460+ Hill Dwarf Names

Looking for a perfect name for your ‘Hill Dwarf’? No worries, here you can find a list full of suitable names which will also help you to understand the character better. But to choose the perfect name, you need to know a little bit background story of hill dwarfs.

You can find Hill Dwarfs in various parts of Khaz Modan, Northern, Grim Batol, and Aerie Peaks. Both Wildhammer Dwarfs and Bronzebeard Dwarfs are known for having Hill Dwarfs. They are also popularly called ‘Mountain Dwarfs’. As they are mostly known as earthier, they like to live in holes in the ground. Their heights are around Six centimeters and they are known to be stockier than Wildhammer Mountain Dwarfs.

The Bronzebeard Hill Dwarfs have old enmities with Wildhammer Dwarfs who are also their cousins. Though most of the hill dwarfs ran away while being attacked by the Horde, few hill dwarfs couldn’t make it as their escape route was destroyed. As a result, they were stuck with their enemies. Later, when the Horde took over the land, most of them died. The rest of them were forced to go underground.

Thereafter, only four clans of Bronzebeard hill dwarf survived in Khaz Modan. Though in the past there used to be hundreds of members, now the clan which is known as Rom’s clan had only 47 members. Two of the clans were bigger than the first one while the last one was smaller than the first clan. In total, there were around three hundred individuals. During the second war, the Bronzebeard clan fought back and took back a portion of the Grim Batol area. They tried to claim the mountain fortress and the whole area of Grim Batol again.

While the Rom’s dwarfs were always specified as ‘Hill Dwarfs’, according to the Night of the Dragon, the Khaz Modan dwarfs were not called Hill Dwarfs. In Day of The Dragon, they had a rivalry with the Wildhammer Dwarfs. They are known for being both materialistic, ritualistic, and conservative. They value themselves and others by their possession. They are also very much careful about their family reputation. Because of their conservativeness and strong belief, they never venture outside of their clan as they believe in their own cultural superiority.

It would be easier for anyone to name a Hill Dwarf now. Following certain guidelines and innovative ideas, you will find the most meaningful name for your hill dwarf from the following list.

Female Hill Dwarfs Names

  • Jintin Glowdust
  • Anvian Buzraprut
  • Natalia Basukil
  • Gloriya Kpaurz
  • Testile Bodapity
  • Lepchitz Kryons
  • Shrabazki Kranbez
  • Magnusi Banez
  • Kilimono rut
  • Hukomi Tagza
  • Yahuki Sazz
  • Mistru olabuz
  • Buzpoik Kijsduh
  • Hopiki Jumos
  • Sujoyi Tahuha
  • Forgoshi Portrua
  • Hukima yuri
  • Kloza Tayuhu
  • Guczi Demaki
  • Satonz Klopilz
  • Neplesy Yorksz
  • Horsz Nuks
  • Lopaz Buntagift
  • Yazdit Dretfit
  • Laopsh bahdhet
  • Bhujit Hbuticz
  • Zaxta Pella
  • Bujhnas Kliier
  • Lasssyl Fogsurge

Best Hill Dwarf Names

  • Jennthiel Robrozen
  • Kaitla Menskal
  • Lassryl Menzek
  • Eddielle Nakod
  • Solwaen Fuzift
  • Bonnglia Meadowleaf
  • Daerris Hallowedclaw
  • Gwynglian Yua
  • Nasnyl Rumzurima
  • Brallesora Glak
  • Solra Zao
  • Marryn Cekha
  • Kaitbera Xeim
  • Maerlyn Vurdug
  • Bralrin Stokave
  • Maermyl Hillspear
  • Bryllemora Gakokomo
  • Gwynglian Yua
  • Hokhuk Bottleriver
  • Bhakdroud Orcshaper
  • Firgatum Drakecloak
  • Bakdraes Cragbringer

Male Hill Dwarfs Names

  • Doldur Jildub
  • Thalbrek Zenibar
  • Starag
  • Taibreak Comz
  • Lilo Zyanz
  • Larry Stylz
  • Tharigg Fazohil
  • Grilkuhm Swiftwatcher
  • Ponage
  • Cihrod
  • Starag
  • Berig Jessu
  • Doldain Merulmako
  • Casseim
  • Hjalgg Fulduz
  • Anupax KHetrz
  • Shakz Til
  • Slimonz Tyles
  • Tylofri Kekzat
  • Hiroskrit Fujtaz
  • Blowfring Basket
  • Smallz Pool
  • Tolabosa Krety
  • Plobis Exatycs
  • Kylz Bass
  • Forestblower
  • Bharmir Tolbos
  • Huldal Vov
  • Magnus Bane
  • Liamz Driftey
  • Yazkika Kaliyo
  • Xast Hast
  • Xamanyo Ktidher
  • Lewrty Bovangil
  • Kasdler Bistann
  • Tiyolo Bolaski
  • Bokjo Kakazu
  • Butruop Lopsez
  • Bugzet Villieas
  • Senzo Eighty
  • Killbow Fryting
  • Testzoz gofruhraz
  • Chatfgloz Birunt
  • Dharist Nutto

