422 Best Death Knight Names

The World Of Warcraft is one of the most enticing open-world games of all time and people are in love with that. It has changed the genre of MMORPGs and taken it to a different level altogether. Hailing from the class of melee fighters, Death Knights are known for their ability to wield and manipulate dark magic, their skill of using a forged weapon is also known across the globe as something to reckon with. To keep their enemies from escaping their grasp, death knights must be aware of the strength they summon with runes and pace their strikes accordingly. Death knights brace themselves in heavy armor and parry strikes with their blades to protect themselves and their comrades from death in combat. Death knights fight their enemy up close, augmenting their sword swings with black magic that renders them susceptible or inflicts unholy harm. They force opponents into one-on-one battles, forcing them to direct their attacks away from weaker allies.

Death Knights are adept in defensive capabilities as they can heal themselves, increase damage intensity and summon minions to aid them in battle. A Death Knight’s primary strength is his will to fight and the stamina that they have acquired after years of training and hard work. Their magic capabilities also increase with the use of runes and other magic potions, which they have vast and unending knowledge about.

Death Knights usually look like humans only with an unholy illumination in their eyes and heavy tattoos all around their neck and arms. They love their meals with humanoid meat, insects and vermins.

If you are here, and you are ready to begin your journey into the World of Warcraft with a Death Knight character, we have created a generous list of names that you can pick just for your character. We understand that naming your Death Knight character is hard. Still, after running several social media surveys, we have come up with the best of the lot.

These names will give you a comprehensive idea about the names that you can pick and use in your quest.

Death Knight Names

  • Seloue the Trusted
  • Gavienus the Phantom
  • Aimeri the Turbulent
  • Wymar of the Sea
  • Gilberd the Fearless
  • Danyel of the Fire
  • Azur of the Fire
  • Maly the Observant
  • Rolph of the River
  • Christofarus the Devious
  • Thiebaut, le Champion
  • Beuves the Dragon
  • Powle the Pygmy
  • Jacqueline the Lionheart
  • Vvillequin the Omen
  • Iohne the Champion
  • Henfrey the Poet
  • Iame the Handsome
  • Franco the Scar
  • Sally the Trusted
  • Jop the Old
  • Raimund the Whisper

Cool Death Knight Names

  • Jordan the Prodigy
  • Richard the Conqueror
  • Reymnd the Weak
  • Ferentus of the Night
  • Jop the Old
  • Tybalt the Warden
  • Terryn the Turbulent
  • Gervase the Slayer
  • Esclairmonde the Twisted
  • Oton the Orange
  • Pearse, le Méritant
  • Segarus the Pale
  • Malculinus the Courteous
  • Azelinus the Horrific
  • Forthwind the Smiling
  • Danyll the Silence
  • Lowis the Protector
  • Benedict the Gladiator
  • Challes, le Gentil
  • Regnier the Lion
  • Percivale the Brilliant
  • Rowley the Courteous
  • Richard the Conqueror
  • Fulcher the Dragonheart
  • Maleta the Escort
  • Daniel the Dragon
  • Louve the Guard
  • Cristole of the Mountains
  • Basequin, le Grossier
  • Guimer the Dragon
  • Jehen the Warrior
  • Adeline the Invincible
  • Terrowin the Merciful
  • Ida the Horrific
  • Huguenin the Broken
  • Bryde the Lion
  • Jeffery the Observant
  • Orella the Tough
  • Suky the Phantom
  • Symond the Loner
  • Gervas le Savant

Unique Death Knight Names

  • Phareman the Magnificent
  • Hamlet the Brute
  • Tedbaldus the Creature
  • Ferand the Chaotic
  • Althalos the Jackal
  • Ralf the Strong
  • Moolde the Honorable
  • Raff the Faithful
  • Rand the Honorable
  • Geve the Gentle
  • Maheut the Red
  • Salove the Prodigy
  • Anderewe the Twisted
  • Dumphry the Orphan
  • Colin, le Courageux
  • Tebaud the Mild
  • Rolland the Dragonslayer
  • Ansgot the Loving
  • Eude the Poet
  • Mariorie the Powerful
  • Garrat the Stubborn
  • Clarembaut the Warrior
  • Thomassin the Beast
  • Arnaut of the Light
  • Alienora the Persistent
  • Randal the Dragon
  • Berengier the Dragon

Best Death Knight Names

  • Franco the Amazing
  • Fulcher the Dragonheart
  • Rauf the Bold
  • Judd the Patrol
  • Percyvallus the Orange
  • Ivon the Courteous
  • Gabel the Ghost
  • Jehannequin the Handsome
  • Tibbott the Red
  • Atkin the Fearless
  • Tamasine the Humble
  • Bernar the Messenger
  • Pereret the Guardian
  • Sela of the North
  • Alphonse the Agile
  • Reinhold, l’Honnête
  • Selles the Little
  • Thomelin the Powerful
  • Beneger the Resilient
  • Giff the Courteous
  • Colet of the Mountains
  • Arnaud the Confident
  • Biby the Friendly
  • Moyse the Mild
  • Ancelm of the Fall
  • Rogier the Protector
  • Alard the Smiling
  • Engeramus the Timid
  • Donald of the Fall

