488 Art Blog Names Ideas and Suggestions

If the pandemic has had any positive effect on society, it has to be the abundance of time that we have had due to the lockdown across the globe. While all of us have something unique in us, most of us, due to the shortage of time and energy, could not pursue it, and the world was denied of the brilliance. Most of the people who are on the internet have opened up blogs or rather made blogs about art, poetry. Photography has been the new trend on social media. While some people do it for the thrill of reaching out to people, others do it just for the sake of it, who do not want anything from it but want to leave behind a footprint or rather a digital footprint on the world.

All the major literary and political movements across the world have had a fair share of art flaming the fans of the revolution, and not all revolutions can truly be seen in the real world. Some are in our heads, and some are storms that we fight within ourselves. All these forms of revolution give art and the artist its true meaning and thus in the modern world the Art Blogs are of so much importance.

Art blogs are the most interesting one as nothing portrays the emotions truer than a paintbrush in the hands of a person filled with emotion and feelings. If you are here looking for inspirations for naming your art blog, you are in the right place. This list of Art Blog names will help you find your true calling and bring out the majestic Michelangelo or the vibrant Van Gough in you.

The names that we have picked for this article are unique and very metaphoric in their nature, several interpretations can be made of the same and we leave it to our marvelous painters to interpret and perhaps add their own hue into the names and make them even more colorful.

We understand that art cannot be rated or compared for each piece of art has its own place in the unending universe; however, the names that you pick for your art blog can be rated and checked for uniqueness, you know, just to avoid copyright issues.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into it.

Art Blog Names

  • Traders Artist Collectiom
  • Painter Slate On Time
  • Art, Paint, And Design
  • Artistox And Equinox
  • Painting In Pursuit Of Happiness
  • Cypress Artist Of Tomorrow
  • Lovers, Artists and Me
  • Theta Artists For The Change
  • Color Corsage Into a Collage
  • Colors Composition Of Time
  • Painting Revolution In Rhime
  • Skillet Artist Of The Mountains
  • Painter Frost Of Frost
  • Rana Artists
  • Artists Talbot For Life
  • Artist Freckle While Alive
  • Color Hopping Rainbow
  • Colour Colour Hue
  • Color Hires Life
  • Artist Regent Rhime
  • Artist Racer
  • Disc Artist For Sheets
  • Metropolis Painter Of Dark Arts
  • Color Fervor Into Paper
  • Artist Guerrilla
  • Painting Importance Of Love
  • Colors Tempts Me
  • Artists Sent You To Death
  • Artist Fountain
  • Artist’s Kittens In a Bunch
  • Artist Gone Viral

Catchy Art Blog Names

  • Armour Colors For Death
  • Painting Frontier Of Tomorrow Land
  • Artist Tara’s World
  • Pouch Painting For Couch People
  • Color Cynic For Colour Blind
  • Artists Babble Over Hue
  • Artists Drama School
  • Peg Colors
  • Elegant Art For Royals
  • Color Pacing Maniac
  • Artists Agreement For Pain
  • Color Bunker
  • Artists Crescent
  • Trestle Artists
  • Painter Portable
  • Genus Artists
  • Artists Chorus
  • Artist Elation
  • Painter Waiver
  • Painting Scripts
  • Color Kidding
  • Artist Sorrel
  • Brush Strokes And The Sky
  • Painting Billboard For a Living
  • Tout Colors
  • Artist OUGH!
  • Colors Of The Rainbow
  • Paintbox 101
  • Hunk Artist

