420+ Pandaren Names

The pandaren are a race of humanoid pandas living in Pandaria. They were once oppressed by the Mogu, a race of amazing, stone-cleaned warlords, yet ultimately figured out how to break free and set up their very own domain. For a very long time, their properties were covered in a thick fog leaving it unseen by most different races of Azeroth, yet after the upheaval the fogs disseminated, and both the Alliance and the Horde hustled to arrive at these new fruitful terrains.

The Pandaren culture and names vigorously reflect Asian societies, particularly Chinese culture. Be that as it may, to the extent that names go, I’ve added Korean and Vietnamese names in with the general mish-mash as well. They happen in World of Warcraft also, and most Chinese names will have been taken on most workers now in any case.

Their last names ordinarily mirror a privately-owned company (like brew experts or ranchers), a relationship with nature, or their tranquil lifestyle. There are different topics too, yet these are the most conspicuous.

The mysterious Pandaren is one of the subtlest races of Azeroth. Hailing from Pandaria and the Wandering Isle, they are humanoid pandas with an extraordinary love of nature and solid beers.

Sometime in the past, the Pandaren were the captives of a merciless race of incredible warlords known as the mogu, until they effectively arranged an upheaval close by a few other slave races, building up their domain simultaneously. During the Great Sundering, the last pandaren sovereign fixed their country away behind a cover of fog, concealing Pandaria from the rest of the world and passing on their way of life to prosper liberated from impacts from the rest of the world.

A second development of pandaren harps on the rear of the monster turtle known as Shen-zin Su, who goes around Azeroth’s oceans. Centuries after the Sundering, a pandaren by the name of Liu Lang set off to investigate the world on Shen-zin Su, returning every year to Pandaria to get more swashbucklers to go along with him on the rear of his consistently developing buddy. Ultimately, the turtle developed huge enough for whole structures and towns to be built upon his back, and the pandaren started alluding to him as the “Meandering Isle”.

Pandaren Names

  • Sung-Min Richtummy
  • Sang-Jun Lightstock
  • Seung-Ho Smoothdrift
  • Sung-Soo Lullsword
  • Eun-Soo Kindchuckle
  • Chang-Min Giftedplot
  • Song-Jin Winterjoy
  • Mun-Hee Lightshine
  • Chihun Farheart
  • Chin-Ho Jadebrewer
  • Hyuk Grandgiggle
  • Min-Gyu Blissfulbell
  • Xue Yun Snowfall
  • Dae-Jung Drumkick
  • Hyun-Ki Tranquilsong
  • Kwang-Ho Richdrift
  • Su Xuegang Teaview
  • Hyun-Ki Teariddle
  • Kwang-Seok Freedreamer
  • Ma Guo Breezerock
  • Chihun Eightlight
  • Seong-Hun Brightbrewer
  • Hyung-Joon Lakesmile
  • Young-Il Lushpaw
  • Chun-Yong Whiteblossom
  • Seung-Heon Lushboat
  • Kyung-Soo Evenscroll
  • Si-U Silverkettle
  • Seung-Eun Lightningdrop
  • Seung-Ho Freelight
  • Sang-Ki Freshbreath
  • Yong-Hwan Slumbersky
  • Teng Zhihao Longfriend
  • Liang Luoyang Slimsmile
  • Wen Qiu Firewish
  • Du Mu Frostdrink
  • Liang Lim Dullbrush
  • Jong-Su Giftrock
  • Jong-Yeol Clearfall
  • Kyung-Soo Thunderpot
  • Konu Slimbreath
  • Min-Kyung Lotusstar
  • Seong-Hyeon Sleepsmiler
  • Kyung-Ho Winterbloom
  • Chuwon Rightmark
  • Duck-Young Giftedgarden
  • Jae-Hwa Fairfriends
  • Hyo Brewbell
  • Feng Hong Faintforce
  • Zeng Bai Firecheek

