Lamia Names: 480+ Cool and Unique Names For Lamia

Are you searching for a perfect name that will suit your Lamia? Have a problem in deciding what type or what name you should gift your Lamia with? Well, this is where all your problems come to an end, and finally, you can start afresh. In this article, we hope to bring an end to your quest for a mind-blowing name. Here we have several things that are all of your interest because we have an amazing list of name ideas for your Lamia and also some tips to help you if you choose to name your Lamia on your own.

Now, who was Lamia? As we know from Greek mythology, she was the beautiful queen of Libya who had an affair with Zeus, which later became the reason for her downfall, and lived with her children, who were the offspring of her affair with Zeus. After Zeus’s wife, Hera, came to know about this affair, she killed or kidnapped Lamia’s children, thus robbing them off from her, which finally drove Lamia insane. She got obsessed with every child she saw and expressed her despair by devouring them. Thus because of her changed habits, she ak So turned ugly and monstrous in the process. Hera cursed Lamia with insomnia, thus making her incapable of closing her own eyes. Thus, out of love, Zeus gave Lamia the power of prophecy, and she also became capable of taking out and reinserting her eyes whenever she wanted. She also seduced young men who helped her fulfill her sexual urges and then used to kill them to feed upon their flesh. She had a head and body similar to human beings, whereas a serpent tail downwards. In Greece, parents used the name Lamia as a bogeyman to frighten their children and make them afraid to avoid all wrongdoings. Some say Laestrygonians was a city named after Lamia as it was the city of man-eaters very similar to the actions of Lamia, whereas others believe that at a point in time, Lamia was the queen of that city and thus the name. Some people believed that she was the daughter of the King of Egypt, Belus, and Lybie, whereas others said that Poisedon was her parent. She was also known as the night haunting daemon. She was also the mother of Skulls and Akheilos.

Down here are some cool, catchy, latest, innovative, amazing, and more such lists of name ideas that you may like or fall in love with.

Let’s not waste any more time and get you some lists so that you can choose the best from them:

Lamia Names

  • Socriste
  • Rhaenophai
  • Theanophe
  • Athizea
  • Nepholphi
  • Krathasos
  • Nyxelsa
  • Oediphipus
  • Eripheisa
  • Prixyxio
  • Thelamas
  • Thyxea
  • Orphacia
  • Zeuxophai
  • Sylphiusei
  • Thanis
  • Baziste
  • Selestite
  • Phoithoe
  • Sineasi
  • Phoephila
  • Vasilice
  • Kathistae
  • Prixithe
  • Aethiphe

Catchy Lamia Names

  • Rhaenyphise
  • Bathisha
  • Ibysolos
  • Evithoesa
  • Iasassa
  • Theanionis
  • Thyxacia
  • Praxine
  • Pasone
  • Laestelphos
  • Cnassyphe
  • Myriththise
  • Aethaia
  • Syrosi
  • Lithithise
  • Nixithea
  • Zeuxelphise
  • Thaniusei
  • Ophieis
  • Thyestetrios
  • Eupheris
  • Daphnistae
  • Diosixia
  • Pheriophai
  • Olithiphi

Best Lamia Names

  • Thosoche
  • Mystionis
  • Agathixi
  • Alethrithoe
  • Hasosi
  • Prosiphelia
  • Aethophila
  • Kapheris
  • Daphnallis
  • Saphypise
  • Daphethe
  • Aphusi
  • Doreshi
  • Ashethis
  • Sinaphaura
  • Crephypso
  • Bathice
  • Kisseasi
  • Harphiphelia
  • Amipheithe
  • Leucisa
  • Petheosis
  • Gathis
  • Alexymes
  • Kaphetis

Cool Lamia Names

  • Nephiphoia
  • Sagiphia
  • Adozaphine
  • Zeuxixera
  • Chaleis
  • Zeleris
  • Thosis
  • Castose
  • Chalise
  • Dorahria
  • Daphniphaeia
  • Anthyxio
  • Lephiphaeia
  • Paphypso
  • Aeliphoia
  • Arethiasse
  • Isosise
  • Nesetis
  • . Zelethe
  • . Phrixea
  • Alethroesa
  • Lithithe
  • Thronine
  • Myrithophise
  • Ophiisia

Creative Lamia Names

  • Chaleleia
  • Ethemophila
  • Hasisa
  • Athilephia
  • Rhetheisa
  • Lithionis
  • Anthais
  • . Nyshosise
  • Nixypso
  • Theanephine
  • Pasiphite
  • Aethosa
  • Cnassite
  • Alexisei
  • Sabiasse
  • Athiliaphe
  • Amiphertise
  • Phaiseleia
  • Bretheleia
  • Syniaphe
  • Aeliphite
  • Daphnia
  • Aethiche
  • Salaphixa
  • Praxisei

