450+ Famous Japanese Dragon Names

Are you worried about coming up with a Japanese Dragon name? If the response is a resounding yes, you’ve arrived at the ideal location. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Japanese Dragon names, as well as some helpful hints and pointers that will make your name search go more smoothly if you follow the procedures. It will also allow you to save some of your time, putting towards more vital tasks.

As we all know, naming is a complex work, and while choosing a name for anything, we must use our minds to think clearly and simply about the concept behind the item we are naming. When we have all of the information on a subject, it is often simple to come up with a name that is related to it on all levels, whether it culture or qualities, or even different personalities. Let us first some gather some important knowledge about Japanese Dragon, then dive into the names.

Japanese mysticism draws on Shinto, Buddhist, and folkloric traditions for its genesis tale and subsequent myths. Numerous spirits are thought to have appeared at the same time as the creation and were alluded to as kotoamatsukami. Elderlies of gods (individually known as kami) appeared after the creation of god almighty and were known as kamiyonanayo or the Age of the Gods’ Seven Generations. The kamiyonanayo, according to Japanese legend, was made up of twelve deities, two of which functioned as the first, individual kamis known as hitorigami, and the other 10 as male-female pairings, either siblings or married couples. Many other divinities arose from these deities and other creatures who served as their guardians, messengers, soldiers, and enemies. Japanese dragons were remarkable in that they governed the waters as aquatic beings, battled another lord, and shapeshifted into people or vice versa. They were also thought to represent bravery, knowledge, and prosperity.

Many people believe that all dragons are the same. Furthermore, dragons are more frequently connected with Chinese tradition than with Japanese folklore, which is unsurprising given that Chinese concepts affect many of Japan’s traditional practises and customs in some way. Japanese dragons are known for having three toes per foot, but Chinese dragons have four or five on every foot.

Japanese dragons are also more tentacle and have a slimmer build. Chinese dragons are commonly shown as friendly creatures in tales, whereas Japanese dragons are frequently depicted as malicious beasts. In Chinese mythology, dragons are referred to as water basins, and they are regarded as rain bringers for agriculture. On the other hand, dragons are frequently used in Japanese folklore to construct scenes that emphasize valiant gods.

We have all the valuable knowledge about the Japanese dragon now. So, let us get started with the name collection for Japanese dragons!

Cool Japanese Dragon Names

  • Cliffhanger Mabuchi
  • Dino Kure
  • Glycon Ichiho
  • Godzilla Goto
  • Antoinette Shungyosai
  • Artemis Ikehara
  • Augustine Anii
  • Absinthe Areo
  • Gorn Slim
  • Rex Redex
  • Sobek Pin
  • Viper Skimpy
  • Cedric Cario
  • Chandra Junk
  • Ebeneezer Pio
  • Echo Oreo
  • Electra Bing
  • Elmo Reo
  • Eponine Echo
  • Charisma Crise
  • Clementine Door
  • Galinda Glim
  • Coppelia Crop
  • Centurion Rion
  • Bare Bone
  • Bad Cock
  • Came Lot
  • Delp Hinia
  • Dau Bigny
  • Gillo Tyne

Catchy Japanese Dragon Names

  • Dionysus Pine
  • Bona Venture
  • Hed Wig
  • Hamnet Pine
  • Crois Sant
  • Glis Moda
  • Han Cock
  • Briony Briff
  • Drusilla Kinz
  • Continent Cinx
  • Icarus Iron
  • Berengaria Bling
  • Battalion Pine
  • Beelz Ebub
  • Humi Liation
  • Bigod Eggleston
  • Humble Ward
  • Bella Donna
  • Humiliation Hynde
  • Tatsu Trio
  • Illuya Nkas
  • Haku Himp
  • Helios Himp
  • Hatuib Wari
  • Venim Vine
  • Typhon Phon
  • Vermithrax Datiu
  • Viserion Verson
  • Jabber Wock
  • Jormun Gandr

Creative Japanese Dragon Names

  • Hyperion Himp
  • Vipor Mimb
  • Uwibami Ureo
  • Tiamat Timbd
  • Vasuki Venue
  • Lumino Sity
  • Ember Erege
  • Blaze Bine
  • Warmth Clin
  • Hearth Niffy
  • Scorch Strav
  • Glow Lin
  • Pyre Din
  • Spark Shine
  • Tinder Timber
  • Sear Liber
  • Camp Fire
  • Bon Fire
  • Flame Flip
  • Flare Fine
  • Tyson To
  • Hakan Himp
  • Ken Neth
  • Ignacio Areo
  • Mccoy Pine
  • Hagan Himp
  • Azar Areo
  • Fintan Flip
  • Egan Endo
  • Ayden Areii

Unique Japanese Dragon Names

  • Ignatius Eff
  • Blaise Bing
  • Haco Hako
  • Alev Vivo
  • Conl Eth
  • Bedel Ia
  • Alinta Timo
  • Brid Get
  • Fiamma Linm
  • Enya Evy
  • Anala Drain
  • Ogun Oreo
  • Ra Rumble
  • En Rim
  • Ishum Iron
  • Vulcan Vivo
  • Kōjin Link
  • Huilu Sinc
  • Jagau Bis
  • Agni Angulur
  • Grannus Vel
  • Helios Mic
  • Cacus Li
  • Apollo Limb
  • Ebo Ero
  • Hephae Stus
  • Kresnik Jig
  • Ut Aff
  • Oya Pine
  • Hestia Limp