Male Pandaren Names

  • Min’gyu Fireflower
  • Yeong-Jin Clearbrush
  • Ho-Jin Aleclaw
  • Chihu Softbranch
  • Yo-Han Barreldream
  • Geon-U Lastshine
  • Du Yimu Faintwonder
  • Dae-Won Quietsleeper
  • Kwang Faintwonder
  • Yeon-Seok Ironshine
  • Hyun-Ki Kegbreeze
  • He Qing Quietchest
  • Young-Ja Richbeam
  • Yao Windview
  • Min-Ho Restbelly
  • Joon-Ho Lightplane
  • Yong-Sik Teamist
  • Nam-Sun Mildwhistle
  • Yeon-Woo Drumwind
  • Ye Zexian Bashfulfield
  • Jae-Hui Giftedkettle
  • Yeong-Gi Freerunner
  • Hyo Snowscroll
  • Hoon Lullfoot
  • Seong-Su Eightguest
  • Ji-Hoon Dullsmile
  • Young-Il Greenwonder
  • Cheng Yun Rainstrike
  • Ho-Jin Sleepsign
  • Minsu Springwish
  • Kwan Evenrock
  • Kyu-Bok Gentlewonder
  • Byung-Chul Peacescroll
  • Kwang-Hoon Blissfulwind
  • Kyung-Ho Bearfarm
  • Kyu-Bong Autumnview
  • Xun Xinya Jadestream
  • Young-Ho Puregrowth
  • Min-Gyu Humblerest
  • Sung-Min Richmark
  • In-Su Grandsmile
  • Hu Jun Plainbelly
  • Jung-Ho Halffarm
  • Su Liang Tranquilshine
  • Young-Soo Freegarden
  • Xue Chen Elderdraft
  • Jae-Wook Irongrowth
  • Zeng Fu Winterboat
  • Hyo Silentblossom
  • Shin-Young Hushdrinker

Female Pandaren Names

  • Ji-Won Wintersleep
  • Yoon-Hee Kegbrewer
  • Tam-Hee Nightguard
  • Mi-So Wisefriend
  • Jung-Ahn Longgrowth
  • Xue Bi Lullchin
  • Ye-Seul Mellowview
  • Xiang Zhi Farbottom
  • Yijun He Primestep
  • Mi-Ri Slimbrewer
  • Yong-Ja Teapeta
  • Son-Yong Brightlight
  • Jung-Sook Calmsleeper
  • So-Young Teapot
  • Chong-Ja Kegsword
  • Yun-Seo Fairleaf
  • Soo-Ah Breezepeace
  • San-Ha Eightsmiler
  • Sung-Ryung Nightjoy
  • Eun-Kyeong Keenhill
  • Su-Bin Thunderhide
  • Ye’un Plumpwhistle
  • Eun-Song Humblehills
  • Jia Zedong Softsign
  • Hye-Gyo Frostbreeze
  • Se-Jung Alefriend
  • Ja-Hye Hushguest
  • Zhou Chun Frostguest
  • Chihyon Restfur
  • Jeong-Ja Emptyview
  • Huang Fu Tendergrowth
  • Hyo-Joo Hushpiece
  • So-Young Whiteriddle
  • Hae-Young Blissblossom
  • Shi-Eun Alewalker
  • Jung-Hyun Boldstar
  • Ye-Won Slumberbell
  • Un-Yong Lushfriends
  • Jin-Young Brewbells
  • Subin Giftedframe
  • Shin-Young Stoutbalance
  • Sun-Ja Jadeflow
  • Hyun-Ju Richboat
  • Seo-Yeon Greentummy
  • Xiang Xiuying Driftscroll
  • Bit-Na Freshstar
  • Ha-Na Sleepbelly
  • Ru Cui Vatsleeper
  • Yu-Ni Gentlestove
  • Su-Bin Restplot

Catchy Pandaren Names

  • Seung-Hyeon Pipemaster
  • He Jian Beerboot
  • Jae-Sun Silverkick
  • Bae Yimu Aledream
  • Dae-Won Aloofstove
  • Chang-Woo Sleepgut
  • Minsu Flowfall
  • Seung-Hyeon Stonepeace
  • Ji-Hoon Autumnguest
  • Seung-Heon Humblejoy
  • Mo Yin Jadespear
  • In-Ho Halfsign
  • Wen Wuying Longsmiler
  • Geon-U Lakefriends
  • Chi-Hun Teafoot
  • Yeon-Seok Caskbell
  • Tang Chin Snowframe
  • Chong-Ho Slimsky
  • Xia Zhen Wildbreath
  • Hae-Seong Twinmist
  • Soo-Yeon Eightchest
  • Han-Bi Tranquilpot
  • Eun-Hee Beerlight
  • Ji-Soo Kegkettle
  • Shun Zhenya Fragrantgame
  • Yun Yong Dualpoet
  • Su-Bin Shiftinggrin
  • Ri-Na Stonebranch
  • Min-Seo Brightguard
  • Soon-Ja Frostsleep
  • Eun-Ju Aloofsleep
  • Yi-Hyun Breezeboot
  • Yung-Hee Calmbreath
  • Sun Quietrest
  • Hong Yimu Jadesword
  • Jin-Young Frostmist
  • Kyong-Ja Springcoil
  • Ji-Ae Eagerspirit
  • Sun-Yung Blissfullight
  • Yujin Lightninggarden
  • Il-Song Humblesleep
  • Pyong-Chol Smoothriver
  • Kwang-Hyun Shiftingcheeks
  • Jia Ah Farjoy
  • Young-Soo Richbloom
  • Zhuan Heng Twinstream
  • Qian Qiu Humblefeet
  • Jeong-Mun Rainmaster
  • Hyo Farcheek
  • Dong-Sun Drumstem

