Wholesale Company Names: 482 Best Names For Wholesale Business

Are you looking for the best name for your wholesale company? Worry not; we are here to solve your problem. But before that, let us point out to you what a wholesale company is. As the name suggests, wholesale companies are where products are sold in bulk amounts. This is mainly done to reduce the handling time of the products and reduce the packaging costs and distribution costs of each product. Your company handling wholesale packages doesn’t need to be the manufacturer of those products. The concept of the wholesale company does sound interesting. But everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Let us first talk about the advantages. If you have a wholesale company, you can avail more discounts and allowances. This is because the wholesalers tend to buy large quantities of goods from the manufacturers. You even get more advantages if you are the manufacturer of the product itself. Profit will definitely increase if you have a wholesale company. The next advantage of having a wholesale company is that it does not need much marketing and advertisement. This is because it is mainly the producers who advertise their products.

Your business shall not face much tough competition in this field because each wholesale company deals with a specific product line. Lastly, to have a successful wholesale company, you do not need to have impressive skills.

Now let us point out the disadvantages. First of all, you need to have a good amount of capital to initiate a wholesale business. You must have adequate and sufficient funds so that you can buy products in a large volume. Moreover, you need to have proper storage facilities in order to keep the large number of goods. Therefore, as you can understand, huge expenses are necessary to buy a storage area.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce you to the main thing of this article- that is a good name for your wholesale business. Unique names are necessary for any type of business. Therefore, we have exclusively created some of the best names for your company. Other than that, we have provided you with some handy tips.

Wholesale Company Names

  • The Grand Company
  • Selling Wholesale
  • A Whole Lot
  • The Wholesale Company
  • Groceries n Fishes
  • The Shopping Lot
  • The Tech Store
  • The Cosmeticaholic
  • Trees n Plantations
  • The Spectacular Shop
  • Let’s Talk Doors
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Foods n Beers
  • The Allison Wholetech
  • Whole Lot Of Foods!
  • Food Foodism
  • Plugging Plugs
  • Wholesale Ecstasy
  • The Subway
  • The China Store
  • Invest Wholesales
  • Whollachickky
  • Economic Development Spot
  • The Physicians Hub
  • Pub n Sizzlers
  • Medicines In Wholesale
  • Wholesale Toys
  • Wholesale Puzzles
  • Wholesale Queen
  • Wholesale Margarita
  • Seller’s Style
  • The Selling Conversation
  • Expanding Vegetables
  • The Ramen Store
  • The Ice-Cream Parlor
  • Hairs n Cosmetics
  • The Rooftop Cleaners
  • The Mega Retailers
  • The Multi Appliances
  • Wholesale Caretakers
  • The Wholesalers

Cool Wholesale Company Names

  • Wholesale Prime
  • Whole Fisheries
  • Selling In Bulk
  • Goods In Bounty
  • The Large Company
  • My Love Cosmetics
  • Love For Plants
  • Shop Of Shipments
  • Maintaining Sustainability
  • The Wholesale Hub
  • Hub Of Bounty
  • The Wholesalatality
  • The Innovators
  • Get Appliances
  • The Alliance Store
  • Explicit Wholesale
  • Hub Of Spectacles
  • Store Of Chinatown
  • The Wholesale Retailers
  • Best Wholesales
  • Alcohol In Wholesale
  • Selling It All
  • Pubs n Ramens
  • The Toy Story
  • Puzzling Wholesales
  • The Wholesale Plants
  • Semfaini Store
  • Finish In Style
  • The Wholelot Company
  • The Whole Conversation
  • The Stylish Wholesalers
  • The Shopify Hub
  • Monica’s Wholesale Hub
  • Selling Heavy
  • Hella Goods
  • Pull In Bulks
  • Hub Of Vegetables
  • Let’s Talk Machineries
  • The Noodle Store
  • Ice-Cream In Wholesale
  • The Beer Buyers

Unique Wholesale Business Names

  • Buying In Bulk
  • The Bulky Store
  • Bountiful
  • Bounty
  • Whole Allotments
  • Upper Barnes Pro
  • The Offline Lot
  • Business Booms
  • Alliance Distribution Services
  • The Home Decorum
  • The Shop House
  • The Usa Polishing Hub
  • The Wholesale Pub
  • The Great Store
  • Mary’s Wholesales
  • Priority Sellers
  • The Washing Company
  • The Algorithmic Project
  • Shop Of Spectacles
  • Wholesale Foods
  • Fierce Fiesta
  • Wholesale Bomb
  • Boring Singles
  • The Wholesale Sellers
  • The Electric Appliances
  • The Car Company
  • The Cleanwash Company
  • Sundrez Sundial
  • Selling In Style
  • Gradual Growth
  • Buy Heavy
  • Hell Lotta Goods
  • All About Veggies
  • The Noodle Machine
  • Selling Chocolates
  • Ice-Cream In Bulk
  • The Furniture Hub
  • Selling Chickens
  • Flesh In Wholesale

