520+ Triton Names

Finding that one perfect name for your Triton Character. Tiring, isn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with all the necessary tips required to name your character. We will also attach a few sets of names to help you decide.

Triton is a fictional character. He appeared in American Comic Books in the form of an Inhuman published by Marvel Comics. This character made his debut in the 2017 American television series known as the Inhuman. It was his first live-action debut which was portrayed by Mike Moh.

Triton is the son of Mander and Azur and a member of the Inhuman Royal family. Triton was born on the island of Attilan. He is a brother to Karnak and a cousin of Gorgon, Medusa, Crystal, Maximus, and Black Bolt. As an infant, he was exposed to the Terrigen Mist. The mist altered his body by turning his skin into the color green. They gave him some special abilities like being able to breathe underwater and tolerate the cold temperature and extreme pressure. These abilities, of course, did not come for free. He did not have the ability to breathe anywhere apart from water and thus needed a special apparatus to do so. Triton could swim at a high speed and his vision is shifted to the green portion of the visible spectrum which enables him to see deep into the water.

Triton appeared in the Marvel Zombies as a part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. He also traveled once with the Inhuman Zombies to eat the human clones under the order of the kingpin. In that fight, they suffered a great loss as most of the inhuman zombies were injured to the point of their death, mostly Triton. They were sent home ensuring their safety by the local heroes. His left arm was left behind which is used as a location tracker to find the zombies.

Triton appeared in many American T.V series like the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, And The Agents of The S.M.A.S.H. Triton also appeared as a nonplayable character on the video game named “Ultimate Alliance” by Marvel. He was a playable character on the game named Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.

These are a few of the important facts you need to know to name your Triton.

Triton Names

  • Jumnus Rubagath
  • Mugrahyn Gemelvath
  • Vlaryn
  • Nelzes Valasath
  • Duddus Gabulmath
  • Rirzis Dhuhlosnath
  • Zehles Nubazath
  • Feloren
  • Vimis Muhlelvath
  • Nandas Duvalmath
  • Dhonos Dhaghunzath
  • Khehles Pahlorsath
  • Vadas Vadersath
  • Candas Bhoghudath
  • Egryn Vohlamnath
  • Dhazas Vanolnath
  • Nigis Burellath
  • Wolyn
  • Jerzes Anumnath
  • Baslyn Junorsath
  • Jezes Obegath
  • Kundus Bughumath
  • Vumnus Ubansath
  • Zonros Garodath
  • Vunnus Pughursath
  • Jhemres Genulath
  • Ulrolyn Mubelath
  • Pumanath
  • Valas Dhalursath
  • Yusyn Zudarsath
  • Oshedyn Bhurudath
  • Kindis Pohnarsath
  • Kolos Laresnath
  • Rinris Ruhnalvath
  • Onreryn Zalonzath

Cool Triton Names

  • Whihlyn Gorulmath
  • Dhulnus Jahnaxath
  • Keves Ologath
  • Jherles Uhmuxath
  • Mazas Gubosnath
  • Nundus Aburath
  • Jhozos Pahlelvath
  • Biltyn Boghullath
  • Motyn Seragath
  • Lorrulyn Amaxath
  • Colmos Vanosath
  • Culdus Arulvath
  • Dhezes Dahmurath
  • Vlehlyn Nugasnath
  • Koldos Zuhmolnath
  • Nerles Vodelnath
  • Dedden Pobulmath
  • Jomos Dhudellath
  • Vihlis Unallath
  • Welthyn Judesnath
  • Khaldas Bonursath
  • Flelruren Lahnarath
  • Melyn Dhehmalvath
  • Zavas Bahrozath
  • Khumrus Duhmadath
  • Dalzas Vehranzath
  • Mudus Ganunsath
  • Kilis Dhurellath
  • Calnas Ebolnath
  • Agren Ughalath
  • Lorrulyn Amaxath

Male Triton Names

  • Khehla
  • Zavas
  • Veles
  • Murus
  • Vimis
  • Razas
  • Ziddis
  • Ceres
  • Mavas
  • Kalnas
  • Mehles
  • Dizis
  • Corzos
  • Zennes
  • Molzos
  • Kerves
  • Dhoros
  • Nalzas
  • Vahnas
  • Kilis
  • Caglas
  • Johnos
  • Vuuvaxath
  • Nurnus
  • Dalmas
  • Caglas
  • Khorlos Dhuhlursath
  • Nolmos Ehransath
  • Khanas Rahmansath
  • Jhundus Dabumnath
  • Rarlas Rohronsath
  • Cenles Bhanumath