Latest Pandaren Names

  • Jin-Young Mildsign
  • Tae-Yun Flowsign
  • Mi-Ryung Eightslumber
  • Fen Zhihao Craneboot
  • Eun-Gyung Jadehill
  • Delan Zhou Kindfield
  • Soon-Ja Springclaw
  • Ye-Hee Quietbelly
  • Chong-Ja Dullstove
  • Ye-Hee Wisebeam
  • Na-Woon Mellowbranch
  • Da Jian Bearstem
  • Minso Goldstar
  • An Zhong Lightdrift
  • Chun Yang Brightbelly
  • Min Farkettle
  • Seong Eldersword
  • Da-Bin Cloudbeam
  • Min-Hee Tubgarden
  • Ye-Seul Pureslumber
  • Il-Seong Ironspear
  • Jong-Soo Stoutpoem
  • Yong-Gi Smoothdrink
  • Bai Chang Mellowcloud
  • Song-Jin Giftpiece
  • Yeong-Cheol Jadebalance
  • Sung-Ho Rainrunner
  • Yeong-Su Lushfeet
  • Yeong-Jin Wildwonder
  • Yuan Zhelan Mildgame
  • Mi-So Lightninglight
  • Se-Ah Frostbells
  • Sung-Yun Giftedchuckle
  • Chi-Yong Greenpaw
  • Da-Bin Summersign
  • Yoo-Mi Wilddrink
  • Zheng Shuren Richchin
  • He Cheng Grandpaw
  • Jia Guanyu Tenderbranch
  • Hye-Bin Vatfoot
  • Jeong-Hun Faintcoil
  • Wu Jie Ironcloud
  • Jun-Ho Vatbottom
  • Byeong-Cheol Drumfall
  • Hao Yin Clearpetal
  • Yong-Chol Freebreath
  • Sang-Chol Softfall
  • Dae-Hyun Lightbloom
  • Young-Ja Tubpoem
  • Sang-Chol Eighthills

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Tips To Make a Perfect Pandaren Name

Expecting you are at this point unsure concerning what to name your Pandaren, we have you covered. It’s surprising how these creatures are loners correspondingly as numerous people in our world. We have a summary of ways by which you can name your Pandaren as you would like and expert a series of penitentiaries and legendary monsters.

Think About a Name That Suits Your Person And Addresses Your Pandaren

Without a doubt, the primary thing when starting a series of penitentiaries and Mythical monsters is to name the characters as you would like. Find a name that suits your personality and fills your inventive brain. You need to find your individual’s spirit and how it relates to you eventually. Accepting you figure that out, thus a name will leap out. It moreover depends upon the kind of player you are. If you are moderate, your name will be according to it.

Discover a Name That Maintains Your Saint

On the off chance that you are a kind of world of warcraft player who picks male characters then your name should be as shown by that and accepting you pick a female individual; your name should be according to that. Scrutinize books about the world of warcraft, search the web if you need to anyway whatever name you pick it will be magnificent.

You Can Mix And Match Names Anyway You Would Like

In an imagined game-like world of warcraft, one can devise any name as they would like. Go to the web and find names and mix and match them with various characters from various universes and make a novel and supervisor name that suits your individual.

A Short Name Will Be Not Hard To Review And Expressive

Whatever name you pick, guarantee that it’s short and negligible so it’s cool and easy to recall. You needn’t bother with your game to be upset by a name that nobody can explain. You need everyone’s thoughts and that is fine as long as it doesn’t impact the game. Thus, superstar yet beyond what many would consider possible else you will end up as a numb-skull.

Find a Name Which Is Solid Is Needed As An Assistance

We believe that this article is valuable to you in finding a name that really suits your personality and will help you in the future world of warcraft games. Naming can be problematic and tiring cooperation anyway you should not give up considering the way that once you devise a cool name then you will really need to outflank your companions both in the game and naming cycle.

Final Words

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to write this article. We hope that using these steps you will be able to name your character to your liking and get better at your naming skill. Still, if you find this difficult to process then go ahead and choose any name from the list given above in this article. Thank you and have a nice day.

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