Unique Lamia Names

  • Synethe
  • Philenia
  • Phaethite
  • Daphnacia
  • Axiphithoe
  • Saphthise
  • Daphone
  • Idaphishae
  • Aelorise
  • Kathassea
  • Isixie
  • Thespishis
  • Pixopheu
  • Thyxethia
  • Crethophise
  • Salaphusei
  • Athilissis
  • Alexusi
  • Savareila
  • Pixalise
  • Samishae
  • Isymes
  • Chaloesa
  • Aelalphia
  • Syroesa

Amazing Lamia Names

  • Mystithis
  • Leucetis
  • Mepheithe
  • Evithone
  • Rhaenithoe
  • Lysyxio
  • Arethosi
  • Calyphia
  • Neseasi
  • Mathallis
  • Saphia
  • Thyxaeia
  • Meniphithise
  • Kisophila
  • Prisassea
  • Athiax
  • Pasisa
  • Iasanise
  • Seliphe
  • Akisymes
  • Nysyxio
  • Mathionis
  • Amipheilise
  • Athilixera
  • Kisacia

Famous Lamia Names

  • Athiliphoia
  • Othraeia
  • Lisosi
  • Mathusa
  • Synophai
  • Thyxypso
  • Iasyxio
  • Cirallis
  • Orethaphaura
  • Salaphelia
  • Mathanise
  • Theisithea
  • Ethemiusei
  • Nysosia
  • Ethaia
  • Kathaeia
  • Isisia
  • Alethriphae
  • Pethephila
  • Mephisa
  • Phaisanthe
  • Kisyphise
  • Sabophia
  • Oriphassa
  • Miseasi

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How To Name Your Lamia Character

Any work seems easier when you have someone by your side to help you from start to the ending. But in the opposite case where you are doing all the work only by yourself, it becomes more and more difficult. This is why we always want to serve you as your helping hand. Moreover, even f you choose the most difficult work to do, if there is a person standing by your side, work becomes fun. Also, naming your Lamia character on your own is tedious work.

Already taking the decision needs a lot of courage. Moreover, you will also have the fear that if you make any mistake, your mistake will lead you to a poor career that nobody out there wants. So it would help if you now stopped stressing as we are here to help you out with some amusing tips that can prove to be of great use to you.

Think Of Name That Is Monstrous

We already know that Lamia is a monstrous character. She was the female demon who was also man-eating. Though previously she held a prestigious position of being the queen of Libya and was very beautiful, an incident made her crave human flesh and become an ugly creature. So if you think of a name that describes your character’s type, you have nothing left to worry about. Being a dreadful creature, a monstrous name will suit her very well. Also, this kind of name will be feared by your competitors. While playing against you, whenever they look at your name, they will know that you are strong competition. And if the names make them feel afraid, it will be a bonus point for you as they can get distracted from the game because of their fear.

Use a Name That Shows Obsession Over Children

Jetta, Lanka’s enemy, and Zeus’s life partner, stole from Lamia her most valued possession: her children, who were offspring of her affair with Zeus. After going through such a tough time, she could not again become normal and did crazy things. Among these crazy things, the most prevalent one was her obsession with children. AS she lost her own children, she became desperate to take away children from other mothers too. While doing so, she kidnapped them and finally devoured them.

This way, she is called the flesh-eating demon. This also made are more and more ugly day by day. Also when nowadays, mothers in Greece use her name to frighten their children. So here, it becomes very clear that Lamia was closely associated with children. So a name that suggests obsession over children is the best you can do for her character. Also, when you do the same, people will appreciate your research about her as it would have been impossible for you to know with our proper research.

Use a Name From Other Mythologies

A name adopted from mythology are always profitable if you start to think about it. Having a name from mythology will suggest that your General knowledge is very strong, and thus, you will be established as knowledgeable among others. Moreover, if you think of a name from the mythology of your culture, you also start to represent your culture in the gaming medium where people from different areas of the world take part. We also know that Lamia herself is a character from Greek mythology.

So the connection between Lamia and mythology was always strong. People will also like the efforts that you have put in while thinking about the name and thus will estimate the effort you will put into the game. This will make you famous only after you enter the world, and more will add to it when you will prove yourself.

Use Creative ideas

Think of a name that is different from others and still magnificent. When you find a unique name for your Lamia, you will set your classy attitude that some people will love, and the others will fear as they will what competition you will put for them. If you were so creative during naming, you would be more while playing. Some strong players will make alliances with you, and the others will love to compete with you, thus making your dream come true.

Do Not Use Common Names

First, you need to go through names that already exist for Lamias in the gaming world. And after you do that, you should start to avoid those names as they will bring only failure to you. You should always have a name out of the box and keep a note that others joining after you should not copy your name.

Final Words

Now we will end this article which we hope was very helpful to you. We have tried our best so that you do not have any more problems after reading the whole article. We have selected some beautiful and out-of-the-box names for your character. Also, some tips that can be helpful while you walk through different phases of naming your character. Now, if we are successful in our job, make sure to share this article with your loved ones and fellow gamers.


Best wishes!

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