Best Art Blog Name Ideas

  • Painting Psychic
  • Colors Cook
  • Method Artists
  • Cirrus Painter
  • Colors Do Not Become Planned Ideas
  • Colors Do Not Whirl
  • Artist Love Stardust
  • Artists Are Not Hyena
  • Paint Hue Days
  • Banyan Artists
  • Colour SION
  • Artist Ducks
  • Staffer Artists
  • Colors River
  • Artist Hug
  • Artists Are Magnets To Love
  • Color Spectrum Of Speculator
  • Zephyr Artist
  • Colors Kisses
  • Artist Is a Prophet
  • Artists Do Not Salvage
  • Artist Do Get Stipend
  • Artists On Speed Dial
  • Cactus Is Also An Artist
  • Lotus Artists
  • Colors Gator
  • Painting To Be a Pretender
  • Artist Faces
  • Art Is Like a Tempest
  • Painting Of Dreams
  • Paint The Stage Beyond
  • Ranger Artist
  • Artist Of Zeta
  • Artists Strum
  • Artists For Expansion
  • Tuff Artist
  • Zig Artist

Unique Names For Art Blog

  • Colors Blazer
  • Crazy Paint
  • Colors And Rider
  • Artist For Shovel
  • Pro Painters
  • Artists For Life
  • Artist Goliath And Quiver
  • Color Signature On Hue
  • Artist Is a Dragon
  • Colors Coder
  • Colors Capita
  • Peppermint Painter
  • Colors Crop
  • Colors Condor
  • Artists Captain
  • Colors Research
  • Painting Banana
  • Vroom Colors
  • Color Emergency
  • Artist Fudge
  • Artist Dolphin
  • Colors Defender
  • Artists Offense Is Defence
  • Color Supper
  • Colors Pillars
  • Foodie Artists
  • Painter Possible
  • Titanium Artists Of Crafting
  • Artists At Work For Time
  • Painter Packet
  • Artist Religion Is Art
  • Paint Features

Art & Painting Blog Name Ideas

  • Clearance Artists
  • Painting Hare
  • Marble Painting
  • Artists Sprinkles
  • Acceleration Artists
  • Daily Paintings
  • Floss Paint
  • Artist Tradition
  • Paint Sorbet
  • Artists Capsule
  • Color Oppressor
  • Printing Paint
  • Artists Approval
  • Artist Segment
  • Acrylic Touch
  • Painter Bunker
  • Heaven Artist
  • Color Manner
  • Artists Vitamin
  • Paint Decade
  • Art Infusion
  • Artist Shotgun
  • Artistesta
  • Artists Orchid
  • Artist Sagra
  • Artists Students
  • Redneck Artist
  • Wolverine Artists
  • Color Soldier
  • Artist Shipment
  • Artist Capable
  • Painter Scribble
  • Artist Nipple
  • Artists Dunk
  • Painting 101
  • Artist Optics
  • Swift SART
  • Wife Painter
  • Artists Fluent
  • Artist Courier

Creative Art Blog Name Ideas

  • Colors Starters
  • Contra Artist
  • Artist Logical
  • Sana Artist
  • Reefer Artist
  • Country Painter
  • Guava Artists
  • Leadership Painter
  • Artists Pageant
  • Artists Boomer
  • Derma Artist
  • Paint Daze
  • Exchange Paint
  • Artists Veda
  • Foodie Painter
  • Colors Conquest
  • Painting Per
  • Color Caviar
  • Stopping Paint
  • Colors Scholar
  • Muffin Artist
  • Paint Addict
  • Colors Admirer
  • Beyond The Canvas
  • Painter Hustler
  • Painter Pavilion
  • Paint Brush Stories
  • Lantern Painter
  • Rufartist
  • Colors Ranger
  • Artists Optic
  • Artist Fiesta
  • Acceleration Artist
  • Power Painting
  • Paint The World
  • Columns Artist
  • Painters Universe
  • Artist Scorpion
  • Ladder Colors
  • Painting Caring
  • Artist Awe
  • Artist Gradient
  • Lifts Painting
  • Artist Location
  • Artists Spindle
  • Paint Mammoth
  • Artist Gen
  • Paint Parlour
  • Artists Ritual
  • Painting Dining
  • Colors Cabbage
  • Bradford Artist
  • Creed Artist
  • Voting Painting
  • Oxartist
  • Colorful Painting