Distribution Company Names

  • Bulk Demand
  • Supplying In Bulk
  • The Hugo Store
  • Shop Wholesale
  • The Guy Tech
  • Miss Cosmetics
  • The Room Decorators
  • The Easyleadz
  • Fashions Boom
  • My Love Technology
  • All About Westernizers
  • Let’s Talk Clothes
  • The E- Mall
  • The Foody Hub
  • Wholesale Is Best
  • Cheap Curtains
  • Paint Your Home
  • The Home Dyes
  • The Room Decorum
  • All About Doors
  • Hubs n Pubs
  • Foods In Bounty
  • The Bountiful Store
  • Maker
  • The Roofwash Parts
  • Selling Wholes
  • Clothes In Bounty
  • The Bountiful Bottles
  • The Wholesale Talks
  • Bountiful
  • Fully Stocked
  • The Heavy Stock
  • The Veggies Store
  • Noodles n Ramens
  • The Ice Store
  • The Hair Hub
  • Wholesale Chickens
  • Fleshes In Wholesale
  • The Wholesale Market

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How To Name Your Wholesale Company

Following are some tips and tricks which will definitely help you to pick the perfect name for your wholesale business:

Find Connectable Names

Be it any kind of business- a food business, an electric appliance business or your wholesale company business, it shall be horrible if you name your business which has no connection or relation with the company itself. Therefore, choose proper keywords for your name, which shall completely suit the nature of your company.

Find The Nature Of Your Company

This shall be the next step which you must perform. Find out the nature of your company. That is, is the company aiming at providing eco-friendly services? Does it target to have gender-neutral people in the service sector? Are you guys focusing on more profit orientation or on serving people to the best possible extent? Ask questions to yourself regarding what the nature of your company is. Once you are done with finding out the best answers to those questions, sit down to think about the great name for your company.

Take Note Of The Legal Factor

Make sure that some other company has not already taken the names you are opting for wholesale business company. You shall face a lot of legal problems if this happens. Therefore, always try to come up with a unique and non-plagiarised name. Also, don’t forget to check out that whether some existing company has already taken the names or not. Remember- these companies may not be within the wholesale industry- it can be outside the field as well.

Add Relatable Words

You can always add relatable words- such as “wholesale”, “bulky”, “big”, “large” into the name of your wholesale company. Adding such words shall help you to have a name that has a strong connection with your company.

In the above-mentioned name list, we have generated some great names which have a solid connection to your business; that is, they have the best relation in the names. However, it’s wonderful if you have a different mindset and you happen to be least interested in putting such relatable words as we suggested. What matters at the end is that the name should be a unique and attractive one. And you can achieve that target even without opting for relatable words in the names.

Visualize The Names

When you are thinking of creating a good and decent name for a human being or your pet animal, you always think through and visualise the names right? You always check one hundred times that whether the names suit the person or not. The same goes when you are choosing a name for your business.

How shall you do this? Firstly, take a pen and paper and make a list of names that you prefer the most. Then, sit with a calm mind and visualise the names slowly. Ask yourself questions- does the name match? Or is it sounding horribly absurd? This is how you can visualise the words that you prefer most perfectly. In the above-mentioned name list, we have exclusively generated some unique and attractive names for you. Visualise the names and find out the perfect name for your business.

Register The Names

Until and unless you perform a proper registration of the names that you chose, it is of no value. Therefore, firstly choose the best name for your wholesale company business. And then, without any further delay, rush to register the name. Registration of company names becomes more essential because it will protect you from any type of legal complications.

Play Hit And Trial

If you don’t start shortlisting names, it shall get complicated for you to choose the perfect name for a wholesale company. Therefore, we first of all advise you to make a list of names with the help of a pen and paper. Then, play hit and trial, choose the names you find to be the most suitable, and eliminate the rest.

This tip becomes essential because unless you start eliminating the boring and common names, you shall get confused about which name is the best and unique one. If you face confusion regarding how to shortlist the names, we advise you to do it repeatedly. It’s excellent if you cannot come up with the best and perfect names for your company in the first instance. Therefore, try shortlisting many times. The more you do it, the more effective you become, and the higher are the chances of you coming up with a superb name for your company.

No Need To Choose Names For Marketing Strategy

As we have mentioned earlier, wholesalers have a great benefit-they do not have to advertise their product. This becomes a huge advantage because choosing names that can improvise the marketing strategy can be difficult. And now that you do not have to think names in that way for wholesale company business, much of the burden from your shoulders are reduced. But does that mean you can opt for any random and general name? Absolutely not. Even if you do not have to think of names based on the marketing strategy, you still have to opt for a unique and attractive name for your company. This is because if you do not do so, customers won’t be hooked to your business.


So that was it for this article. Were we successful in solving all your problems regarding how to name your wholesale company? If so, we urge you to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and peers. Most importantly, it would be great if you share this with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them to the best possible extent.

The job of an entrepreneur is not anything easy to do. You must have a calm and content mind and have a proper business strategy to make your company a successful one. But along with that, we must remind you the fact that naming your business is an essential step to perform as well. We hope that you shall keep this in mind.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a good day!

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