Sindarin Names: 450+ Cool Names For Sindarin

Are you tired of wondering about what would make for a perfect name for your particular Sindarin Elf character if you have been concerned by this problem and cannot come up with your perfect name? Then you have come to the right place. Here we have arranged a step by step procedure and some basic tips and tricks that would provide you with all the right tools in your arsenal to build or come up with your original and unique names for your character.

Sindarin is one of the languages devised by J.R.R Tolkien, which in his books, ‘The Lord of The Rings’ the Elves spoke. Sindarin means Grey-Elven, which refers to the race of Elves who spoke Sindarin. These were the elves of the third clan, who chose to settle in Beleriand. Their culture and language were differentiated from the elves who chose to sail across the sea and not settle in Beleriand. In the third age or the age that the Lord of the Rings was set in, amidst the elves, Sindarin happened to be a commonly used elfish language used in western regions of middle earth. The language was conceived by using an ancient elvish runic alphabet called Cirth.

If you think naming a Sindarin Elf is a tough job, you will not think so any more after you are done reading this article. In this article, we have curated and come up with a list of Sindarin Elf names, with which we intend to make your search for your perfect character’s name easy. We have compiled multiple suggestions intended to help you finalise your character name tailored to any specific requirements of naming your character. Towards the end of this article, we also have a couple of tips that will help you be more decisive when it comes to naming your Sindarin Elf perfectly.

Male Sindarin Names

  • Hathol
  • Felagund
  • Huan
  • Carcharoth
  • Araphant
  • Fimbrethil
  • Belegûr
  • Elboron
  • Hîr Annûn
  • Belegorn
  • Fen Hollen
  • Finarfin
  • Argon
  • Ioreth
  • Edhelharn
  • Beregond
  • Celebrimbor
  • Arassuil
  • Círdan
  • Aravorn
  • Belthronding
  • Ithilbor
  • Eladar
  • Celebrindal
  • Inglor
  • Elrohir
  • Aranarth
  • Elrond
  • Argonui
  • Araphor
  • Eledhwen
  • Curunír
  • Arveleg
  • Aranrúth
  • Ivorwen
  • Ivon
  • Húrin
  • Idril
  • Edhellos
  • Aranel
  • Belecthor
  • Cúthalion
  • Findegil
  • Celeborn
  • Belthil

Female Sindarin Names

  • Iorhael
  • Celegorm
  • Aredhel
  • Arvedui
  • Arvegil
  • Beleg
  • Elbereth
  • Caranthir
  • Hatholdir
  • Celebrindor
  • Curufin
  • Elladan
  • Bar Bëora
  • Harlond
  • Felagon
  • Bar Hador
  • Arwen
  • Ecthelion
  • Îdh
  • Celepharn
  • Aranuir
  • Arothir
  • Argeleb
  • Huor
  • Edhelwen
  • Belegurth
  • Araw
  • Barahir
  • Finduilas
  • Edennil
  • Araval
  • Celebrían
  • Aravir
  • Beren
  • Arathorn

Best Sindarin Name Ideas

  • Miniel
  • Orchaldor
  • Malbeth
  • Morwen
  • Morgoth
  • Tuor
  • Seregon
  • Orgaladh
  • Turgon
  • Mormegil
  • Melian
  • Thalion
  • Mallos
  • Melthinorn
  • Mithril
  • Magor
  • Rodnor
  • Mithrandir
  • Orithil
  • Rodyn
  • Oranor
  • Turamarth
  • Rochallor
  • Roheryn
  • Thuringwethil
  • Menelvagor
  • Orgilion
  • Malvegil
  • Thurin
  • Thingol
  • Mereth Aderthad
  • Meneldor
  • Mithrellas
  • Maglor
  • Thorongil
  • Saelind
  • Tinúviel
  • Thorondor
  • Túrin
  • Meldis
  • Maeglin
  • Maedhros
  • Orgaladhad
  • Mallor
  • Saeros