Amazing Japanese Dragon Names

  • Chan Tico
  • Kamar Link
  • Gabija Fayib
  • Turg Mam
  • Brigit Bing
  • Sekh Met
  • Kamuy Huci
  • Vesta Vimp
  • Pele Hisakawa
  • Tomita Shunsuke
  • Chiba Ienobu
  • Kamata Unkei
  • Haruta Okura
  • Fuchizaki Matsuo
  • Tano Dai
  • Hano Tadahisa
  • Kirishima Sanraku
  • Katsura Kazuhiko
  • Saza Tatsuzo
  • Isa Marihito
  • Kishi Bachiko
  • Hiruma Iwane
  • Fukuma Akira
  • Koyasu Kotaro
  • Okawa Tatsu
  • Matsuura Takejiro
  • Shoda Matsuko
  • Yamamuro Shintaro
  • Toma Jun
  • Rai Josuke

Famous Japanese Dragon Names

  • Sugita Fuki
  • Matsuoka Yoshiyuki
  • Shibata Ruriko
  • Yamataka Kenji
  • Uchima Gina
  • Kanagi Chikao
  • Kouumoto Ado
  • Shintani Shunji
  • Teramoto Koharu
  • Matsuoka Tamasaburo
  • Mizusawa Namie
  • Sawa Tetsuyuki
  • Tamai Kofuyu
  • Nishi Eichiro
  • Shime Nyoko
  • Serizawa Sachio
  • Yamashiro Yumisa
  • Nobusawa Ogai
  • Suou Kadiri
  • Hayabusa Narihari
  • Kuramoto Erize
  • Tsujita Harunobu
  • Yanagisawa Umeko
  • Kondo Haru
  • Mifune Yoshino
  • Hanazawa Kazuhiro
  • Junko Taji
  • Wakasugi Michinaga
  • Yoneda June
  • Morikawa Juro

Wonderful Japanese Dragon Names

  • Taniuchi Fuji
  • Tamaasa Toyozo
  • Yasui Ruru
  • Toujou Munenori
  • Yuuma Aoi
  • Chino Maro
  • Horiuchi Tsuya
  • Ashikaga Kichibei
  • Dewa Yuriko
  • Akazawa Heizo
  • Akiya Komi
  • Goto Shungyosai
  • Ikehara Anii
  • Hiroto Magobei
  • Koike Euiko
  • Hisakawa Mabuchi
  • Kure Ichiho
  • Kyoya Kyoden
  • Nakagawa Rin
  • Hanazawa Kazuhiko
  • Fujii Katsue
  • Kamiya Takafumi
  • Kaneko Otoe
  • Seto Kunimatsu
  • Umemura Hona
  • Abe Saburo
  • Asari Akirako
  • Yanagi Kiminobu
  • Yonamine Hatomi
  • Kouumoto Mashai

Best Japanese Dragon Names

  • Nakata Arisa
  • Kawamura Tashiro
  • Mihara Yuna
  • Arita Kamatari
  • Bando Yuuko
  • Nakama Toyozo
  • Nishizaka Warabi
  • Hirabayashi Daisetsu
  • Ishiyama Wakiko
  • Kano Eikichi
  • Yoneno Taikan
  • Kamiya Kunio
  • Tamon Nobuhiko
  • Haruno Noriyori
  • Senri Tarozaemon
  • Ishii Nikko
  • Takamaru Naomichi
  • Uyemura Kuniyoshi
  • Otake Tokuma
  • Hiroto Magobei
  • Koike Euiko
  • Tamaasa Toyozo
  • Yasui Ruru
  • Morikawa Juro
  • Taniuchi Fuji
  • Chino Maro
  • Horiuchi Tsuya
  • Kyoy Nakagawa
  • Rin Poa
  • Lumpy Pine

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Guidelines To Come Up With Interesting Japanese Dragon Names

Create a List Of Possible Names

Begin by brainstorming words that could be utilized in the name of your Japanese dragon. While several explanatory adjectives terms can be related to Japanese dragon names, they also suggest that some Japanese dragons are energetic, amusing, and competitive. Making a list of terms or titles that spring to mind when you think of your Japanese dragon is the goal.

Make a Specific List Of Your Ideas

After you have generated a list of possible names, analyze your views. Any names that are harder to recall, read or spell should be removed. Keep easily remembered names frequently associated with your Japanese dragon names personalities and represent your audience’s values, beliefs, or desires. We have put together a quick checklist that you should follow to limit of your name choices:

  1. The name should be self-explanatory and memorable.
  2. It should be clear to comprehend and analyze.
  3. It should be distinctive among rivals.
  4. It should have a relevant concept.
  5. It should be free of platitudes or misused phrases.

Get Some Opinions From Your Friends

After completing the preceding two processes, you should have a list of three to six fantastic Japanese Dragon names from which to seek advice from someone who has previously named a Japanese dragon. Avoid soliciting feedback from family and friends, as they are more likely to applaud all of your ideas and are not your consumers.

Select some high-ranking names to provide comments on your Japanese dragon names!

Check The Names Availability

Do not forget to check if the names that you have chosen are ready to choose or not. Most of the time, a name has been finalized, but later on, it has been seen that the name has already been taken. And all these efforts of going through the naming procedure have got wasted and need to be done. At that point, most of us again make the mistake of choosing any names that cross our minds.

So, to avoid getting into such a situation, it is being suggested that you check the name’s availability and inquire about it on different availability tracker search engines. If you finalize a name, you are set to go and are not stuck with making all the process redo.

Do Not Combine Two Words

Avoid combining terms to put up with a creative name. When someone who is going to name a subject realizes that their original idea for a name has already been taken, they frequently make the mistake of concocting awful word combinations.

These ideas have now become some step backward because they are not memorable, easy to say, or recall and are not even straight to the point but twisted in its own way. In these situations, we recommend starting from the beginning and using the previously mentioned suggestions to come up with a better name.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed the list of names we supplied above, as well as the suggestions we made for you to implement step by step. If you liked our recommendations, please share them with your friends and anybody else who might benefit from them!

Best of luck with your name search!

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