Tattoo Voodoo
  • So Cool!
  • Tattooism
  • Tattoo Is An Art
  • Hello Tattoo!
  • The Sacrificing Ink
  • Dj And Tattoo
  • A Tale Of A Tattoo
  • The Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Kingdom
  • Bonjour Tattoo
  • Let’s Go Tattoo!
  • A Cup Of Ink

Badass Tattoo Shop Names

  • Whatever You Want!
  • We Do Everything
  • The Ink Art
  • The Tattoo Creation
  • No Pain, Only Fun!
  • Jeans Tattoo Studio
  • The Tribal Art
  • Fine Art Tattoo Studio
  • No Temporary, Only Permanent!
  • The Tattoo Wizard
  • The Tattoo Which
  • Abracadabra Tattoo!
  • The Inkdom
  • Strong Tattoos
  • The Tattoo House
  • United States Of Tattoo
  • Tattoolicious
  • Extraordinary Tattoos
  • Tattoo For Workaholics
  • For Your Karma
  • Skullcandy
  • The Tattoo Prism
  • Show Your Emotion
  • The King Tattoos
  • Crazy For Tattoos
  • The Inkaholic
  • The Tattoo Destination
  • No Pain Only Game
  • Tattoo Addict

Cool Tattoo Shop Names

  • Tattoo For You
  • The Name Tattoo
  • Tattoo For The Goddess
  • Petals And Thorns
  • All Inked Up
  • Tattoo Of Demon
  • The Gorgeous Art
  • Tattoo On Body
  • Spirited Away
  • Spiritual Design
  • Charm Others
  • For You
  • For Him
  • Road Of The Tattoos
  • The Black Velvet Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Hub
  • The Stone Cold Tattoo
  • The Black And White Era
  • Colour My World
  • Super-Fast Tattoos

Funny Tattoo Shop Names

  • Done With Fine Needle
  • The Cute Little Tattoo
  • No Cuts
  • Tattoo Vibes
  • The Lucky Art
  • Get Inked!
  • Bring Out You!
  • For The Wound Add Sole
  • The Forbidden Ink
  • Tattoos Don’t Lie
  • Dance Of Tattoos
  • Which Tattoo Do You Want!
  • A Game Of Tattoos
  • A Story Of Tattoo
  • The Spice Tattoo
  • Out Of Body Experience
  • Drink And Tattoo
  • Where The Dreams Stay
  • Black Rose Tattoo
  • Tattoo Of Sin
  • Ink Your Love
  • Bring Out The Beauty
  • Lost In Tattoos
  • Skin Deep Body Art
  • Zero Pain Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Toner
  • Target Tattoos
  • The Bold Tattoos
  • The Tattoo Destination
  • The Dragon Tattoo

Catchy Tattoo Shop Names

  • Spirit Of Tattoos
  • Ink Me Baby
  • Love For Ink
  • The Tribal Art
  • The Baby Ink
  • The Tattoo Rose
  • What A Tattoo!
  • Art On Body
  • Tattoo Gives You Wings
  • The Eagle Art
  • Tattoo Of The Phoenix
  • Rose And Thorns
  • Tattoo For Him
  • Tattoo For Her
  • The Black Rose Tattoo
  • The Blissful Art

Tattoo Artist Names

  • The Blissful Tattoo
  • The Tattoo Witchcraft
  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Welcome Tattoo
  • Crazy For Needles
  • Love For Tattoos
  • Tattoos Forever
  • Tattoo You!
  • Unlimited Tattoo Designs
  • Tattoo Appeal
  • The Ink Dot
  • No Pain Tattoo
  • The Path Of Life
  • The Painful Pleasures
  • Kiss Of The Angel
  • Satan’s Smile
  • What The Lord Wants
  • Ink Forever
  • The Black Heart
  • The Tattoo King
  • The Dark Kingdom
  • Kingdom Of Tattoos
  • The Tattoo Queen
  • Soles Are Tattooed
  • I Want This
  • Needle It Down
  • Painless Piercing
  • Paradise Of Ink
  • Paradise Of Tattoo
  • Colourful Tattoo
  • One Dress Tattoo
  • Tattoo Of Hollywood
  • The Tattoo Island
  • Eureka Arms!
  • Alice In The Tattoo Land

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How To Make A Name For A Tattoo Business

Now that you have gone through the list of names that we have created for your tattoo parlor, it’s time for the tips and tricks. With these steps, we assure you that you will come up with a superb name for your tattoo business. However, you must have a calm mind and absorb the steps with full concentration..

Make Names On The Popular Types Of Tattoos

In order to come up with a great name for a tattoo business, we believe that making names based on the popular tattoo itself can be a great idea. Not only that, but you can also make names based on the popular body parts where a tattoo is made- such as on the arm, on the fingers, around the ankle, and most popularly, the chest area.

Nowadays, spiritual symbols are quite in the trends nowadays, and they can range from a variety of things. Some of the most popular and common types of tattoos are a tattoo of a snake, bow and arrow tattoo, mandala designs on the body, etc. It can be a traditional mandala or some logo of a cult. Even a basic tattoo of some plants, animals or astronomical symbols is quite popular amongst newbie tattoo owners. Sometimes, tattoos can be a mode of self-expression. Such as the Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra she had a tattoo called “Daddy’s Little Girl,” which she dedicated to her late father. Even popular celebrities like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Angelina Jolie have visible tattoos.

It’s not that people only demand heavy tattoos, but some are also craving cute and minimalistic tattoos- such as a small tattoo on one finger only.

Tattoo trends come and go. But specific tattoo designs remain in the trends for an evergreen time. So, we gave you some ideas for the ongoing trendy tattoo designs. However, we advise you to research more and more. Make sure that the trends are universally popular. Then, on the basis of it, create a good name for your tattoo business.

The Name Of The Tattoo Business Should Be A Creative One

As we repeatedly say, it would look weird if a name for a business as creative as a tattoo parlor is boring and dull. We are not telling you to think tremendously about how you will come up with a creative name for your business in the world. One easy step to do that is to ensure that whatever name you choose has a direct and strong connection with the business itself. In other words, we mean that the name should refer to the fact that it is actually a name for a tattoo company and not any other type of company (for example, a restaurant).

Secondly, you can maintain the connection between the name and the business by giving relatable words such as “tattoo,” “ink,” etc.

Creativity is something that comes within you, and no matter how much we try, it is ultimately you who have to bring out the creativity within yourself. All we can do is to guide you a little bit. So, we have tried our best to create some great names in the above list. Do check them out once more and take inspiration regarding what type of names suits best to a tattoo business.

The Name Should Not Be Super Long And Easy To Memorize

Be it any business. As an entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that the name should not be horrendously long. Ultra-long names are an absolute no for a business because it does not sound attractive, and customers might get irritated while pronouncing them. Therefore, whatever name you choose for your company, try to keep it within three words.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the name should be remember-worthy. It does not sound good if your customer forgets the name within moments of first hearing it, right? One easy step of making a memorable name is to keep the name short and creative. Secondly, to make your name easily memorable, you can also give names based on popular Hollywood movies. For example, if you take the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, you can simply generate it to “Alice In Tattoo Land”. Sounds great, right?

Also, you can create rhyming names. Rhyming names are very easy to remember, and they sound creative.

Are you looking for names that are not horribly long and easy to memorize? We advise you to check out the name list again.


We hope we were successful in helping you come up with a perfect name for a tattoo business. Remember- just have a little bit of creativity within you, and you can ace the name, creating a process for your business within no time.

We hope that you were satisfied with this article. If yes, please do share it with your friends and colleagues to help them as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day!

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