Unique Sindarin Names

  • Ornil
  • Mablung
  • Tauron
  • Orcrist
  • Orodreth
  • Torhir Ifant
  • Orbelain
  • Ormenel
  • Amlaith
  • Labadal
  • Laer Cú Beleg
  • Amlach
  • Aerin
  • Nimloth
  • Nimloth
  • Amros
  • Nimphelos
  • Nimrodel
  • Nirnaeth Arnoediad
  • Amras
  • Neithan
  • Nínui
  • Andreth
  • Niphredil
  • Agarwaen
  • Nimloth
  • Nornhabar
  • Aerandir
  • Andrast
  • Amrothos
  • Níniel
  • Alfirin
  • Amarthan
  • Ancalagon
  • Amrod
  • Nost Finarfin
  • Yssion
  • Urwen
  • Remmirath
  • Úmarth
  • Ungoliant

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Tips To Come Up With a Perfect Sindarin Name

If you are still wondering names for your wondering what would be most appropriate for your Sindarin Elf, do not worry anymore, for we have you covered. We have enlisted a number of tips below to help you get better insight into naming your Sindarin Elf.

While coming up with your Sindarin names, consider-

Representing Your Character In The Name

Jot down names that you feel has a representation of your character. To do so primarily, you will need to decide what characteristics you want to highlight about your character and what names represent those characteristics the best. For example, if your character holds an important position or is a serious lead part of the plot, you would be better off depicting that with their name while on the other hand, if your character is more of a background character or is weaker or a comic relief, it should be named accordingly depending on that.

The Gender And Traits Of Your Character

The gender of your Sindarin Elf is an important factor in deciding what name might suit it best. If the gender of the character is relevant to the story, it becomes even more important to represent so through the names of the character. Also, do consider the traits your character possesses while naming it. Some names have a sound of intelligence to them, while others make your character sound strong. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your character their qualities and select names that you feel do justice to those qualities.

The Name Being The Easier To Spell The Better

Choosing names that are easier to remember will add to making your character more memorable and spare the horrendous mispronunciations people might make and butcher the name of your character. Sindarin Elf names, in general, sound a little heavy, and trying to maintain authenticity might make the name complicated itself, even then it is recommended that you should still try to opt for memorable names.

It would be counter-productive to spend hours on trying to make a name that sounds legit but no one tends to remember it because it is so hard to pronounce or difficult to remember. Think of it as a third person. Would you love to speak-out the name if it were given by any of your friend? Instead, it would serve you well if you try to make your character be memorable. There might be exclusions to this tip, though; complicated names sometimes have a place and time where they would make sense. It would go back to the first tip. Your name should primarily depend on the character’s position in the story, and then these other factors would add to it.

Making The Name Stand Out

One might take the previous tip to mean that you should opt for simple names that are common or unoriginal for them to be memorable. It is not the case, though. Just because a name is simple does not mean you cannot be creative with it. Depending on your needs for your character, it might arise that you require your character to stand out; what better way than tailoring a name that makes your character memorable and stands out? Opt for unique names that stand out from generic, overused common character names.

However, as mentioned in the previous tip, you might not need your character to stand out in the context of your story and where your character stands in regard to the story. If so, be a good judge of your requirements. A common name again might have its place, but for the most part, your character would benefit from having a name that stands out if you want to make it hold importance.

Doing Your Research Regarding Your Character

Try doing some research and understanding the stories your character is based on and what went behind it. Make sure to collect names and chalk them out for the one most suited for your Sindarin Elf. Study the history behind these characters develop an understanding of any variations in types of Sindarin Elves or different races and how it would affect your choice of names for your character. It is your job to choose the characteristics of the figure. You have to decide the kind of virtue the Sindarin represents.


We hope that this is all you need to help you come up with your own character’s name. When you start out, coming up with a Sindarin name might appear or have seemed like a very daunting task, but the knowledge of this article and the tips and tricks compiled will empower you with the ability and creativity when it comes to creating Sindarin names. Try to experiment with these names and figure out a couple of Sindarin names for your characters. Share this article with your friends, family and peers.

We would be glad if this article was of any help to you. We are hoping that this article attempts to help with the problems you were facing with coming up with Sindarin Elf names. At the same time, we hope that in this article you find what you were looking for.

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