488 Dollar Store Name Ideas and Suggestions

Want to look for a good name for your dollar store? Well, you have visited the right place. But before taking you to the amazing list of names for a dollar store, let us give you a small description of what dollar stores are. Wait, that’s not it! At last, we have also provided a great surprise for you.

In simple terms, a dollar store is a type of store which sells items at a very low cost. Although in pen and paper, dollar store owners claim to sell every item for $1 or less, in reality, that’s not the case. The main aim of dollar store owners is to sell items at a cheap price- that’s it! Gone are the days where dollar store owners claimed to sell everything at $1. In many scenarios, it has often been seen that some items are sold at even $7. Usually, the larger items or items which have a brand value attached to them are sold at greater prices.

The best part is that you can buy really great items at an absolutely cheap price. Therefore, if you want to look rich but cannot afford the stuff, a dollar store is the place you must go to.

A dollar store literally sells everything- starting from products like toothpaste, pots, and pans. They even sell food items like pastries and ice creams.

The question arises: How in the world do the stores attain profits considering that they sell items at such a cheap price. The reason is that dollar stores tend to buy millions of bulky items. Then, they divide those items for each of their store. This results in the reduction of the price (companywide). The second reason is that almost every dollar store present in the whole world tends to sell smaller items or items in lesser quantity. They mainly do that so that they can put a high margin on the items. This is quite deceiving since this may lead a customer to pay more than the actual price of the item. Therefore, critics of dollar stores always warn customers to check for the item’s true price before paying for it.

Another thing is that dollar store owners usually sell outdated or cheaply acquired items. This does not mean that they sell expired products, and it simply means that the product is outdated.

Now that you are willing to create a dollar store for your own, you must create an attractive name for it. We understand that it can be a difficult task to do. But you have no reason to worry when we are here. In this article, we have brought to you some great names for a dollar store. And we have a surprise for you- tips and tricks with which you can come up with a great name for a dollar store. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Dollar Store Names

  • Money Matters
  • Money Is My Honey
  • The Money Company
  • All About Money
  • The Money Tree
  • The Money Planners
  • The Dollar Store
  • Wish Granted
  • All About Money
  • 24/7 Dollar Store
  • Fulfilling Wishes
  • The Dollar Company
  • The American Dollar Store
  • Unboxing Money
  • Money Matter
  • All About Finances
  • The Financial Stuff
  • Let’s Talk Money
  • The Real Aladdin
  • What Do You Want?
  • The Dollar Heaven
  • Peace Is In Dollar
  • No Money? No Honey!
  • The Money Race
  • King Of Dollar’s
  • The Dollar Spot
  • Let’s Talk Dollar
  • Take It All
  • Time For Money
  • Cheap Is Boring
  • The Rich Thrill
  • Don’t Want Bargain
  • The Perfect Money
  • The Dollar Show
  • The Amazing Dollars
  • The Money Princess
  • King Of Money
  • Dollar Me!
  • Dollar Morning
  • Morning Starts With Money
  • The Great Heaven
  • Adventure In The Dollar Island
  • Money Quest
  • Money Heist
  • What The Rich Wants
  • Palace Of Money
  • The Dollar Deals
  • So Dolaricious!
  • My Money Princess
  • The Golden Egg
  • Money Matters
  • Money Hallucination
  • Craving For Money
  • Money Is Dream
  • The Dollar Conquest
  • Depends On Money
  • Want To Be Rich?
  • The Savings Store
  • Dollar Makes Me Happy
  • The Dollar Corner

Cool Dollar Store Names

  • So Moneylicious!
  • The Money Store
  • No Bargain, Only Gain!
  • Love In Dollars
  • Sorry, No Bargain!
  • The Mega Store
  • The Mega Money
  • Value For Money
  • Value For Dollar
  • Dollars Of Dolly
  • The Money Parlour
  • The Money Joint
  • Alice In Dollar Land
  • The Money Princess
  • Amazing Deals
  • Four More Dollars Please!
  • Day Of Dollars
  • Bad Money
  • Everything Is Money
  • Want Some Money?
  • Make Some Dollars
  • The Dollar Shop
  • The Dollar Melodrama
  • Amazing Money
  • Sounds Of Dollar
  • Get Yourself Rich
  • Be Rich
  • The Buck Bankroll
  • Buck In Bus
  • How Much Bucks?
  • Money Marple
  • The Warrior Dollars
  • Dollars From Heaven
  • What The Lord Wants
  • The Emperor Of Money
  • The Chief Money
  • Money Inspector
  • Palace Full Of Money
  • The Money Squad
  • When I Meet Dollar
  • Lady Dollar
  • Miss Dollar
  • Buckle Up!
  • Love To Spend
  • Dollar Wonderland
  • All About Dollar
  • Save Some Money
  • Diamonds And Dollars
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Matters
  • Quick Dollar Store
  • Big Deal Dollars
  • What A Deal!
  • The Dollar Mango
  • Plentiful Dollar Store
  • The Story About A Dollar
  • The Dollar Drama
  • The Dollar Paradise
  • The Money Paradise
  • Dollar Of Grandma