Amazing Painting Blog Names

  • Color Spotters
  • Artist Reflection
  • Paint Sway
  • Artist Strickle
  • Painting Calling
  • Freshest Paintings
  • Bramble Artist
  • Artists Lotus
  • Attraction Artist
  • Artist Satin
  • Colors Entrepreneur
  • Artist Pup
  • Playing With Colors
  • Garment Colors
  • Painter Locality
  • Artists Voyage
  • Artists Formula
  • Painteling
  • Art Is Tern
  • Pharma Artist
  • Artist Orbit
  • Cherry Paintworks
  • Artist Swallet
  • Artists Sentiment
  • Artist Lisle
  • Applause Art

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Tips For Naming Your Art Blog

We understand that there is no perfect when it comes to art. Still, when it comes to naming your art blog, it gets even tenacious as names can be as creative as the mind gets, and thus there started our journey with you, taking you through a massive list of beautifully crafted Art Blog names that will help you think and give you enough space for you to make the most of it.

Art Blogs Are Essential

We express our deepest emotions through art, and thus Art Blogs are essential to ventilate our frustration and anxiety and take that energy to paint a masterpiece and upload it to the world to experience it. Before naming your art blog, understand the importance and meaning of it and do well-documented research on the backdrop and metaphorical meaning of the name you pick.

The name you pick for your blog becomes an integral part of its identity and yours too, as you are the magnificent artist that is practically bringing thoughts and ideas to light. The name you pick should be self-defining and give you a sense of purpose and creativity. The world is filled with talented individuals, and it is not always about competition.

Thus, try and keep a name that seems justifiable to you, and you do not owe anyone any explanation for it.

Be Regular With Your Content

We understand that being able to regularly churn out creativity is hard. Still, today, if you want to have an art blog and want to be recognized by it, you have to provide regular content to your subscribers and followers. Thus if you want the name of your blog to be a household name and be as famous as the influencer next door, remember to upload content to your blog page regularly. It keeps the algorithm going and does not let your blog’s reach die.

Be Fearless

While naming your blog, do not be afraid of what your friends or family will think of it, be fearless and name it whatever you want, upload whatever you want and most importantly, be able to think without fear of judgment. You need to liberate your mind from social need and peer pressure to be truly yourself and create masterpieces.

Be Patient

While starting a blog, especially an art blog, many users find it slow and give up after a week. We urge you not to give up just because it is not getting the reach you believe it deserves. It is unfair to yourself and to the people who relentlessly follow you against all odds.

Art Blogs are a little difficult to get viral in a world that promotes 15 seconds video content but be patient and keep doing the good work, and eventually, things will fall in place.

Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your followers in the comment section, be very procreative and kind, and choose a catchy and edgy name at the same time. The name that you pick should be self-serving and true to the purpose of its endeavor. The easier it is to remember your name, the more people will engage, and with this engagement, you can create a sustainable fan base that might eventually lead to your blog being monetized.

Be Creative With The Name And The Content

While naming your Art Blog, never go for names that refer to any artist or their original work. As much as it is flattery it is, the market would not respect your work if you do. Have the heart to be creative and think beyond the frontiers of the mind, a place perhaps only reserved for the artists and their clan.

Final Words

We are glad to see that you have finally taken up the hobby that you have been shoving under the carpet for so long. And now that you have decided to come public with it, we hope that our long list of meticulously crafted names helped you in your pursuit of the ideal name for your Art Blog.

Artists have always had that mad streak about them. They are so unique that each artist can truly be separated from another but not from their art.

If this article was of value to you, do let us know in the comment section below and add in any new names that you believe should have been on the list. We are eternally thankful to you for your time and would be more grateful if you could spread the good word among your friends, family, and peers. This article was truly constructed to help a confused soul on the sea of art reach a shore, and we hope we can do it.

Thank you.

Let art give life to thee!

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