480+ Golem Names

Are you looking for Golem names but have not yet reached a name that has fascinated you and your friends. Don’t worry you have come to the correct place because here we have written a broad collection of appealing names that will help you to choose the best for yourself. You would find a variety of appealing names under different categories that would not only sound unique but also would synchronize with your personality. At last, we have also collected a few tips that would further help you to come up with the perfect name.

But before we get deep into it let’s have a look into a brief history of these species.

These are animated anthropomorphic species and natives of Jewish folklore. It is completely created of inanimate matter that is of clay or mud. Apparently, the term Golem itself in Psalms and Medieval writing stands for amorphous and unformed material. Among the most famous materials of Golem includes Judah Loew Ben Bezalel. There are many histories on how it was brought into life and controlled. However the most famous of them in Moment Magazine states that “It is a highly mutable metaphor with seemingly limitless symbolism. It might be a villain or victim, Jew or non-Jew man or woman or sometimes it is both. Over the centuries it has been used to connote community war isolation hope and despair’.

So basically they are created from clay or similar materials and are then brought into life with the help of magic or are animated. Hence there are artificial life forms. Their source of material could be metal also or something that is sufficient to make them since each material has something better off than the other. Apart from varying in the material, they are made up of they vary greatly in size as some of them are gigantic and some are extremely small. The purpose of these creations determines against which they are used.

They could be used as labor force, guardian’s intimidation, etc. They are often considered to have limited intelligence and a devoid of magical powers. Adam was a Golem in the Talmud. After that in some more stories states that this creature was considered to be activated by Hebrew words.

Here in this article, we have collected a wide range of catchy Golem names. Now keeping the details later let’s get yourself busy with the list of names.

Golem Names

Golem are developed from mud, clay or using similar materials and then animated or brought into life with some kind of magic. Golems are large and clunky character with limited intelligence.

Let’s dive into some creative and unique golem names.

  • Zedler
  • Adia
  • Bragguc
  • Dinah
  • Zagzamm
  • Yekov
  • Guflenn
  • Malev
  • Gaklan
  • Nonat
  • Elnashe
  • Dohm
  • Italad
  • Yazer
  • Elalam
  • Iden
  • Vuldrek
  • Roriel
  • Gram
  • Akichai
  • Ghad
  • Dom
  • Aldam
  • Yenen
  • Rhor
  • Avivid
  • Zur
  • Malom
  • Lanashe
  • Zolgahn
  • Zulbonn
  • Drod
  • Marael
  • Zoyal
  • Bahm
  • Dhomm
  • Drogluhm
  • Rhud
  • Dradruk
  • Gogga
  • Graddhhk
  • Schnitzel
  • Claymore
  • Wrecker
  • Cobblebone
  • Rockerball
  • Malphite
  • Evmir
  • Dekhael
  • Jadi
  • Hillachi
  • Gemm
  • Gedir

Female Golem Names

The old records of golems are references from Jewish scriptures. Later, golems were said to be activated and deactivated using some Hebrew words in some tales. Let’s have some names for female golems.

  • Brohm
  • Based
  • Rhom
  • Amviel
  • Bhaahm
  • Yisruch
  • Bakvann
  • Gimar
  • Ghuhm
  • Molam
  • Vezlad
  • Didar
  • Rhak
  • Elror
  • Gronn
  • Yissaram
  • Ruhm
  • Gilom
  • Brenke
  • Yolad
  • Bagor
  • Lidar
  • Vad
  • Alner
  • Ghehk
  • Dariel
  • Drenn
  • Nohar
  • Ghur
  • Shaner
  • Amina
  • Dragzunn
  • Azavid
  • Druzzgam
  • Bayahu
  • Eidam
  • Bhorgoc
  • Ghuhn
  • Binruch
  • Grugva
  • Brud
  • Guhk
  • Zunn
  • Haniv
  • Smeagle
  • Raubbem
  • Nolan
  • Rhaggle
  • Ovahar
  • Zoshai
  • Ovanashe
  • Gaia
  • Stoned

Male Golem Names

Here are some male golem names that might help you in developing and making what name you want.

  • Vum
  • Lavidan
  • Vem
  • Amvia
  • Rhoc
  • Yavid
  • Rhadohm
  • Ovaruch
  • Drabrahn
  • Elsed
  • Zod
  • Marael
  • Brahm
  • Ovavia
  • Dar
  • Zelam
  • Khonn
  • Jakov
  • Drek
  • Maria
  • Rhuzla
  • Neden
  • Droldram
  • Menamir
  • Guhn
  • Abradeon
  • Gad
  • Evniv
  • Dholbok
  • Zoron
  • Bhebrenn
  • Binlad
  • Dremm
  • Dimar
  • Dhak
  • Delad
  • Raac
  • Dikiva
  • Ghonn
  • Lased
  • Gedir
  • Menalior
  • Italachi
  • Daallunn
  • Ghulgro
  • Zuzzlor
  • Yoviel
  • Ghezgahm
  • Guc
  • Girak
  • Dradumm
  • Bohk
  • Elaham
  • Dholbor
  • Yissasef
  • Malev
  • Grozzlonn
  • Araim
  • Zognon
  • Shivid

Cute Golem Names

Here are some cute golem names which describes their character attributes and qualities.