Cool Hill Dwarf Names

  • Dhassi
  • Balkom Dukded
  • Crestmane
  • Thelthran Celied
  • Nersk
  • Emthrun Rasad
  • Warcleaver
  • Thydor Nordiz
  • Khukol
  • Krommyl Trubega
  • Clansword
  • Horgrum Margado
  • Kartharn Fisttrack
  • Rugja Olps
  • Bustiko Kolaza
  • Xamfry Kryler
  • Ruburgu
  • Xamini Fishher
  • Yaburu Kalimaz

Catchy Hill Dwarf Names

  • Grandlaa laam
  • Olsaho Kats
  • Daermiir Elin
  • Grandal Pala
  • Rig
  • Banrum Thunderridge
  • Stedz
  • Bewze Gortry
  • Ranjhyx Lambiz
  • Sherko Klovix
  • Wazzat Blofint
  • Rotix Aeronetix
  • Bowfly Vrokz
  • Sunshiz Monarchas
  • Olaplus Buzo
  • Ghynchaz Clausety
  • Rovtaz Lirry
  • Banedict Xarty
  • Hugo table
  • Vasekular Boxy
  • Johnbow fighter
  • Lil Carebow
  • Werazzet Earthbane
  • Stirkarsk
  • Lozzuik Fierybow
  • Stuvurkere
  • Thutmuno Shatterbone
  • Oakmale Fightstar
  • Lucidil Mazesky
  • Pluibis Clary
  • Rortiz Aurobary
  • Fithit glorymow
  • Koolzit Firstjane
  • Newbis Shyadows
  • Ayuzkhin Krutan
  • Helm Mouk

Amazing Hill Dwarf Names

  • Gloryz Fashit
  • Thedgroli Oakmaker
  • Flintdreamer
  • Thutmouk Shatterhelm
  • Nuragnod Flatfall
  • Whitbeard
  • Baldrumlin Flaskbasher
  • Harbet Warcloak
  • Dunthapred
  • Doraggumir Copperbeard
  • Thatroick Greatfury
  • Menzek

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How To Pick a Perfect Hill Dwarf Name

Select a Short And Simple Name

It is said that simple names create a better and long-lasting impression than difficult ones. It is also easy to remember. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose a common one. You still can find a unique name and keep it simple. Also, as these names often seem to be hard to remember it is important to keep the name short. Simple names represent the simple yet transparent personality of the owner which will help you to connect to your audience. They will find more interest if the characters are simply named. Having a complicated, large, and difficult name can create distance and confusion.

Pick a Name With Meaning

As Hill Dwarfs are known for their conservativeness and bravery you should pick a name with related meaning for your Dwarf. A meaningful name will be helpful in creating individuality and unique identity. Female hill dwarfs have a strong connection with exotic animals which is why it is suggested to pick a name related to exotic animals when it comes to female hill dwarfs. They are also known for their ability to create amazing jewelry which opens a new horizon for you to choose names. Any names in the context of jewelry, animals, and precious stones can be used as your female dwarf name.

Send a Message Through The Names

the selected names should have another message along with meaning it is a golden opportunity for you to send a message to your audience through the name of your Dwarf. As each and every character is related to the owner’s personality it is important to select the name with what you actually can relate to. Both male and female hill dwarfs have their own characteristics which you can use while sending a msg through the names.

Get Ideas From Friends And Families

It is totally okay to ask for help from others. If you can’t find the most suitable name for your hill dwarf, ask your friends. Even if they aren’t totally aware of your gaming character, they can suggest something on their own which could be a great help for you. Also, asking other people increases the chance to discover new and unique names. It will also bring you multiple options from where you will be able to choose your preferred one. You can always mix the suggested names with your chosen one and experience a little bit with the names.

You Can Add Surnames

Along with a name, pick a surname for your hill dwarf. But remember that the surname should sound good with the name. Also, keep the characteristics of your dwarf in mind while picking up the surname. If your male dwarf is good with weapons and armors, you can keep the names of weapons and armors in his surname. While picking up a surname for your female dwarf, you can add animal names as they are good with animals. You can also use your family surname or your parent’s surname while naming your dwarf. Dwarfs are very must respectful towards their families.

This is why it would be perfect to give a surname to your dwarf by picking it up from their family name. But remember to keep the name and surname short and crisp together.

Final Words

Don’t rush! It might take some time, but don’t rush while naming your hill dwarf. With time and patience, you will be able to find the most suitable name. Also, if you spend some time researching the names, you will get a better idea and grasp of the topic which is why it is important to keep thinking. Also, if you get stuck with your ideas, feel free to ask others. You can mix up suggested names with your own ideas and create a unique name for your favorite character.

It is also very important to think differently which is why it is suggested not to look for answers at the very beginning. Try on your own at first and don’t copy from others. If you want to convey a message through your hill dwarf, it is important to dive deep and bring new names. Common and used names can’t create a good impression.

Now, if you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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