Cool Death Knight Names

  • Richmal the Jackal
  • Isata of the West
  • Godfreed the Twisted
  • Heymeri the Dragonheart
  • Armine the Daring
  • Andriet the Quick
  • Druettus the Insane
  • Ernaut the Eager
  • Helewis of the Dawn
  • Theobald the Poor
  • Malcolm the Dragonheart
  • Gilberd the Powerful
  • Bardolph the Courageous
  • Gaylord the Insane
  • Audry the Gorgeous
  • Aenor the Caring
  • HenryHaimirich of the North
  • Louvel the Creature
  • Pierres the Kind
  • Fendrel the Hungry
  • Tierri of the Ice
  • Riquebourc the Sentinel
  • Randy the Pale
  • Christie the Horrific
  • Christopherus the Huge
  • Euvrouin the Chaotic
  • Havisa the Valiant
  • Ligart, le Loup
  • Gerardus the Butcher
  • Evelina the Swift
  • Jesper the Timid
  • Reimfred the Loner

Awesome Death Knight Names

  • Gawn the Conqueror
  • Anfroi the Colossus
  • Fawkes the Young
  • Reimfred the Loner
  • Jakemina the Earnest
  • Gawyne the Tenacious
  • Sewallus, Chevalier de la mer
  • Colyne the Champ
  • Serle the Relentless
  • Bardolphus the Lionheart
  • Drystan of the South
  • Vasey the Eager
  • Andrion the Brute
  • Jeremias the Warden
  • Elysande the Poet
  • Rand the Honorable
  • Ibot the Brown
  • Tobye the Shadow
  • Saerus the Maneater
  • Hervouet the Cute
  • Batkin the Horrific
  • Ferand the Truthful
  • Rotgerius the Resilient
  • Christofarus the Devious
  • Micahel the Fair
  • Galeren the Powerful
  • Roget the Twisted
  • Joppa the Giant
  • Garit of the Ice
  • Wimarc the Dragon
  • Rogerin the Stranger
  • Maugre the Stranger
  • Gawn the Conqueror
  • Garin the Shy

Amazing Death Knight Names

  • Huguet the Unbreakable
  • Ferentus of the Night
  • Richarde the Stubborn
  • Ivone the Mild
  • Thomme of the Spring
  • Wyon the Hero
  • Tuyon the Adamant
  • Jordan the Prodigy
  • Simkin the Sentinel
  • Lowis the Protector
  • Thomasinus of the Dark
  • Elyenora the Confident
  • Hervi the Clumsy
  • Beuves of the Night
  • Lanslet the Slayer
  • Ysembert the Messenger
  • Guillemet the Allegiant
  • Amery the Old
  • Till the Vigilant
  • Hély the Protector
  • Gui the Undefeated
  • Walter the Friend
  • Bryant the Dreamer
  • Janshai le Fiable
  • Lemes the Wolf

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Tips To Name Your Death Knight Character

Keep It Simple

Keeping a distinctive but difficult-to-understand or pronounce name does not constitute inventiveness because it makes it more difficult for others to comprehend the true purpose of the name. As a result, we frequently advise our gamers to start their quest with a simple name that reflects their personality. The world of fantasy fiction often rewards names that are unique, and individuality is highly valued.

Get To Know The History of Death Knight

While naming your Death Knight character, it is essential to do the required research for the name that you pick. The history, etymology and cultural knowledge of the race of Death Knights are full of stories and legends that influence their names, and thus, it becomes very important to use them to your benefit. The most important aspect of research is looking for citations of the aforementioned monsters across all gaming platforms and franchises.

Have Multiple Names Ready

While naming your gaming character, it is always essential to have multiple names in your arsenal as the names you might pick may already be taken by another user, and thus you would have to resort to plan B. Before choosing a name, always search for it across the social media platform and, if possible, run a thorough search through the games database. Using a simple yet understandable name is the key to becoming famous in the gaming community. Simple names instill a sense of fear amidst your opponents as you do not try hard to look cool, which makes you very cool and somebody not to mess with.

Being Honest is the Key

While naming your character, be honest to your true self and name the character with the ideology that you wanna portray and stick by in the fantasy world. The name that you pick should be based on the kind of character you wanna create in the fantasy universe, and the name is a clear indication of its determination and destiny. Using names with puns and references is always a good idea. It engages the opponent and gives you a sense of purpose and collective harmony feeling of the gaming community.

Final Words

Thank you for the time you have decided to spend with us on this journey of naming Death Knight names. This list was hand-picked and curated just to aid you in your journey across the mystical lands through the realms and high seas.

If you did like our work, please spread the good word about us and maybe leave a good comment in the section below. If we have missed out on anything, definitely make a list of the said names and add it in the comment section below so that others can go through it and together, we can create a better gaming community.

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