Creative Dollar Store Name Ideas

  • Want Some Money?
  • Buy Me Money!
  • No Bargain
  • Alright Dollar
  • Miss Money
  • Mr Dollar
  • Dollars Are Awesome
  • Bliss Of Dollars
  • The Shiny Coin
  • Miss Penny
  • Four More Pennies, Please!
  • Craving For Penny
  • Craving For Money
  • Love In Dollars
  • Money Is My True Love
  • Want To Be Rich?
  • Dollars And Drama
  • Money And Cents
  • Great Deals
  • Great Money Deals
  • The Lucky Dollar
  • Delight For Dollar
  • The Dollar Magic
  • Win Money
  • All For A Buck
  • Things About Dollar
  • The 99 Cent Store
  • The Superb Dollar
  • The Money Plus
  • No Money, Bye Bye!
  • The Dollar Roller Coaster
  • The Money Drama
  • The Money Martini
  • The Money Booze
  • Want Some Money?
  • Want Some Dollar?
  • Founders Of Dollar
  • The Money Manual
  • When I Meet Money
  • Chemistry Of Money
  • The Dollar Star
  • Wonderful Money
  • The Wonder Dollars
  • Not A Child’s Play
  • Dollar Originally
  • The Dollar Coaster
  • The Dollar Deal
  • The Luxurious Life
  • Project Dollar
  • The Dollar Tree
  • Money General
  • The Family Of Dollars
  • The Dollar Stock
  • The Dollar Decorum
  • So Expensive!
  • Craving For Money
  • The Mega Dollar Store
  • Sweet Money
  • Great Deal
  • The Quick Buys Company
  • The Money Store

Unique Dollar Store Names

  • Craving For Dollars
  • The Dollar Day
  • Money Is Essential
  • The Money Culture
  • The Dollar Loyal
  • The Money Emporium
  • The Dollar Guys
  • A Day About Bucks
  • The Buck Guys
  • High Maintenance
  • The Dollar Departure
  • The Dollars And Discounts
  • The Dollar Company
  • The Dollar Deal
  • Expensive Bills
  • I Want Luxury
  • Delight Is In Dollar
  • Peace Is In Price
  • The Dollar
  • The Amazing Deals
  • Deals Of The Day
  • My Dream Dollar
  • Destination Dollar
  • Dollar On The Way
  • Buckle Up For Bucks
  • Money Makes Me Dream
  • I Can Marry Money
  • Meet My Money
  • The Money Hot
  • More Money
  • The Coin Company
  • What The Rich Wants
  • The Dollar Deal
  • The Family Dollar
  • No Bucks
  • Big Deal Store
  • The Dollar Convenience
  • Catch A Dollar
  • Want Some Money?
  • Less Discounts More Money
  • The Quick Dollar Store
  • The Dollar Crescent
  • The Dollar Boys
  • The Dollar King
  • All About Money
  • A Dollar For A Dollar
  • The Dollar Shack
  • The Great Dollar Store
  • Dollar Is My Best Friend
  • Love For Money
  • Best Dollar Store
  • The Social Melodrama
  • The Golden Dollar
  • 99 Only
  • Make Yourself Rich
  • Boom In Dollars
  • The Dollar Family
  • The Dollar Boutique
  • Hub Of Dollars
  • The Money Market

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The Name Must Have A Connection To It

For a name for a dollar store, imagine giving names like “Seafood Restaurant,” “The Cloth Store,” ”Deals On Shoes“ and others. As you can understand, these names are for seafood restaurants, a clothing store, and a shoe store. Now think about it- for a dollar store, these name sounds weird and horrendous, right? This is because the name does not properly connect with the store. So, whatever name you choose for your dollar store should have a proper and solid connection with the store.

Now how would you do that? Well, one tip is two add words like “dollars,” “money,” etc., in the store’s name. Because dollar store aims to sell items at cheap price, you could also signify this thing through the name of your store. You can create names like “Good Deals For You,” “Look Rich!”, “Looks Expensive But Is Cheap.”

For a great name for a dollar store. Therefore, if you still do not have an idea regarding how to create great names for your store, we advise you to check out the name list given above. All the names we have created for you have a proper connection with the store.

The Name Should Be Easily Memorable

You do not want your customers to get bored while they read the name, right? If yes, you must make a name that should be easily memorable. Memorable names will help your dollar store stand out amongst the billions of dollars stores that exist worldwide.

There are some certain tips that you can follow if you want to create a memorable name. Firstly, make sure that whatever name you choose for your store is short and crisp. Super long names are actually very boring and unattractive. Therefore, make sure that your name ranges between 2 to 3 words.

Secondly, make sure that the name does not sound complex, and the customers can easily pronounce it.

If you want to search for more such names, check out the name list above.

The Name Should Match With The Target Of The Business

Be it any business, the name should always match with it’s target. For example, you might aim at providing customer-friendly services for your dollar store. Or you can aim at providing quality products at cheap prices. You can even aim to provide heavy discounts to your customers or keep only sustainable products at your store.

Whatever aim your store has, make sure that you make a name based on it. If you still have not chosen the goals and targets that you used or shall have, it’s high time you do so. Take the opinion of the other important members and come up with some proper targets based on that. Once you do that, you can create a great name for your business.

We can’t know what your business’s target can be. However, we have tried our best to assume it. We have tried to create some suitable names for a dollar store business based on the probable aims that it can have. Do not forget to check them out in the list mentioned above!

Stay 10 Feet Away From Legal Complications

Considering the fact that there are billions of dollar stores existing in the whole world, high chances are that you might make a name for your store that some other company has already taken. And if that happens, no one can save you from legal complications. Therefore, you must be careful from the very first.

Once you create a name for your company, we advise you to make sure that it is non plagiarized. For more such names, we advise you to check the list.

Final Words

We hope you liked this article. We have tried our best to provide you with the best suitable names for a dollar store business. If you want to create names on your own, follow the tips and tricks that we have provided, and you shall be good to go.

Did you love this article? If yes, please feel free to share it with your network. The more this article gets shared, the more we will get motivated to create more such content.

Thank you!

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