Female Triton Names

  • Adredyne
  • Wislyn
  • Ethyn
  • Elyn
  • Dathamyn
  • Mothyn
  • Unthyn Zuransath
  • Selimyn Olamnath
  • Nithrehyn Gubalmath
  • Islyn Javamath
  • Folthyn Jovulvath
  • Usnaryn Rahmalnath
  • Bunrolyn Ehrulath
  • Fladyn Uhmalnath
  • Hoshyn Dumunath
  • Bugrulen Buhmulnath
  • Iddalyn Pehrarath
  • Bhatyn Jaramnath
  • Dharruryn Paghodath
  • Eddyn Jammunzath
  • Senlinyn Dehrolath
  • Ninlyn Alunath
  • Shidruhyn Vahlagath
  • Dhithlyn Onalath
  • Wonlonyn Pedanath
  • Vlethryn Ralosnath
  • Foltheryn Avosnath
  • Lahnyn Pugalmath
  • Hinloryn Serunath
  • Waltyn Pahnasnath
  • Athanyn Lurallath

Gender Neutral Titron Names

  • Valmas Ahrelmath
  • Cunnus Zohromath
  • Yusyn Zudarsath
  • Hihlumyn Joghorsath
  • Zanvas Buhnomath
  • Vimis Muhlelvath
  • Dhazas Vanolmath
  • Kilgis Puhloxath
  • Jhirzis Laghanath
  • Khumrus Duhmadath
  • Onreryn Zalonzath
  • Dhogos Mulomath
  • Ravnas Lovegath
  • Motyn Seragath
  • Kuvnus Vahnazath
  • Nerles Vodelnath
  • Shuslyn Bugholath
  • Nuvus Mughulath
  • Zoldos Ugorath
  • Korlos Ogolnath
  • Fostehyn Narugath
  • Rilmis Jehrallath
  • Uthryn Ugholvath
  • Dedden Pobulmath
  • Funrenyn Ubaxath
  • Vihlis Unallath
  • Jolmos Dhugunzath
  • Welthyn Judesnath
  • Marvas Pubodath
  • Shuslyn Bughlath
  • Vahras Umolnath

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Some Useful Tips For The Readers To Create Their Own Triton Names

It’s okay if you are still confused about naming your Triton. Because we understand how difficult this task can be. However, we have some amazing tips for you which will surely help you name your Triton. We assure you that after reading all the tips, mentioned below, you would know what to name your Triton. You are going to find the most catchy, cool, unique, and most desired name for a character named Triton.

The following are the special tips-

Make Sure That You Choose The Most Bold Name

At the beginning of this article we have mentioned that the Tritons are the frictional characters found in the American T.V. series, video games and the comic books which is made and published by the Marvel. It is a well known fact that the Marvel has a huge fandom and so does the character Triton. Children beg to get to play with them. They also hope to get one with a vicious name. The name which makes it a more lifelike superhero. Thus, we would suggest you to come up with a bold and attractive name.

Choose A Name Influenced From Their Special Powers

As mentioned earlier in this article that the Tritons have several superpowers. Two of the most important ones are –

  • They can only breath in the water and are great swimmers with great speed.
  • Their vision is influenced on the green site of the visible spectrum. Thus, they have the special ability to see deep underneath the water.

Those two above mentioned abilities have helped them to win a lot of fights against the other monsters. Thus you can name your Triton keeping in mind the super power and special abilities that will make your character more interesting.

Make Sure You Do not Use The Same Name As Someone Else

Before naming your character I would suggest you to take a clear look at the names given by others so that you do not end up using something similar to theirs. Checking their name will not only prevent you from using the same one but will also help you to think outside the box. Following this point carefully I am sure you can find the most unique, supreme, attractive and catchy name for your Triton.

Name Your Character Based On Their Origin And History

This famous television, comic and video game character named Triton is a famous member of the Royal Family of The Inhuman who was created by the world famous Marvels. Its origin took place in the year 1970s in the city island named Attilan. Keeping this information in mind, we would like to suggest the readers to name your character, Triton in such a way that it looks original and seems like it is backed by its history. Since its part of a Royal Family, the name chosen should also have a royal touch to it.

Avoid Giving Long Names Which Are Difficult To Pronounce

This is a very important point and all the readers should keep this in mind. Do not choose a long name for your character, Triton. It can be a two word name but not a long one. A long name can be disadvantageous for you, as the reader would surely avoid spelling it. Noone can we expect them to spell the name for so long, when they are in a hurry to play the game.

No one, absolutely no one would waste their time behind the name. They would just jump onto a different character. So, you better not choose a long and tiring name for your Triton.

Keep The Prefixes And The Suffixes Of Names In Mind

There are certain rules you need to follow while naming such characters. You can’t just choose a name. You need to follow the rules.

Those are-

  • The first word of the name should end with nyn, nos, lun or vus.
  • The second word of the name should end with nath, gath, zath. Means it should end with ‘th’.

If you follow these rules I am sure you can create a strong and powerful name for your character. Try to name it with letters like B, U, V, M, P, Y, X, Z. These letters have huge demand in the present market situation.

Concluding Words

The above mentioned are six points. Keep all of them in mind while naming your character. Take a careful look into the history of your character named Triton. Dig deep down. Remember, your success is our success. So, be patient and do not hurry. Try to stay calm and focused while choosing the name of your character as every other factor like fandom, popularity, uniqueness, and originality depend on the chosen names. We hope that we were able to help you. Wish you all the very best. If you liked our article then do share it with family and friends. Take care.

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