  • Aror
  • Itaria
  • Bhedrunn
  • Khac
  • Bror
  • Madam
  • Dudlu
  • Nenen
  • Gagglu
  • Pinsed
  • Yedi
  • Grulbak
  • Rhaad
  • Zelior
  • Rhad
  • Yisdir
  • Rhauzlukh
  • Yelad
  • Vam
  • Alraim
  • Dizar
  • Aviden
  • Dhuhn
  • Azamar
  • Deviram
  • Dhabrumm
  • Brollunn
  • Dhehm
  • Broge
  • Ghum
  • Bredraud
  • Grugluk
  • Brallem
  • Gunn
  • Bogzahn
  • Menaraim
  • Binror
  • Nemi
  • Bhek
  • Neyahu
  • Yanen
  • Ovachin
  • Ovakov
  • Ravid
  • Nevidan
  • Rer
  • Lanashe
  • Rhordhokh
  • Khon
  • Ronkud
  • Khanguhm
  • Shikhael
  • Jadeon
  • Var
  • Itanan
  • Von
  • Galdom
  • Yelom
  • Elyim

Fantastic Golem Names

There are different varieties of golem present and all of them have same kinds of names. So let’s a look at the some fantastic golem name

  • Stoneheart
  • Tremors
  • Donut
  • Dwayne
  • Emet
  • Rocke
  • GoldenRuby
  • Landslide
  • Jawbreaker
  • Evchem
  • Vohm
  • Rhodraa
  • Vallec
  • Zar
  • Hilror
  • Damir
  • Likhael
  • Grok
  • Mamir
  • Grok
  • Rohk
  • Eidar
  • Hilham
  • Rhardonn
  • Dac
  • Jalev
  • Brohn
  • Chaner
  • Zeram
  • Vunn
  • Bhehk
  • Vefler
  • Alhar
  • Grad
  • Ovachai
  • Amnan
  • Veddud
  • Jolam
  • Azararel
  • Oruch
  • Rhogmen
  • Ghullur

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Guidelines To Get Your Hands On a Perfect Golem Name

If the above-mentioned names have failed to appeal to you then no worries because we here below have collected a list of tips that would help you to come up with a good Golem name. Above all you with the help of this, you might be able to develop a unique name by yourself too.

So without further delay let’s dive into it.

Choose a Name That Defines The Characteristics

These species like any other animated characters have some extremely distinguishing features like they are made up of clay, mud, or similar materials. According to some Jewish mystics is considered to be a way to come close to God. It also symbolizes dreaded dangers or chances for redemption in every era. They are also viewed as evil by Christians and anti-Semitism. Hence it would be good if you keep up a name that comprehends these characters and communicate the values of the species. It would show your knowledge and immerse interest in it.

Be Crisp

You can choose a name that sounds simple and brief. Try choosing a name that is both catchy and appealing. It shall express your purpose of choosing the name evidently. You can seek help from knowledgeable people or who have an interest in these things.

Organize All Names Together

Choosing an appropriate Golem name may be difficult and it would be even more difficult if you don’t act in an organized way. To ease your work you can list down all the possible names that you want to keep in one location. It would prevent chaos and avoid any kind of confusion. This way you can also save time since you don’t have to go through the articles or recall them again and it would be all together in one place. At last, negotiate it and conclude yourself to the best of all.

Let It Be Expressive

If you want your name to stand out and want your name to create an immediate impact on the listener then go for that’s unique and expressive. It shall be creative. Add your pinch of magic to it so that it sounds as if it is made just for you.

Give a Thought On Their Beliefs

These fascinating characters mostly have some strange beliefs and you can also keep a name that is associated with their believes thoughts or philosophies or resonates with it. This would help you to fetch upon a Golem name that is both fascinating and attractive too.

The other point that you can keep is to just simply switch one or two letters of the original name as it would still remain simple easy to remember and easy to acknowledge as well. For example, Jonathan could be named Jolothan. You can try some weird mix and match practice like this.

You can also add some prefix or suffix with the name in order to enhance the meaning of sprinkling its beauty.

In the end, we would conclude this article by saying that whatever name you decide has to be unique, attractive, appealing, easy to spell and remember. The name would even sound better if you enhance it by adding some relatable meaning to it or something that defines its characteristics precisely.

Final Segment

We hope that this article has helped you to decide on a good name that suits your character or at least you have got an idea about how to name Golem. Kindly acknowledge the above prime points as it would definitely help you to come up or shortlist and decide an appropriate name for yourself.

If you found this article helpful and informative then it would be very kind of you if you could share this with your friend’s family and colleague’s neighbors or someone who might find this kind of article useful. At last, we people would wish you all the best and we hope that you to come up with the best name and we hope that our efforts have brought a little help to you. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with us.

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